WordPress Multisite Administration

WordPress Multisite Administration
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Table of Contents
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  • Learn how to configure a complete, functional, and attractive WordPress Multisite
  • Customize your sites with WordPress themes and plugins
  • Set up, maintain, and secure your blog network

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 106 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : August 2013
ISBN : 1783282479
ISBN 13 : 9781783282470
Author(s) : Tyler L. Longren
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with WordPress Multisite
Chapter 2: Customization
Chapter 3: User Management and Permissions
Chapter 4: Protecting Your Multisite Network
Chapter 5: Migrating Multiple WordPress Blogs to a Multisite Network
Chapter 6: Site Optimization
Chapter 7: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Stability
    • Chapter 2: Customization
      • Theme management
      • Plugin management
        • Third-party plugins and plugins for plugin management
      • Creating a blog directory / landing page
      • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Site Optimization
              • Client-side caching
              • Server-side caching
                • Full-featured server-side caching plugins
              • Lite Cache setup
              • CDNs and CloudFlare
              • Summary

                Tyler L. Longren

                Tyler L. Longren grew up in Central Iowa and continues to reside and make a living there. He's worked for various employers, from newspapers and commercial kitchens to startups and well-established Internet companies. Tyler has been involved in technology since he was very young and remembers watching his father write software from as early as 2 years old. Tyler was fortunate to attend a primary school where he was able to explore his interests more freely than might have been possible elsewhere. Since 1999, Tyler has been especially interested in web development. He's worked on all types of websites, websites for friends, local companies, and high-traffic niche websites. He's been using WordPress since 2005, back when WordPress required PHP4 and would not work with PHP5. He's also been an avid blogger since 2002 and started with some custom PHP and an old HP Vectra XW machine running Slackware Linux out of his home, with a dedicated phone line for the modem.
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                What you will learn from this book

                • Create a WordPress multisite network, similar to http://wordpress.com/
                • Learn theme and plugin activation and management
                • Make a custom blog directory featuring network author content
                • Secure your WordPress Multisite installation
                • Migrate multiple regular WordPress sites into one WordPress Multisite installation
                • Tips and best practices for optimization
                • Update themes, plugins, and WordPress core
                • Create a basic WordPress child theme for the blog directory
                • Set up multiple sites on your WordPress multisite network

                In Detail

                WordPress is an incredibly popular blogging platform. Few people realize that the software behind WordPress.com, which is a standalone WordPress with multisite enabled, is available for free, for anyone to make use of. WordPress Multisite is a special “mode” built into WordPress, which allows you to create a network of multiple websites, all running on a single installation of WordPress.

                WordPress Multisite Administration is an easy-to-understand book filled with information, tips, and best practices to help you create and manage a blog network similar to http://wordpress.com/, by using WordPress Multisite.

                WordPress Multisite Administration will take you through all the steps necessary to get WordPress Multisite installed and configured on your server. It covers everything from installation and initial configuration to customizations and some helpful troubleshooting tips.

                You will also learn how to build your own blog directory that features the authors in your WordPress Multisite network. The blog directory is built by making use of WordPress child themes, an incredibly useful thing to know how to do.

                You'll learn everything you need to know about running and maintaining a WordPress Multisite installation.


                This is a simple, concise guide with a step-by-step approach, packed with screenshots and examples to set up and manage a network blog using WordPress

                Who this book is for

                WordPress Multisite Administration is ideal for anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with WordPress Multisite. You'll need to know the basics about WordPress, and having at least a broad understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP will help, but isn't required.

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