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  1. 281 pages
    Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture
    November 2022
    Get up to speed with the concepts relating to Oracle’s Autonomous Databases (ADB) and implementation strategies for any workload or use case, including transactional, data warehousing, and non-relational databases
  2. 143 pages
    Machine Learning Experimentation with TensorBoard
    October 2022
    Track experiment metrics and visualize model graphs with TensorFlow's built-in solution, TensorBoard
  3. 384 pages
    Full-Stack Web Development with Spring Boot and Angular
    September 2022
    Discover how to implement best practices in Angular and Spring Boot development to architect files and folders efficiently
  4. 333 pages
    Machine Learning at Scale with H2O
    September 2022
    Build predictive models using large data volumes and deploy them to production using cutting-edge techniques
  5. 499 pages
    Network Protocols for Security Professionals
    July 2022
    Discover network-based attacks and learn to defend your organization's network and network devices
  6. 230 pages
    Designing Distributed Systems with .NET and Azure
    June 2022
    Design scalable distributed systems by understanding the benefits and shortcomings of monolithic, microservice, and hybrid approaches and make more informed business decisions
  7. 723 pages
    Elasticsearch 8.x Cookbook - Fifth Edition
    May 2022
    Search, analyze, store and manage data effectively with Elasticsearch 8.x
  8. 644 pages
    The MySQL Workshop
    April 2022
    Cut through the noise and get real results with a step-by-step approach to learning MySQL programming
  9. 344 pages
    Empowering Marketing and Sales with HubSpot
    April 2022
    Implement HubSpot in your organization to effectively reach your target audience with timely and personalized content that helps them understand why your organization provides the best solution for their challenges
  10. 425 pages
    Modern CMake for C++
    April 2022
    Write comprehensive professional-standard CMake projects and ensure the quality and simplicity of your solutions
  11. 282 pages
    Build Your Own Web Framework in Elixir
    April 2022
    Use Elixir concepts such as metaprogramming to build maintainable web products with clean code
  12. 386 pages
    Practical Model-Driven Enterprise Architecture
    April 2022
    Bridge the gap between theory and reality by implementing real-world examples using the Sparx EA tool and ArchiMate 3.1 specification to develop sophisticated enterprise architecture models serving every unit in your organization
  13. 648 pages
    High-Performance Programming in C# and .NET
    April 2022
    Enhance your enterprise applications' performance using best practices for benchmarking, application profiling, asynchronous programming, designing responsive UIs, gRPC communication, and distributed applications
  14. 326 pages
    C++ Templates Up and Running
    April 2022
    Understand complex template concepts with the help of practical example code and detailed explanations
  15. 328 pages
    Incident response with Threat Intelligence
    April 2022
    Learn everything you need to know to respond to advanced cybersecurity incidents through threat hunting using threat intelligence

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