Angular 2: Application Development

Explore Angular 2 to build modern and robust web applications
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If you are familiar with JavaScript and AngularJS, then this course is for you. This topic is for those developers who want to build efficient and secure web applications with Angular 2!


Understand the focus of Angular 2, in particular its idea of an app built out of components


Create your own custom applications based on intelligently designed, readable code templates


Address critical flaws in many single page application frameworks with server-side rendering


Expand your application’s capabilities with the use of automated builds, machine configuration, and software deployment

Duration: 3 hours

Now in its second version, AngularJS lets you build powerful and impressive web applications with great development efficiency, speed, and performance. This course helps you gain a strong foundation in Angular 2 and the key concepts involved in creating modern web applications.

Initially focusing on TypeScript, you will quickly progress to creating components and adding animations to our example code. Once we have some worked samples, we’ll then delve into error handling and security techniques. To finish off, we will learn about unit testing for Angular 2 components. By the end of this rapidly paced course, you'll gain solid exposure to some of the latest changes in the framework and be in an excellent position to build robust, secure, and appealing web applications.

Style and Approach:

Getting started with Angular 2, then moving to introduction and  basics of TypeScript. Learning to build applications along with animation concepts. Then moving on to the security and unit testing techniques by the end of the course.

This course combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

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