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Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM

Matt Cumberlidge

A Practical Guide for Business Analysts
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847192363
Paperback220 pages

About This Book

Develop business process models for implementation in a business process management system.

  • Map your business processes in an efficient, standards-friendly way
  • Use the jBPM toolset to work with business process maps, create a customizable user interface for users to interact with the process, collect process execution data, and integrate with existing systems.
  • Use the SeeWhy business intelligence toolset as a Business Activity Monitoring solution, to analyze process execution data, provide real-time alerts regarding the operation of the process, and for ongoing process improvement
  • Set up business rules, assign tasks, work with process variables, automate activities and decisions.


Who This Book Is For

This is a book for Business Analysts (BAs) who need to develop a process model for implementation in a business process management system. Developers looking at the JBoss jBPM toolset will also find it a useful introduction to the key concepts.

This book is a full toolkit for someone who wants to implement BPM in the right way. This toolkit is particularly aimed at Business Analysts, although Project Managers, IT managers, developers, and even business people can expect to find useful tools and techniques in here. We will present the project framework, analysis techniques and templates, BPM technology and example deliverables that you need to successfully bring a BPM solution into your organization.

Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
The BPM approach to software development
How this book works
Chapter 2: Understanding the target process
Setting up the project
Analyze the process
Chapter 3: Develop the process in JBoss jBPM
JBoss jBPM concepts
Building our example process
Chapter 4: The Prototype user interface
Build the prototype
Investigating the web console interface
Adapt the web console
Chapter 5: Iterate the prototype
Set up for the proof of concept
Iterate the system
Obtain sign-off
Chapter 6: Proof-of-concept to implementation
Preparation for implementation
Monitoring the process
Chapter 7: Ongoing process improvement
Project assessment
Process analysis and improvement
Business process documentation
Ideas for further development

What You Will Learn

This book will teach business analysts:

  • What a business process is and why you would want to manage it
  • How to map your business process
  • Eliminating waste from the process
  • How to define roles and responsibilities within the process
  • Taking your process map into the jBPM toolset
  • Activities/States and decision points
  • How to work with process variables
  • Automating activities/decisions where possible
  • Setting up business rules: task assignment
  • Business Activity Monitoring: analyzing process execution data, conducting ongoing process improvement

The book covers tasks that are common to all BPM implementations, but focuses on implementation in the popular and free jBPM.

In Detail

JBoss jBPM is a free, open-source, business process management solution. It enables users to create business processes that coordinate people, applications, and services.

A business process is a sequence of activities triggered by a certain input that results in a valuable output. Business Process Management is about analyzing those activities in a structured way and eventually supporting their execution with a workflow application. This allows for the following results:

  • Better management visibility of their business: improved decision making
  • Low cost of inputs: de-skilled labor requirements, less waste, standardized components
  • Better outputs: consistent quality, more customer satisfaction

Businesses have always tried to manage their processes, but software such as jBPM brings the methodology and management theory to practical life.

JBoss jBPM offers the following key features:

  • Graphical process definition
  • Flexibility to integrate code into the graphical process definition
  • A customizable web-based workflow application that runs the process you’ve defined
  • Easy programming model to extend the graphical process definition
  • A process-oriented programming model (jPDL) that blends the best of process definition languages and Java.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems through the JBoss middleware suite.


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