Building Serverless Architectures

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  • Learn to form microservices from bigger Softwares
  • Orchestrate and scale microservices
  • Design and set up the data flow between cloud services and custom business logic
  • Get to grips with cloud provider’s APIs, limitations, and known issues
  • Migrate existing Java applications to a serverless architecture
  • Acquire deployment strategies
  • Build a highly available and scalable data persistence layer
  • Unravel cost optimization techniques

Over the past years, all kind of companies from start-ups to giant enterprises started their move to public cloud providers in order to save their costs and reduce the operation effort needed to keep their shops open. Now it is even possible to craft a complex software system consisting of many independent micro-functions that will run only when they are needed without needing to maintain individual servers.

The focus of this book is to design serverless architectures, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, along with decision factors to consider. You will learn how to design a serverless application, get to know that key points of services that serverless applications are based on, and known issues and solutions.

The book addresses key challenges such as how to slice out the core functionality of the software to be distributed in different cloud services and cloud functions. It covers basic and advanced usage of these services, testing and securing the serverless software, automating deployment, and more.

By the end of the book, you will be equipped with knowledge of new tools and techniques to keep up with this evolution in the IT industry.

  • Design a real-world serverless application from scratch
  • Learn about AWS Lambda function and how to use Lambda functions to glue other AWS Services
  • Use the Java programming language and well-known design patterns. Although Java is used for the examples in this book, the concept is applicable across all languages
  • Learn to migrate your JAX-RS application to AWS Lambda and API Gateway
Page Count 242
Course Length 7 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781787129191
Date Of Publication 18 Jul 2017


Cagatay Gurturk

Cagatay Gurturk is a software engineer, internet enterpreneur, and cloud enthusiast.

After finishing his studies at the Istanbul Technical University, he continued his education to get a master's degree in computer engineering at Bahcesehir University. In 2004, in his freshman year at the college, he co-founded Instela, which quickly became one of the most well-known internet platforms in Turkey, with millions of visitors per month. Being the technical co-founder of Instela, he gained experience of running web platforms at scale and was also introduced to the world of cloud computing.

After long years as an internet enterpreneur in Istanbul and Barcelona, he continued his career in different companies, where he delivered software running on cloud infrastructures, especially on AWS. He authored some open source projects related to AWS as well.

He currently works at eBay as a software development manager, and he is also a certified AWS Solutions Architect.