Beginning Application Development with TensorFlow and Keras

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  • Set up a deep learning programming environment
  • Explore the common components of a neural network and its essential operations
  • Prepare data for a deep learning model- Deploy model as an interactive web application, with Flask and a HTTP API
  • Use Keras, a TensorFlow abstraction library
  • Explore the types of problems addressed by neural networks

With this book, you’ll learn how to train, evaluate and deploy Tensorflow and Keras models as real-world web applications. After a hands-on introduction, you’ll use a sample model to explore the details of deep learning, selecting the right layers that can solve a given problem. By the end of the book, you’ll build a Bitcoin application that predicts the future price, based on historic, and freely available information.

  • Cover the basics of neural networks and choose the right model architecture
  • Make predictions with a trained model and get to grips with TensorBoard
  • Evaluate metrics and techniques and deploy a model as a web application
Page Count 148
Course Length 4 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781789537291
Date Of Publication 29 May 2018


Luis Capelo

Luis Capelo is a Harvard-trained analyst and a programmer, who specializes in designing and developing data science products. He is based in New York City, America. Luis is the head of the Data Products team at Forbes, where they investigate new techniques for optimizing article performance and create clever bots that help them distribute their content.

Luis worked for the United Nations as part of the Humanitarian Data Exchange team (founders of the Center for Humanitarian Data). Later on, he led a team of scientists at the Flowminder Foundation, developing models for assisting the humanitarian community. Luis is a native of Havana, Cuba, and the founder and owner of a small consultancy firm dedicated to supporting the nascent Cuban private sector.