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  • Learn JavaScript's basic syntax and how to declare variables and create functions
  • Learn how to make pieces of code execute a certain number of times.
  • Control code execution via conditional branching.
  • Unleash the power of jQuery in your applications
  • Discover the Document Object Model and how to manipulate it with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Validate user input on forms with jQuery
  • Change CSS classes on HTML elements on-the-fly

You will start by learning what JavaScript is and how browsers use it. You will move on to look at the JavaScript syntax—such as comments, operators, and more—and then variables and functions. You will then learn how to execute different pieces of code based on certain conditions as well as how to make code loop a certain number of times. You will finish up the JavaScript section of the video by learning about the Document Object Model or DOM.

The second part of the video introduces jQuery and how to use it in your projects. You will then manipulate the DOM and finish up with a quick overview of a couple of advanced jQuery features.

Style and Approach

We break the new concepts up into their own individual exercises to make sure we cover them in-depth yet at a quick pace.

  • Introduction to JavaScript, covering the language and when to use it
  • How to manipulate the DOM with both JavaScript and jQuery
  • How to use jQuery to validate forms
Course Length 2 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781787283701
Date Of Publication 28 Mar 2017


Chip Lambert

Chip Lambert has been developing websites and web applications for almost 20 years. He has authored two other books for Packt Publishing: Instant RESS Implementation How-To and Mastering jQuery Mobile. He is currently a software engineer for Jenzabar Inc. and an online instructor for Bluefield College, teaching courses in web and mobile application development.