Android 4: New Features for Application Development

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  • Use the Social API of Android 4
  • Create and configure GridLayout
  • Use the Calendar API of Android 4
  • Create and configure the Action Bar
  • Design user interfaces that support different screen sizes
  • Create and manage Fragments
  • Support Multiple APKs
  • Use new APIs in older versions of Android

Recently, with the increasing popularity of mobile phones, mobile operating systems have emerged and quickly spread. Now people with smart phones can do everything that they can do with their computers. The popularity of the Android mobile operating system has increased and is widely used. In this book, new features and innovations of Android 4.0 will be discussed.

"Android 4: New Features for Application Development" is a practical and hands-on guide for developing android applications using new features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) with a step-by-step approach and clearly explained sample codes. You will learn the new APIs in Android 4.0 with sample code.

This book will cover the new features and APIs of Android 4.0 (Android Ice Cream Sandwich). It will show the usage of the new APIs with a step-by-step approach and clearly explained sample code.

You will learn about the new user interface components such as Action Bar and GridLayout. You will also learn about new APIs for social media integration and accessing calendar data. We will also look at new connectivity APIs such as Wi-Fi Direct and Android Beam. Supporting multiple screen sizes and multiple versions of Android is also among the subjects that you will learn.

You can use "Android 4: New Features for Application Development" as a reference book for developing Android applications using new features of Android 4.0 with its clearly explained, step-by-step sample codes.

  • Learn new APIs in Android 4
  • Get familiar with the best practices in developing Android applications
  • Step-by-step approach with clearly explained sample codes
Page Count 166
Course Length 4 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781849519526
Date Of Publication 24 Dec 2012


Murat Aydin

Murat Aydin is a senior software engineer in a company that develops software technologies for defense systems, and is an enthusiastic Android developer. He has several Android applications in Google Play. He is a Sun Certified Java Developer and has eight years of experience in developing web based applications using Java technologies, and desktop and engineering applications using .Net technologies. Murat Aydin earned his BSc degree in Computer Engineering from METU (Middle East Technical University) and his MSc degree in Software Engineering from METU. He is a member of GDG Ankara (Google Developer Group Ankara,, who organize several Android events in GDG Ankara, such as Android Developer Days. ( He is married and lives in Ankara with his wife Ülkü. Linkedin: Twitter: @maydintr