Blockchain Application Development in 7 Days [Video]

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  • Creating and using variables in smart contracts
  • Implementing logic in smart contracts with functions
  • Eliminating mistakes and errors in code through the use of automated tests
  • Interacting with the Ethereum network from a User Interface
  • Building a User Interface for smart contracts using React
  • Sending and receiving funds in smart contracts using wallets
  • Deploying Blockchain applications

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. Bitcoin is an example of it but far from the only one, just as email is one particular use of the Internet. Ethereum is a decentralized Blockchain platform that runs smart contracts.

Our course will teach you to build an online gaming application using the Ethereum Blockchain. Each 30 minute section will introduce fundamental Blockchain programming concepts as they relate to creating an online game, followed by practical exercises that customers can implement as homework assignments. With this course, you will learn core Blockchain application development skills, creating smart contracts, interacting with the Ethereum network, building user interfaces, and deploying your application to the Internet.

This course supplies seven self-contained lessons taught in a practical, hands-on way. By the end of the course, you will be amazed how much you have learned about Blockchain application development on the Ethereum network in just one week.

The code bundle for this course is available on the github repository of this video course:

Style and Approach

This fun, informative course takes the viewer through the process of building an online gaming application on the Ethereum Network using Solidity and React. Through the course of building the application, you will learn the fundamental and core concepts of blockchain application development. Designed with the beginner in mind, all concepts are explained fully then followed by examples, which ultimately lead to our complete, functional, gaming application.

  • Create a simple, functional decentralized application on the Ethereum network
  • Learn fundamental Blockchain programming concepts
  • Understand the Blockchain application development life cycle
Course Length 3 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781789341942
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2018


Will Button

Will Button works with web, mobile, and blockchain start-ups in advisory and technical roles. As an advisor, he helps organizations scale securely and sustainably. As a technical expert, he helps organizations build the processes, systems, and teams necessary to deliver world-class services and applications to their customers. Since 1995, Will has used his experience with multiple successful start-ups to create over 150 videos on DevOps, software engineering, and blockchain application development. He is a certified Ethereum developer, and holds the Linux Foundation Blockchain for Business certificate. He is the lead of the Application Architecture Working Group for the Government Blockchain Alliance. For more information, visit his blog.