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Bazaar Version Control

Janos Gyerik

Primarily written for those who are new to version control systems, this easy-to-follow guide to Bazaar will quickly make you an expert. From basic principles to creating plugins – it’s all here.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849513562
Paperback402 pages

About This Book

  • Gain an understanding of what version control is, and how you can benefit and effectively use it to collaborate with other people
  • Place any project under version control and track the history of changes easily
  • Understand all the core operations and the most common workflows through practical examples and clear explanations
  • Learn advanced workflows through a step-by-step approach covering increasingly complex topics and situations of collaboration

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for anyone who may be new to version control systems. If you are a programmer or a system administrator, you can benefit greatly from using Bazaar in your projects. To those already familiar with version control systems, this book should serve as a fast and easy way to understand Bazaar.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Version control systems
Centralized version control systems (CVCS)
Distributed version control systems (DVCS)
What is Bazaar?
Installing Bazaar and its plugins
Interacting with Bazaar
Upgrading Bazaar to the latest version
Uninstalling Bazaar
Getting help
Chapter 2: Diving into Bazaar
Understanding the core concepts
Introducing the user interfaces
Configuring Bazaar
Performing the basic version control operations
Beyond the basics
Chapter 3: Using Branches
What is a branch?
What can you do with branches?
Why use more than one branch?
Understanding core terms and concepts
Using a shared repository
Basic branching and merging
Using the branch command
Viewing basic branch information
Comparing branches
Merging branches
Mirroring branches
Chapter 4: Using Bazaar in a Small Team
Collaborating with others
Sharing branches over the network
Working with remote branches
Implementing simple workflows
Chapter 5: Working with Bazaar in Centralized Mode
The centralized mode
Using Bazaar in centralized mode
Working with bound branches
Working with multiple branches
Setting up a central server
Creating branches on the central server
Practical use cases
Chapter 6: Working with Bazaar in Distributed Mode
The distributed mode in general
The human gatekeeper workflow
The automatic gatekeeper workflow
The shared mainline workflow
Choosing a distributed workflow
Chapter 7: Integrating Bazaar in CDE
What is a CDE?
Working with Launchpad
Integrating Bazaar into Redmine
Integrating Bazaar into Trac
Linking commits to bug trackers
Web-based repository browsing with Loggerhead
Chapter 8: Using the Advanced Features of Bazaar
Using aliases
Undoing commits
Shelving changes
Using lightweight checkouts
Re-using a working tree
Using stacked branches
Signing revisions using GnuPG
Configuring a hook to send an e-mail on commit
Chapter 9: Using Bazaar Together with Other VCS
Working with other VCS in general
Using Bazaar with Subversion
Using Bazaar with Git
Migrating between version control systems
Chapter 10: Programming Bazaar
Using Bazaar programmatically
Creating a plugin
Creating a hook

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the core principles of version control
  • Learn all the version control operations and how to use them effectively
  • Understand the simple intuition that is consistently behind all the operations in Bazaar, enabling you to perform from simple to advanced operations easily and confidently
  • Put any project under version control right now and start tracking your changes
  • Collaborate with others, whether in a peer-to-peer, centralized-style, or decentralized-style workflow
  • Learn how to combine basic workflows in order to create more complex custom workflows best suited for your team and project
  • Combine the command-line interface and the graphical interface effectively, using whichever is best suited for a given purpose
  • Integrate Bazaar with collaborative tools such as Launchpad, Trac, Bugzilla, Redmine, and others
  • Use Bazaar together with other version control systems such as Subversion or Git

In Detail

Bazaar is a version control system that enables you to track your changes, browse the history of revisions, or revert to a previous state with ease. You can benefit greatly from the principles and practical uses of version control with Bazaar in any software project.

This book will walk you through the principles and basic and advanced operations of version control, taking a step-by-step approach covering increasingly complex topics and situations of collaboration. Packed with examples, the book aims to give you a thorough understanding of the subject in order to get you fully comfortable using this powerful, highly intuitive and consistent tool in any project and workflow thrown at you.

The book starts by introducing the fundamentals of version control to first-time users. After explaining the basic principles, we dive into action covering the various operations and workflows of version control using Bazaar. Topics are covered in increasing order of complexity from solo mode, peer-to-peer, centralized-style, and ultimately distributed-style. The book also covers advanced subjects such as integration with collaborative environments and other version control systems, as well as using Bazaar programmatically and creating plugins. This book will help you gain solid knowledge about version control and enable you to use Bazaar effectively in your projects.


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