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  • Learn what OFBiz is, and what it is capable of doing for business.
  • Install and configure OFBiz to optimize system performance.
  • Develop a bespoke OFBiz component. Enhance and modify existing components.
  • Save time by learning how to re-use existing OFBiz code.
  • Explore Entities – the basic units of the framework's Model – to simplify database operations and perform complicated queries.
  • Define, create, and call Java services in the Service Engine to build synchronous and asynchronous communications.
  • Learn syntax and schema for the OFBiz language: MiniLang. Use MiniLang to speed up your OFBiz development.  
  • Acquire valuable development and performance tips that will make your custom applications supreme.

Apache OFBiz (Open For Business) is versatile open-source enterprise automation software that powers many small and medium sized businesses around the world. It incorporates a number of mature applications such as ERP, e-Commerce, MRP and CRM.

Built around an MVC framework with common logic, data model and process components, Ofbiz allows existing and bespoke applications to be added through a component-based architecture. Ofbiz includes a mature suite of enterprise applications that integrate and automate a company's many business needs.
This easy-to-read book will quickly enable newcomers to get hands-on with OFBiz. It provides an overview of the main modules and employs illustrated examples that show readers how to build exemplary business applications rapidly. Covering the main aspects of the Model-View-Controller framework, the reader will gain a working knowledge of Widgets, Entities, and The Service Engine. The authors also describe how to tweak OFBiz, and offer valuable performance and development tips. By navigating through the flow of OFBiz and providing insight into the thousands of examples that already exist in the core code they have made this book a must-have for anyone looking to get started with OFBiz.

  • Understand how OFBiz is put together
  • Learn to create and customize business applications with OFBiz
  • Gain valuable development and performance hints
  • A fully illustrated tutorial with functional step-by-step examples
Page Count 472
Course Length 14 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781847194008
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2008


Jonathon Wong

Jonathan Wong Jong Hann is an avid puzzle solver. He is constantly in search
of new problems to take apart. He has dabbled in Rubik's Cubes, maze navigation
algorithms, and various other logical and mechanical puzzles.

He had taken apart OFBiz within a month for a client who wanted to evaluate it.
Having mapped out the architectural structure of OFBiz, he also embarked on
documenting the functional and ERP-specifi c aspects of OFBiz. Within the following
six months, he had completed three small-scale projects with OFBiz. He is currently
using OFBiz in almost every new project, leveraging OFBiz's advantage for rapid
prototyping and development.

He fi rst delved into Java some 10 years ago. He has since specialized in clean
programming structures, design patterns, and parallel computing. Since then, he also
picked up the hobby of reverse engineering various open source software to equip
his employers and himself with new technologies. Jonathon has also worked for
clients who needed to take apart legacy systems to make corrections.

Rupert Howell

Rupert Howell, while developing Java applications for the UK's Offi ce for
National Statistics, stumbled upon Open For Business and has been working with
the framework ever since. Since early 2003, Rupert has been a consultant to some
of the UK's largest OFBiz implementations and has helped some major retailers
successfully migrate their entire ERP systems to OFBiz.

Rupert holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Director
of Provolve Ltd, a company specializing in OFBiz-based solutions. For more
information see the Provolve website at