Akka Essentials

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  • Scale up and out your applications using dispatchers and remoting
  • Build fault tolerance within your application
  • Handle transactions within your application
  • Unit test your Akka applications
  • Integrate your Akka applications with existing enterprise systems using Zeromq
  • Monitor the health of your Akka application

Developers/Architects need to manage the fine balance between the ever increasing load and ever decreasing response latency. Applications need to be designed for Internet scale, which means you need to be skilled in building large distributed, scalable, and concurrent applications. Whether you are building the next Facebook or working for a Fortune 500 organization, you need to be ready to design scalable, concurrent, and fault-tolerant applications. Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant event-driven applications on the JVM.

"Akka Essentials" will show you the current challenges with Java Scalability and concurrency model and how Akka’s Actor Model can help you design and build applications that are inherently scalable and fault-tolerant. Whether you are building new applications or want to refactor an existing application, you will learn the right techniques to build and scale up in no time.

  • Build large, distributed, concurrent, and scalable applications using the Akka’s Actor model
  • Simple and clear analogy to Java/JEE application development world to explain the concepts
  • Each chapter will teach you a concept by explaining it with clear and lucid examples– each chapter can be read independently
Page Count 334
Course Length 10 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849518284
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2012


Munish K. Gupta

Munish K. Gupta is a Senior Architect working for Wipro Technologies. Based in Bangalore, India, his day-to-day work involves solution architecture for applications with stringent non-functional requirements (NFRs), Application Performance Engineering, and exploring the readiness of cutting-edge, open source technologies for enterprise adoption. He advises enterprise customers to help them solve performance and scalability issues, and implement innovative differentiating solutions to achieve business and technology goals. He believes that technology is meant to enable the business, and technology by itself is not a means to an end. He is very passionate about software programming and craftsmanship. He is always looking for patterns in solving problems, writing code, and making optimum use of tools and frameworks. He blogs about technology trends and Application Performance Engineering at http://www.techspot.co.in and about Akka at http://www.akkaessentials.in