Android 3.0 Animations: Beginner's Guide

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  • Create animated graphics from a set of still images
  • Fade between graphical elements
  • Move, distort, and generally mess around with parts of your user interface
  • Create Dazzling 3D motion with a few simple principles
  • Strip back the Android user interface to create fast animated graphics on the fly
  • Experience striking results by changing your animation’s rhythm
  • Create a live wallpaper to bring motion to your home-screen
  • Design your animations to look great and work well on different Android devices

An enjoyable, understandable, and eye-catching user interface is a key part of getting users to love your app. Users today expect a polished multimedia experience on their mobile device, and animation is a core part of that. The Android operating system is at the forefront of tablet and smartphone technology, and there is a plethora of opportunities for developing exciting applications with animation.

Android 3.0 Animations Beginner’s Guide will introduce each of the most popular animation techniques to you. Using step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to create interactive dynamic forms, moving graphics, and 3D motion.

You will be taken on a journey from simple stop motion animations and fades, through to moving input forms, then on to 3D motion and game graphics.

In this book, you will create standalone animated graphics, three-dimensional lifts, fades, and spins. You will become adept at moving and transforming form data to bring boring old input forms and displays to life. Learn how game programmers create fast animations on the fly, and also build live wallpapers to liven up your users’ home-screens!

If you are tired of writing lifeless interfaces and want to add some animated excitement, this is the book for you!

  • The first and only book dedicated to creating animations for Android apps.
  • Covers all of the commonly used animation techniques for Android 3.0 and lower versions.
  • Create stunning animations to give your Android apps a fun and intuitive user experience.
  • A step-by-step guide for learning animation by building fun example applications and games.
Page Count 304
Course Length 9 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781849515283
Date Of Publication 1 Nov 2011


Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw has been developing on Android since 2008 and has never looked back. He created one of the first music-writing applications for the platform, and has worked on Android with business, academia, and the open-source community. He has presented papers on Android development at events across Europe. Alex lives in Edinburgh where it rains a lot and mobile development is a welcome escape from the weather.