Canvas Cookbook

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  • Draw basic shapes such as lines, arcs, curves, and text using the coordinate system
  • Learn about the animation cycle and use it to animate shapes
  • Grasp the knowledge required to create particles and use them
  • Give various effects to images and videos and also use them in animations
  • Discover the use of event listeners to make recipes interactive and to handle events through event handlers
  • Create good presentation graphics with graphs and charts
  • Learn all about 3D development, from building 3D objects to animating them
  • Convert your knowledge into a complete working game
  • Understand the interoperability and deployment of recipes on different browsers and on different devices

With the growing popularity of HTML5 Canvas, this book offers tailored recipes to help you develop portable applications, presentations, and games.

The recipes are simple yet creative and build on each other. At every step, the book inspires the reader to develop his/her own recipe. From basic to advanced, every aspect of Canvas API has been covered to guide readers to develop their own application, presentation, or game.

  • Develop simple to advanced recipes of your own, and ultimately produce a great application
  • Discover a better way to use HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Put your creative instincts to use in your day-to-day interface developments
Page Count 254
Course Length 7 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781785284892
Date Of Publication 28 Apr 2016


Bhushan Purushottam Joshi

Bhushan Purushottam Joshi is a teacher of computer science and has around 11 years of experience in teaching. He started his career as a programmer in a software firm but found true joy in teaching. He is a teacher by choice and not by chance. He teaches computer science courses such as MCA, MSc IT, BSc IT, and BSc CS at various colleges in Mumbai. He is a master at presenting technical as well as conceptual subjects in the most simplified manner.

He has exemplary skills in relating daily life examples to technical concepts, which facilitates understanding of the subject matter. He enjoys teaching technical as well as conceptual subjects such as web design, Java, C#, C++, operating systems, computer networks, data structures, and ethical hacking. He is quite popular and appreciated among his students for his able guidance in their project work