BMC Control-M 7: A Journey from Traditional Batch Scheduling to Workload Automation

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  • Understand the concepts of traditional batch processing and workload automation
  • Plan and implement Control-M infrastructure by using the right technology in the right place
  • Familiarize yourself with the GUI interface and define Control-M job flows to meet both simple and complex batch processing needs
  • Get hands-on experience with various types of Control-M add-on modules (Control Modules), and understand how they can simplify and enhance existing batch flows
  • Complete advanced administration tasks and performance tuning using best practices
  • Take one step further into the world of workload automation by using the latest features available in Control-M

Control-M is one of the most widely used enterprise class batch workload automation platform. With a strong knowledge of Control-M, you will be able to use the tool to meet ever growing batch needs. There has been no book that can guide you to implement and manage this powerful tool successfully... until now. With this book you will quickly master Control-M and be able to call yourself "a Control-M" specialist!

“BMC Control-M 7: A Journey from Traditional Batch Scheduling to Workload Automation” will lead you into the world of Control-M and guide you to implement and maintain a Control-M environment successfully. By mastering this workload automation tool, you will see new opportunities opening up before you.

With this book you will be able to take away and put into practice knowledge from every aspect of Control-M – implementation, administration, design and management of Control-M job flows, and more importantly how to move into workload automation and let batch processing utilize the cloud.

You will start off with batch processing and workload automation, and then get an understanding of how Control-M meets these needs. Then we will look more in depth at the technical details of Control-M, and finally look at how to work with it to meet critical business needs. Throughout the book, you will learn important concepts and features, as well as learn from the Author’s experience, accumulated over many years. By the end of the book you will be set up to work efficiently with this tool and also understand how to utilize the latest features of Control-M.

  • Implement and utilize a world class enterprise batch scheduling and workload automation tool in the best possible ways with this book and e-book
  • Hands-on implementation and administration of a Control-M environment
  • Easily develop Control-M job flows to meet simple and complex business requirements
  • Written in a conversational manner and supported by a lot of practical, easy-to-follow examples accompanied by screenshots
Page Count 534
Course Length 16 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849682565
Date Of Publication 9 Oct 2012


Qiang Ding

Qiang Ding (Melbourne, Australia) has been working within the Control-M space for more than a quarter of his life. During his early days at BMC Software, Qiang resolved countless number of critical technical issues for Control-M customers around the world from Fortune 500 companies to government organizations. In recent years, Qiang has travelled hundreds thousands of miles around Australia and the North AP area to help many organizations to design, manage, and optimize their batch workload automation environment and to extend his passion to others by delivering Control-M trainings to end users and BMC Partners. Currently Qiang is temporary living in Sydney and working on a enterprise wide Control-M migration and Consolidation project for a major Australian bank. He enjoys working with other experts in the field and is constantly involved in finding ways for making improvements to the batch environment that he works on.