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  • Build state of the art chatbots for Facebook Messenger using Chatfuel
  • Turbo-charge your chatbots with AI using Wit
  • Build Facebook Messenger Extensions to power up your chatbots
  • Write custom logic and code for your Chatfuel chatbot & deploy using latest serverless technologies on AWS
  • Use third-party APIs to fetch and store data
  • Implement broadcast messaging
  • Understand and learn about conversational interfaces and agents
  • Use images in conversation
  • Use lists and carousels to display user options
  • Capturing user data and routing conversations
  • Build message sequences
  • Built custom functions to parse user data and route conversation
  • Use Chatfuel plugins like Zapier and integrations with Google Sheets

Build professional grade Chatbots for Facebook Messenger with this course. Chatfuel is the platform of choice for such brands as Netflix, Adidas, HTC, TechCrunch, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MTV, Reebok and thousands more. If your business doesn’t have a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to turbo charge your marketing and keep your customers and clients engaged with your brand. A Chatbot is an autonomous tool that can interact with users using conversational messaging. Conversational messaging is the absolute best way to interact with your audience. A chatbot opens up millions of avenues & opportunities for your business. For instance, a customer service chatbot can interact with your customers on Facebook to provide them support and answers to most common problems. A marketing chatbot can promote and even sell products, all from the comforts of Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, you can build a smart service that pulls information from various sources and presents it to the user as a chat message! The possibilities are endless. Today, users spend more time in messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, than on websites and other social media platforms. A chatbot allows your business to be where your customers are at.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -

Style and Approach

We will begin by building chatbots that do not require any coding, but as any experienced bot developer will tell you, bots do require custom code & logic for ultimate scalability and features. Unlike other courses that claim to build bots without any coding, this course takes a realistic stand and gives you a taste of writing custom messenger extensions, integrations, plugin and logic that is built and deployed using cutting-edge serverless technology on AWS.

  • Familiarity with JavaScript (ES6 and above)
  • NodeJSBe a part of this incredible revolution as conversational messaging takes a giant leap across traditional apps and social media.
Course Length 5 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781789950892
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2018