Android 9.0 Pie: Essential Developer Training [Video]

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  • Build better applications with the new developer features of Android 9.0 Pie and Kotlin.
  • Example-driven explanations of the various new APIs available with Android 9.0 Pie.
  • Support for display cut-out, a much-needed feature with newer Android devices. 
  • Manage notifications, better support for images in notifications, and enhanced notification participants.
  • Improve App UI advanced GIF animations through the new AnimatedImageDrawable.
  • Enhance your user experience by making use of the new Android 9.0 Autofill features, text enhancements, and accessibility improvements.

Android's new release comes with a bunch of new features which are powerful and easy to use. These cool new additions help you to extend your apps and develop them more efficiently. This course focuses on the latest features that you as an Android developer will find most useful and worth implementing in your applications. Without wasting much time on introductions, you will get started straightaway with the latest PIE features and put them into practice.

Adopting new features such as display cutout support and rich notifications and animations will allow you to improve the UI experience in your applications. By the end of the tutorial, you'll be more confident in developing applications based on the new Android features.

All the related code files are placed on GitHub at

Style and Approach

This course supplies hands-on training in using the newest features of Android 9 Pie in your Android apps. We go over the latest features of Android 9 Pie, explaining where, why, and how they are used; through a series of simple use cases and demonstrations, we get to grips with using these new APIs, getting you quickly up-to-speed, so that you know what they are and how you can apply them.

  • Covers the most important and useful new features of Android 9.0 Pie
  • Practical course focusing on hands-on training for Android developers
  • Ensure that your apps are up-to-date and satisfy customer expectations
Course Length 2 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781788831673
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Philipp Jahoda

Philipp Jahoda is an Austrian Software developer with a strong focus on mobile development for Android (using Java and more recently Kotlin) and iOS. Philipp holds a Masters Degree in Software Development and has been working with Java for more than 10 years. Right now, Philipp is self-employed and works in his own startup company.
Besides his professional work, he spends a lot of his free time working on open-source projects. His largest and most successful project so far is MPAndroidChart, a chart/graph library for Android.