Building Web Services with Java EE 8 [Video]

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  • Dive into latest Java EE 8 APIs relevant for developing web services
  • Understand the basics of building synchronous web services with JAX-RS
  • Easy content marshaling with JSON-B 1.0
  • Flexible JSON processing with JSON-P 1.1
  • Implement asynchronous web services with JAX-RS
  • Implement synchronous and asynchronous JAX-RS clients
  • Use Server-Sent Events (SSE)
  • Secure Java EE 8 web services with JSON web tokens

The Java Enterprise Edition is one of the leading application programming platforms for enterprise Java development. With Java EE 8 finally released and the first application servers being available, it is time to have a closer look at how to develop modern and lightweight web services with the latest API additions and improvements.

This video course is a comprehensive guide showing you how to develop state-of-the-art RESTful web services with the latest Java EE 8 APIs. We start by giving an overview of Java EE 8 and the latest API additions and improvements. Then you will implement, build, and package your first working web service as a prototype for the remainder of the course. Then you will delve into the details of implementing synchronous RESTful web services and clients with JAX-RS. Next up, you will learn about the specifics of data binding and content marshalling using the JSON-B 1.0 and JSON-P 1.1 APIs. Then you will learn how to leverage the power of asynchronous APIs on the server- and client-side, and you will learn to use Server-Sent-Events (SSEs) for push communications. The final section will cover some advanced web service topics such as validation, JWT security, and diagnosability.

By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the Java EE 8 APIs required for lightweight web service development. Also, you will have implemented several working web services to provide you with the required practical experience.

Style and Approach

This course on using the latest Java EE 8 APIs is packed with step-by-step instructions and examples that are directly applicable in practice. The different sections of this course will focus on important topics when developing web services with Java EE 8.

  • Design modern, stylish web services with Java EE APIs
  • Focus on the latest Java EE 8 APIs and secure your web services with JSON Web token
  • Gain advanced knowledge of RESTful web services and the JAX-RS API provided by the Java EE
Course Length 2 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781788835169
Date Of Publication 3 Apr 2018


Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer is a chief technologist for QAware GmbH. He is a senior Java developer and architect with several years' experience in designing complex and large-scale distributed system architectures. He is continuously looking for innovations and ways to combine and apply state-of-the-art technology and open-source software components in real-world customer projects. He studied computer science at Rosenheim and Staffordshire University and he also teaches cloud computing as a part-time lecturer.