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Automated UI Testing in Java [Video]

More Information
  • Available framework types and what they look like
  • Practical steps to building a framework from scratch
  • Typical solutions for typical problems with UI automation
  • Improve a framework when the entire test automation solution gets more complicated
  • Recommend each step in framework creation/improvement
  • Real-life example of the UI test automation framework with Java

Test automation, a formalized testing process, can automate repetitive but necessary tasks that would be difficult to do manually.

This video is a practical step-by-step guide to developing UI test automation frameworks from scratch, and is targeted at Java developers. We’ll explore Web Driver, Appium (for mobile applications), and Cucumber-JVM. While working through the video, you will master the step-by-step test automation framework development process and see how it changes the shape of tests. At the end you will have a vision of what a framework is, what it looks like, and what items should be covered at the beginning of test automation development.

Style and Approach

The video is a practical demonstration of the test framework development process. Most videos contain an introduction to the underlying theory and then a practical, step-by-step component with full explanations. Thus, the viewer observes how the entire test automation solution is built.

  • Build a UI automation framework on Java from scratch
  • Create a real-life, working, and consistent solution for UI automation with Java
  • Explore different automation framework types
Course Length 3 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781787120686
Date Of Publication 28 Dec 2016


Mykola Kolisnyk

Mykola Kolisnyk has been working in test automation since 2004. He has been involved with various activities including creating test automation solutions from scratch, leading test automation teams, and working as a consultant with test automation processes. During his working career, he has had experience with different test automation tools such as Mercury WinRunner, MicroFocus SilkTest, SmartBear TestComplete, Selenium-RC, WebDriver, Appium, SoapUI, BDD frameworks, and many other different engines and solutions. He has had experience with multiple programming technologies based on Java, C#, Ruby, and so on, and with different domain areas such as healthcare, mobile, telecoms, social networking, business process modelling, performance and talent management, multimedia, e-commerce, and investment banking.