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Advanced UFT 12 for Test Engineers Cookbook

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  • Use code design patterns in test automation to improve maintenance
  • Identify objects using Object Repository as well as with descriptive programming to achieve object identification at runtime
  • Build an event handler to handle unexpected dialogs
  • Use the objects and methods of the Windows Script Host (WSH)
  • Build an automation framework that works for you
  • Unleash the power of API and SOA testing
  • Use and build UFT reserved objects

UFT (QTP) is a functional test automation tool by HP that supports a wide array of technologies for both GUI and API testing. Advanced UFT 12 for Test Engineers Cookbook will provide you with simple solutions to quite complex tasks and leverage your skills in programming with VBScript.

Unlock the full potential of UFT 12 with an introduction to its new features and functionality. Learn the industry's best-kept secrets such as how to enhance toolset capabilities, which you never thought possible. Learn how to extend UFT 12 by overriding methods, perform DB and XML checks, and handle unexpected dialogs. We also cover the topics of object identification using descriptive programming, classes, utility and reserved objects, Windows Scripting Host (WSH), and most importantly API testing and building testware frameworks. This book is an invaluable source of reference for test engineers with clear and powerful coding examples.

  • Automate tests easily and efficiently with the help of this practical, extensive, and fast guide
  • Use advanced coding and error handling methods to become a master of efficiency
  • Full of screenshots, in-depth explanations, clear step-by-step instructions, and practical examples and tips for tackling automation tasks with ease
Page Count 272
Course Length 8 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781849688406
Date Of Publication 28 Nov 2014


Meir Bar-Tal

Meir Bar-Tal holds a Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, but he made a swift switch to the software industry in 2000 and is currently an independent test automation architect. In 2007, Meir was one of the cofounders of the popular knowledge sharing site www.advancedqtp.com (originally founded as a personal blog by Yaron Assa) and has been its Editor in Chief and Forum Administrator ever since (sole owner since 2011). The site's forums were among the final four candidates at the Automated Testing Institute Awards several times, and once were second only to the renowned SQA Forums. Apart from the materials he publishes on his site from time to time, Meir is a regular contributor to several professional online groups and forums and also conducts lectures on UFT at Ness IT Business College (Israel) and other institutions. In 2008, he joined Yaron Assa and others in establishing a small consultancy firm, SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd., which was active until early 2011, when the partners decided to go their separate paths. Since then, Meir worked as an independent freelancer and became a SmartBear Software Authorized Provider. In 2011, he developed a QTP plugin for SeeTest, which enabled interoperability and IntelliSense. In 2014, he joined UGenTech Ltd. as the Associate Director of Automation.

Meir has been involved in many projects characterized by a wide array of technologies (COM, Unix, Windows, Web, .NET, Win Forms, WPF, Java, C#, and so on) and business industries (Derivatives, Banking, Medical, Storage, CRM, Billing, VOIP, and so on). The range of services he provides is wide and includes consultancy, project management, design and development, training and coaching, tools evaluation, and extensibility and plugins development.

Meir has provided services to firms such as HP Software, Experitest, Omnisys, IBM XIV, Hermes Logistics, Bank Leumi, YIT, Ginger Software, and Mazor Robotics. Before he co-found Solmar in 2008, he worked for several companies, including dbMotion, Type Reader, Amdocs, Matrix, and ultimately, Super Derivatives. At Super Derivatives, he led a team of QTP developers to implement an object-oriented framework for QTP, a point that reflects his special interest in the design and development of frameworks and enthusiasm to share the fruits of his research and experience with others. In 2013-2014, he was, as a subcontractor, technical lead of a challenging project at HP Software, in which UFT was used to automate end-to-end scenarios for HP ALM with great success. Besides this, he works in close cooperation with HP Software R&D and periodically contributes his insights to improve UFT.

Jonathon Lee Wright

Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, intelligent automation and cognitive adoption (deep learning), and has more than 20 years' of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is currently the CTO for Digital-Assured.com based in Oxford in the UK, advocacy board director for various non for profit such as Vivit-Worldwide.org and is a representative of the European Commission on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Jonathon combines his practical experience and leadership with real-world insights behind the core principles and practices underpinning Enterprise AI, Smart Cities (IoT / C2X & I2X) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Thus, he is frequently in demand as a keynote speaker at international conferences such as TED, Gartner, Oracle, AISummit, Unicom, EuroSTAR, STAREast, and STARWest. Jonathon is the author of several award-winning books.