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Catalyst 5.8: the Perl MVC Framework

Antano Solar John

Build scalable and extendable web applications using the agile MVC framework
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847199249
Paperback244 pages

About This Book


  • Increase reusability and empower the delivery of more complex design patterns by extending the MVC concept
  • Build an editable web interface
  • Extend Catalyst through plugins
  • Plenty of examples with detailed walkthroughs to create sample applications
  • Updated for the latest version, Catalyst 5.8 

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Perl Developer and want to strengthen your skill by understanding Web Application development using MVC principles, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Catalyst
Catalyst application architecture
Installing Catalyst
Testing the installation
Where to go for help?
Chapter 2: Creating a Catalyst Application
Creating the application skeleton
Latest helper scripts
Files in the MyApp directory
Files in the lib directory
Files in the root directory
Files in the script directory
Files in the t directory
Handling URL requests
Adding a View
Adding a database
Chapter 3: Building a Real Application
Environment setup
Database design
Understanding the interface to the database
Viewing people
Basic CRUD
Finishing up
Chapter 4: Expanding the Application
Configuration files
Using components from outside Catalyst
Searching and paging
Authentication and authorization
Chapter 5: Building a More Advanced Application
The application
Creating the database
Extracting the data
Putting the data on the Web
Chapter 6: Building Your Own Model
Creating a database model from scratch
Extending a DBIx::Class model
Implementing a Filesystem model
Chapter 7: Hot Web Topics
Chapter 8: Moose
Moose introduction
Moose in Catalyst
Chapter 9: Deployment
Configuring a web server
Versioning code
Chapter 10: Testing
Testing ChatStat
Testing the AddressBook

What You Will Learn


  • Use the Template toolkit to generate HTML output
  • Design a database schema and access a SQLite database
  • Create a CRUD interface to a database
  • Use FormBuilder to define auto-generating and self-validating forms
  • Create easy-to-maintain configuration files
  • Import CSV files into a database
  • Paginate search results
  • Use the session plugin to add sessions to an application
  • Explore authentication and authorization, implementing page-level and record-level control
  • Use DBIC for easy handling of data
  • Add a REST API to allow other applications to access your application
  • Add AJAX interactivity to your application
  • Incorporate RSS feeds in your application
  • Automate testing and learn "Test-Driven Development"
  • Mix a procedural interface with a relational DBIx::Class interface
  • Write a database interface without DBIx::Class
  • Build a custom Model without using any database

In Detail

Many web applications are implemented in a way that makes developing them difficult and repetitive. Catalyst is an open source Perl-based Model-View-Controller framework that aims to solve this problem by reorganizing your web application to design and implement it in a natural, maintainable, and testable manner, making web development fun, fast, and rewarding.

This book teaches you how to use Catalyst to weave the various components involved in a web application, using methods and tools you personally prefer along with recommendations and details on the most popularly used objects like the DBIX ORM, TT2 Template, and Moose.

This book will take you from how the MVC pattern simplifies creating quality applications to how Catalyst allows you to tap this power instantly. It explains advanced design patterns and concludes with the improvements that Moose brings to all this. It also incorporates valuable suggestions and feedback received from the community members and our customers. By the end of the book, you will be able to build clean, scalable, and extendable web applications. This book embodies Catalyst's philosophies of Do It Yourself and Don't Repeat Yourself.


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