Building Web Applications with ArcGIS

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  • Script essential ArcGIS JavaScript code to consume with ArcGIS services
  • Edit ArcGIS services by adding new records, update existing ones and upload attachments
  • Consume GIS services from multiple cross-platform endpoints that include mobile and tablet for field users
  • Query ArcGIS services with related data and display the information on your website
  • Communicate with the services to query, retrieve, and display the results
  • Use the ArcGIS JavaScript API to communicate with ArcGIS Online as a backend database
  • Test your website on mobile devices

ArcGIS allows users to create rich maps and applications that interact with services hosted on ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online. This book will help you to understand the ArcGIS JavaScript API in a fun way while building a real-life project.

This book revolves around a fictional project called Bestaurants. The journey starts with a description of the project requirements before moving on to designing and sketching an interface of what the website will look like. Then, gradually with each chapter, you will add a single functionality until the full ArcGIS application is completed.

By the end of this book, you will have built an entire ArcGIS web application from scratch. An additional bonus appendix is included on how to build ArcGIS applications with ArcGIS Online–a new and extremely useful service offered by Esri.

  • Learn how to design, build, and run high performance and interactive applications with the help of ArcGIS
  • Incorporate ArcGIS for Server services to allow end users to visualize, query, and edit GIS data using the ArcGIS JavaScript APIs
  • Step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to design and customize a GIS web application from scratch
Page Count 138
Course Length 4 hours 8 minutes
ISBN 9781783552955
Date Of Publication 19 Nov 2014


Hussein Nasser

Hussein Nasser is an Esri award-winning senior GIS solution architect working in the GIS field since 2006. He is the author of three books in the ArcGIS technology: Administering ArcGIS for Server, Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases, and Building Web Applications with ArcGIS, all by Packt Publishing. In 2007, he won the first place at the annual ArcGIS Server Code Challenge, conducted at the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs, California. In 2014, he started the IGeometry YouTube channel, where he periodically publishes educational GIS videos.