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Apache OfBiz Cookbook

Ruth Hoffman

Over 60 simple but incredibly effective recipes for taking control of OFBiz
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847199188
Paperback300 pages

About This Book

  • Optimize your OFBiz experience and save hours of frustration with this timesaving collection of practical recipes covering a wide range of OFBiz topics.
  • Get answers to the most commonly asked OFBiz questions in an easy-to-digest reference style of presentation.
  • Discover insights into OFBiz design, implementation, and best practices by exploring real-life solutions.
  • Each recipe in this Cookbook is crafted to describe not only "how" to accomplish a specific task, but also "why" the technique works to ensure you get the most out of your OFBiz implementation.

Who This Book Is For

If you are an OFBiz user who has some familiarity with enterprise software systems, and perhaps more importantly, Internet and Web exposure, you will be able to glean useful information from this book. You will need only basic knowledge of modern browser behavior (for example: how to click a mouse button) to follow some recipes, while others assume a passing familiarity with a text-editor and XML documents. If you are a software developer looking for Java and/or Groovy examples, this book also includes a chapter on Java software development.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Getting the project code
Getting code from the Subversion repository
Fixing IP port collision errors
The JAVA_HOME setting
"Class Not Found" errors
Installation verification
SSL verification
Running JUnit tests
Locating an OFBiz Component
Locating an OFBiz Application
Chapter 2: Java Development
Java runtime CLASSPATH
Java compile time CLASSPATH
Naming conventions
Writing OFBiz Java Events
Writing OFBiz Java Services
Debugging using the logfile
Calling OFBiz Services from a Java program
Getting and validating request parameters (Events)
Getting and validating request parameters (Services)
Managing error messages
Using Java properties files
Sending e-mail from an OFBiz Event or Service
Handling XML files
Chapter 3: The User Interface
Creating HTML web pages
Adding actions to Screen widgets
HTML markup in Screen widgets
CSS styling in Screen widgets
Platform-specific widgets
OFBiz Tree widgets
OFBiz Menu widgets
OFBiz Form widgets
Creating web pages using FreeMarker
Passing Screen widget parameters to FreeMarker
Calling Java methods from FreeMarker
Forcing FreeMarker to render HTML markup
Uploading files in FreeMarker forms
Chapter 4: OFBiz Services
Managing existing OFBiz Services
Calling a Service from an HTML form
Calling asynchronous Services from HTML forms
Calling a Service many times from an HTML form
Creating a new Service definition file
Creating a new Service definition
Implementing Services
Defining Service attributes (INPUT/OUTPUT)
Service Event Condition Actions
Service groups
Handling Service errors
Writing Groovy Services
Mail Event Condition Actions
Entity Event Condition Actions
Chapter 5: The OFBiz Entity Engine
Changing the default database
Connecting to a remote database
Connecting to multiple databases
Creating entity groups
Disabling automatic database checks
Mapping database data types
Creating a new entity model
Modifying an existing entity model
Building a view-entity
Chapter 6: OFBiz Security
Securing communications ports
Disabling demonstration user accounts
Protecting OFBiz web pages
Creating user accounts
Protecting applications using security groups
Protecting views ("Tarpitting")
Retrieving forgotten passwords
Changing your password
Adding or changing SSL certificates
OFBiz single sign-on and the external login key
Chapter 7: WebTools
Cache maintenance
Changing debug settings
Exporting database data to XML documents
Loading database(s) from XML documents
Managing internationalization labels
Using the SQL processor
Exploring the entity reference tool
Viewing OFBiz usage statistics
Uncovering artifact information
Working with temporal expressions
Chapter 8: Web Services
Requesting web services using URL parameters
Requesting web services using an HttpClient
Creating HttpClients and passing XML documents
Creating XML-RPC web service clients
Becoming an XML-RPC web service provider
OFBiz SOAP messaging clients
Generating a WSDL document
Creating SOAP-compliant web services
Chapter 9: OFBiz Tips and Tricks
Fixing Java memory allocation errors
Reloading OFBiz seed and demo data
Creating new seed data files
Changing the administrative user's password
Creating a new administrative user
Getting the OFBiz version number
Building an OFBiz instance
Building a single OFBiz Component
Creating a new OFBiz Component or Application
Creating a FreeMarker transform
Preparing data using Groovy
Pop-up new browser windows
Installing an OFBiz Visual Theme
Creating an OFBiz Visual Theme

What You Will Learn

  • Learn OFBiz artifact organization and effective (OFBiz) project navigation skills
  • Configure OFBiz web applications and framework settings using various WebTools
  • Access and manage one or more database(s) using the OFBiz Entity engine
  • Create Java programs that call other OFBiz Services and utilities
  • Use Groovy to prepare data for web page presentation
  • Enhance existing OFBiz applications or create new ones, by implementing OFBiz Screen, Form, Tree, and Menu Widgets
  • Create and deploy OFBiz Events and Services
  • Make administrative changes easily from the command-line
  • Add web service client(s) and service provider features to your OFBiz instance
  • Minimize frustration and wasted time with straightforward recipes designed to get you up and running quickly

In Detail

Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides a common data model and an extensive set of business processes. But without proper guidance on developing performance-critical applications, it is easy to make the wrong design and technology decisions. The power and promise of Apache OFBiz is comprehensively revealed in a collection of self-contained, quick, practical recipes in this Cookbook.

This book covers a range of topics from initial system setup to web application and HTML page creation, Java development, and data maintenance tasks. Focusing on a series of the most commonly performed OFBiz tasks, it provides clear, cogent, and easy-to-follow instructions designed to make the most of your OFBiz experience.

Let this book be your guide to enhancing your OFBiz productivity by saving you valuable time. Written specifically to give clear and straightforward answers to the most commonly asked OFBiz questions, this compendium of OFBiz recipes will show you everything you need to know to get things done in OFBiz.

Whether you are new to OFBiz or an old pro, you are sure to find many useful hints and handy tips here. Topics range from getting started to configuration and system setup, security and database management through the final stages of developing and testing new OFBiz applications.


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