Azure Cognitive Services for Developers [Video]

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  • Learn all about Cognitive Services and what they can do for you. This course handles each category: vision, speech, language, knowledge, and searches
  • Set up Cognitive Services on your own Azure account
  • Leverage the power of AI through a set of simple REST APIs
  • Use computer vision to detect objects and text in images, implement speech-to-text conversion, leverage the power of Bing to retrieve useful search results, and much more
  • Incorporate everything you've learned into a variety of applications, so you can easily translate it into your own real-life solutions

Always wanted to use AI, but it seems too hard? Not anymore! With Azure Cognitive Services, you can make your applications smarter—the easy way.

In this course, you will be introduced to Azure Cognitive Services. With this, Microsoft offers you a lot of the power that AI has to offer, but it's made available to you by a set of simple-to-use REST APIs. Because it is so easy to implement, you can start working with it today and make your applications smarter with AI—the easy way.

After working through this course, you will know what Cognitive Services are and what they can do for you. But most importantly, after this hands-on course you will be able to get started for yourself, straightaway!

All the related code files are placed on GitHub repository at:

Style and Approach

This course follows a practical, step-by-step, and hands-on approach. You will go through the entire process and incorporate Azure Cognitive Services in different kinds of application. For instance, you'll detect objects and text in images in a mobile app and translate text in a web application. The course is packed with real-life experience to help you overcome any obstacles you encounter.

  • Learn about Azure Cognitive Services: what they are, how they work, and what they can do for you.
  • Set up Cognitive Services and easily integrate them into a range of different applications.
  • Stay ahead of your competition and surprise your end-users by incorporating AI in your solutions.
Course Length 4 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781838552565
Date Of Publication 26 Apr 2019


Gerald Versluis

Gerald Versluis is based in The Netherlands. He is an all-round software developer, Microsoft MVP, and he has authored four courses. After years of experience working with Azure, ASP.NET, DevOps, Xamarin, and other .NET technologies, he has been involved in a number of different projects and has been building several real-world apps and solutions.

Not only does he like to code, he is also passionate about spreading his knowledge—and gaining some in the process. In his spare time, Gerald is involved in speaking; providing training sessions; writing blogs ( or articles; answering questions on Stack Overflow; and contributing to open-source projects. Twitter: @jfversluis | Website: