An 18 Hour SQL/SQL Server 2014/Visual Studio 2017 Course [Video]

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  •  Learn SQL and SQL Server. 
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community, Microsoft ASP.NET with SQL Server, enough C# to connect to databases.
  • Learn enough JQuery to make database controls interactive, the fundamentals of SQL Server administration.
  • Learn how to work with built-in functions, how to write joins, how to make web pages for collecting and storing information, how to format data in web pages and tables, how to represent queries with pictures for easier understanding.
  • Learn how to use program flow control features like if/else and more, how to write stored procedures, how to write user-defined functions, how to write views and triggers, how to use the SQL Server debugger.
  • Learn how to create, save, commit and rollback transactions.
  • Learn how to create users, database roles, logins, and work with securables, how to backup, restore, attach and detach databases.
  • Learn how to use and save Table variables, how to create and use common table expressions, how to work with string functions like char, and substring, how to use the lag/lead functions and the over clause. 
  • Learn how to work with date functions like Datename, Datepart, getDate and more.
  • Learn how to build dynamic theme switching with JQuery, how to build a dashboard with C#/CSS/HTML/SQL and JQuery, how to perform data validation, how to print to printers, PDF's, Google Drive, and the Cloud.
  • Learn how to build a web interface layout that can be dragged, dropped and saved between page loads.

Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember I am just one person, and I make my videos often after I have been working for many hours already. You are interested in real coding. You enjoy detailed explanations. You can take videos that are 13 minutes on average. You enjoy seeing how different technologies interact. You understand that most of the SQL is done in the Microsoft Management Studio, and not Visual Studio. You're not looking for fancy graphics, a talking head, or entertainment. You're looking for practical, carefully explained examples, where the code is written line by line. If you use SQL Server versions below 2014, some of the code will not work. You must use versions 2014 and above. This course uses ASP.NET, and not MVC.

Style and Approach

You understand this is a beginners course, and therefore everything is developed over a period of 18 hours, but by the end, assuming you complete the course, you will have many powerful, practical skills.

  • Learn how to import data into SQL Server from other programs, how to bring tables into first, second and third normal form, how to work with XML in SQL Server and ASP.NET Controls.
  • Build a web-based data entry system with C#/SQL, CSS and VS, understand how to use begin/end/go.
Course Length 18 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781789530568
Date Of Publication 17 Jul 2018


Tom O.

Tom O. has nine years experience as a teacher of mathematics, physics, statistics, and programming. He worked for five years as a database programmer using various technologies such as .NET, Clipper, SQL, SQL Server, SAS, Excel, and others. He is the publisher of one of the most successful programming courses, called "Learn C# With Visual Studio 2013". Currently, he is working as a mathematics and computer science teacher at a college in NY. Related Education: Master of Science in Applied Statistical Computing, Kennesaw State University; Bachelor of Arts, Pure Mathematics, Queens College; Associates of Science in Computer ProgrammingMicroeconomics Certificate, MIT;