Blockchain and Bitcoins - A Complete Package [Video]

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  • Gain a clear understanding of what blockchain technology is
  • Gets insight about Bitcoin and how it works.
  • Abled to visualize & use key terms & concepts when discussing blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations.

Are you looking:

  • for a firm grasp on what blockchain and Bitcoin?
  • to learn all of it in a quick, highly effective and easy way to understand?

Then this course is tailor-made for you! Our well-crafted course will help you understand blockchain and Bitcoin, including more advanced topics such as smart contracts, digital tokens & much more. You'll learn the key aspects around Blockchain and Bitcoin, including:

  • What is a blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What are smart contracts?
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • What are digital tokens, bitcoin cash, DAOs, Hard Forks?

And more!

Style and Approach

An exhaustive course packed with step-by-step instructions, working examples, and helpful advice. This course is divided into clear chunks so you can learn at your own pace and focus on your own area of interest


This course is extremely helpful for understanding the internal workings of the Blockchain. Great for building a very solid foundation of the subject matter.

Course Length 1 hour 51 minutes
ISBN 9781838642389
Date Of Publication 26 Mar 2019


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