Building Web Applications with Python and Neo4j

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  • Understand the licensing and installation of the Neo4j database and work with its various tools and utilities
  • Learn the intricacies of Cypher as a graph query language
  • Work with Cypher to create and modify graph data models
  • Integrate Python and Neo4j using Py2neo
  • Develop REST-based services over social network data using Flask and object graph models over Neo4j
  • Integrate Django-based web applications over graph data models using Neomodel
  • Explore different deployment models and their applicability with existing applications

Py2neo is a simple and pragmatic Python library that provides access to the popular graph database Neo4j via its RESTful web service interface. This brings with it a heavily refactored core, a cleaner API, better performance, and some new idioms.

You will begin with licensing and installing Neo4j, learning the fundamentals of Cypher as a graph query language, and exploring Cypher optimizations. You will discover how to integrate with various Python frameworks such as Flask and its extensions: Py2neo, Neomodel, and Django. Finally, the deployment aspects of your Python-based Neo4j applications in a production environment is also covered. By sequentially working through the steps in each chapter, you will quickly learn and master the various implementation details and integrations of Python and Neo4j, helping you to develop your use cases more quickly.

  • Develop a set of common applications and solutions with Neo4j and Python
  • Secure and deploy the Neo4j database in production
  • A step-by-step guide on implementing and deploying interactive Python-based web applications on graph data model
Page Count 184
Course Length 5 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781783983988
Date Of Publication 15 Jul 2015


Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is a seasoned professional, innovator, and technology evangelist with over 100 man months of experience in architecting, managing, and delivering enterprise solutions revolving around a variety of business domains, such as hospitality, healthcare, risk management, insurance, and more. He is passionate about technology and overall he has 15 years of hands-on experience in the software industry. He has been using Big Data and cloud technologies over the past 4 to 5 years to solve complex business problems.