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Building Applications with Scala

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  • Use Akka to create a chat service for your app
  • Equip yourself with the techniques and tools to build reports and build database persistence with Scala and Slick
  • Develop a customer-facing Rest API that makes use of Scala and Spray
  • Make use of the Scala web development principles and scale up the architecture of your application
  • Get familiar with the core principles and concepts of Functional Programming
  • Use the Play framework to create models, controllers, and views
  • Develop reactive backing frameworks by writing code with RxScala
  • Discover what proper testing entails with Scala using behavior-driven development

Scala is known for incorporating both object-oriented and functional programming into a concise and extremely powerful package. However, creating an app in Scala can get a little tricky because of the complexity the language has. This book will help you dive straight into app development by creating a real, reactive, and functional application. We will provide you with practical examples and instructions using a hands-on approach that will give you a firm grounding in reactive functional principles.

The book will take you through all the fundamentals of app development within Scala as you build an application piece by piece. We’ve made sure to incorporate everything you need from setting up to building reports and scaling architecture. This book also covers the most useful tools available in the Scala ecosystem, such as Slick, Play, and Akka, and a whole lot more. It will help you unlock the secrets of building your own up-to-date Scala application while maximizing performance and scalability.

  • Delves into the intricacies of functional reactive programming with Scala
  • Explores frameworks like Akka, Play and Slick used to develop efficient applications
  • A step by step guide with plenty of examples showing practical implementation of essential concepts
Page Count 344
Course Length 10 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781786461483
Date Of Publication 8 Dec 2016


Diego Pacheco

Diego Pacheco is an experienced software architect and DevOps practitioner with over 10 years of solid experience. He has led architecture teams using open-source solutions such as Java, Scala, AWS Cloud, Akka, Cassandra, Redis, ActiveMQ, NetflixOSS Stack: Simian Army, RxJava, Karyon, Eureka, and Ribbon on Big Customers in Brazil, London, Barcelona, India, and the USA. Diego has a passion for functional programming and is currently working as a Software Architect/Agile Coach with Scala, Akka, and NetflixOSS.

During his free time, he enjoys playing wicked tunes on his guitar, gaming, and blogging. You can check out his blog http://diego-pacheco.blogspot.in/