Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and React [Video]

More Information
  • Grasp the Spring 5 MVC fundamentals and Webflux
  • Create a backend with Spring 5 and Reactive Programming
  • Build REST endpoints and consume RESTful web services.
  • Integrate Spring5 with Hibernate
  • Secure Spring5 and hibernate applications using Spring Security
  • Integrate of a ReactJS app with a Spring backend using REST

Spring5 and React allow us to build a powerful web application that grabs the attention of Java developers. This video will be your one-stop guide to building an end-to-end, modern web app with two popular frameworks: Spring for the backend and React for the frontend.

In this course, Spring is used to create the backend; you will learn to configure the Spring MVC and handle web requests. You will learn to build REST API endpoints and work with Spring's Data Access Layer using Hibernate as the ORM. You will then be introduced to other Spring components such as Spring Security, which will help you secure your backend (you'll also learn to test it). You will then move on to the frontend, where you will be introduced to React and its app development environment and components.

At the end of the video, you will design your UI and create a SPA with React. Then you'll integrate your React app with the Spring backend using JSON APIs or REST protocols. Finally, you will learn to test and secure your application.

Style and Approach

Learn and build at the same time. Create a sample application and integrate its front-end and back-end.

  • Learn the core aspects involved in developing a backend and UI, right from design to integrating and deploying it.
  • Build modern web applications with popular frameworks such as Spring 5 and React.
  • Learn to secure your application with the Spring Security component
Course Length 5 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781788396226
Date Of Publication 28 Dec 2017


Ankit Mishra

Ankit Mishra is a Senior Software Engineer with extensive IT experience in mission-critical development projects and architecture designs. He has worked for giants such as Ericsson, Fidelity, and others.

He has more than six years' experience in managing and delivering Spring MVC and Spring Security projects, Cloud deployment, and PaaS cloud administration. Currently, he is working on Spring microservices, Spring Security, cloud deployment, and tuning.