Building RESTful API with Laravel [Video]

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  • Build a weather API to collect weather information from multiple sources in a RESTful way
  • Implement the backend of a full-featured modern JavaScript application with the User Administration API
  • Integrate testing into a larger system and also verify whether the application is working
  • Create a service that can get data from other applications, and aggregate and modify them
  • Perform unit testing and endpoint testing for your APIs
  • Authenticate JSON web token responses for a JSON RESTful API
  • Handle all types of exceptions and errors from the handler
  • Automate your tests and maintain your tasks

Building RESTful API with Laravel will make your client to server communication easier with HTTP requests. In this course, you will learn how to develop a real world, RESTful API with Laravel. You will create an API from scratch, which provides weather information from multiple sources. You will use multiple libraries and technologies like Dingo API for routing, JSON web tokens for authentication and Travis CI for continuous integration and testing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to develop and implement services using RESTful APIs in an efficient way. You will be able to create applications that can communicate with the world around them and can be used as a backend for any JavaScript frontend applications.

The code bundle for this course is available at

Style and Approach

The focus of this course is on giving viewers both the understanding and the practical knowledge to create RESTful APIs using Laravel. It will help you set up the environment and create the structure of the API. You will get hands-on with JWT authentication. By the end of the course, audiences will be able to create their own server application.

  • Build practical, real-world RESTful APIs to communicate with the real world with Laravel.
  • Create a user administration RESTful API to authenticate and authorize users, paginate data, and perform advanced error reporting with appropriate error messages and data transformations.
  • Create APIs with ease which can be used as a RESTful backend for a JavaScript frontend application.
Course Length 1 hour 53 minutes
ISBN 9781788292269
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Bence Gazder

Bence Gazder is a Software Developer at COdeCluster Ltd in Hungary and has worked on various projects for the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He uses Laravel/Lumen every day, and a commits to Laravel-related open source projects regularly.



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