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ADempiere 3.6 Cookbook

Ajit Kumar

Over 100 recipes for extending and customizing ADempiere beyond its standard capabilities
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849513388
Paperback336 pages

About This Book

  • Extend and customize ADempiere to meet your business needs
  • Integrate ADempiere with popular shopping carts such as Webstore, VirtueMart, and PayPal
  • Packed with recipes enabling you to learn about ADempiere best practices
  • Effectively integrate ADempiere with business-critical tools such as e-mail clients

Who This Book Is For

If you want to easily implement ADempiere in your organization, this book is for you. This book will also be beneficial to system users and administrators who wish to implement an ERP system. Only basic knowledge of ADempiere is required. This cookbook will build on that basic knowledge equipping you with the intermediate and advanced skills required to fully maximize ADempiere. A basic knowledge of accounting and the standard business workflow would be beneficial.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preparing the Ground
Creating the installer from the source code
Installing ADempiere
Debugging the ADempiere client application (Desktop version)
Debugging the ADempiere server application (web version)
Running multiple instances on a single server
Giving ADempiere your identity
Chapter 2: ADempiere Customization Part I
Creating a new window
Customizing an existing window
Creating a window with multiple tabs
Creating a search widget
Populating the combo-box list
Configuring a zoom window
Creating a read-only window
Creating a read-only tab
Creating read-only fields
Creating a new menu tree
Role set up and assigning a menu tree to a role
Defaulting the data display to single/multi-row mode
Showing the entity and line items on the same tab
Chapter 3: ADempiere Customization Part II
Copy another tab widget into this tab
Filtering data at tab level
Configuring Display Logic
Configuring Default Logic
Creating a new window from an existing window
Configuring a Lookup Record
Dynamic validations
Customizing the default print format of a window
Configuring a new print format for a window
Generating a model
Creating a new info window for the desktop version
Creating a new info window for the web version
Creating a callout
Modifying hooks for a model
Creating a process
Extending the desktop version of the toolbar
Extending the web version of the toolbar
Grouping the fields in a tab
Chapter 4: Web services
Building Web services support
Configuring Web services
Configuring a Web service to create a record
Configuring a Web service to read a record
Configuring a Web service to read a list of records
Configuring a Web service to update a record
Configuring a Web service to remove a record
Configuring a Web service to run a process
Chapter 5: VirtueMart Integration
Setting up the environment
Bridging with Apache ActiveMQ
Building ActiveMQ adapters for ADempiere and VirtueMart
Publishing products and prices to the VirtueMart
Linking VirtueMart checkout with ADempiere
Chapter 6: JasperReports with ADempiere
Setting up the environment
Developing a new report using view
Developing a report without a view
Using the context in a report
Developing a report with sub-report
Using custom report for printing
Chapter 7: PayPal Integration
Preparing the ground
Working with PayPal APIs
Making payment to a PayPal account
Integrating PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
Chapter 8: Equifax Integration
Equifax session service
Equifax address matching service
Equifax bank validation service
Equifax company matching service
Equifax consumer bureau service
Equifax password change service
Chapter 9: Mondrian Integration for Analysis
Setting up the environment
Defining analysis cube
Analyzing data using Mondrian and JPivot
Slicing and dicing
Producing charts and graphs
Creating reports from the analyzed data set
Chapter 10: E-mail Integration with Mozilla Thunderbird
Setting up the environment
Extending the Thunderbird toolbar
Working with ADempiere contacts from Thunderbird

What You Will Learn

  • Install ADempiere from the ground up so you are ready to get up and running
  • Customize ADempiere to suit your business needs
  • Configure Web Services for ADempiere
  • Integrate shopping carts such as Webstore, VirtueMart, and PayPal
  • Develop reports with ADempiere
  • Create new payment methods such as Interest Free Credit
  • Analyze data using graphs, charts, and statistical reporting tools
  • Acquire real-time shipping data and import it into the ADempiere shipment module
  • Merge mail with Open Office and Star Office
  • Integrate with e-mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird

In Detail

ADempiere is one the of the leading open source ERP products in today's business market. ADempiere offers everything you need to make your business successful: efficient data management, streamlined business processes, reduction in costs, and minimal complexity.

This practical cookbook offers effective recipes for the extension and customization of ADempiere. It bypasses unnecessary theory. You will learn to install ADempiere correctly and get straight into practical tasks.

When you read the book, you'll understand ADempiere workflow and the important functions of managing your data. Real-world business-critical activities such as integrating ADempiere with e-mail clients, office suites, shipping data, analytical processing tools, reporting tools, shopping carts, and web services are covered in detail.


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