WordPress MU 2.8: Beginner's Guide

WordPress MU 2.8: Beginner's Guide
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Design, develop, secure, and optimize a blog network with a single installation of WordPress
  • Add unlimited users and blogs, and give different permissions on different blogs
  • Add social networking features to your blogs using BuddyPress
  • Create a bbPress forum for your users to communicate with each other
  • Part of Packt's Beginner's Guide Series, with step-by-step, detailed instructions for building a blog network from scratch

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 268 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2009
ISBN : 1847196543
ISBN 13 : 9781847196545
Author(s) : Lesley Harrison
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Content Management (CMS), Open Source, WordPress


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing WordPress MU
Chapter 2: Installing WordPress MU
Chapter 3: Customizing the Appearance of Your Site
Chapter 4: Letting Users Manage Their Blogs
Chapter 5: Protecting Your Site
Chapter 6: Increasing Traffic to Your Blog
Chapter 7: Sticky Features for your Blog Network
Chapter 8: Adding Forums with bbPress
Chapter 9: Social Networking with BuddyPress
Chapter 10: Monetizing Your Site
Chapter 11: Site Optimization
Chapter 12: Troubleshooting and Maintaining your Site
  • Chapter 1: Introducing WordPress MU
    • What is WordPress MU
    • Making your own social blog network
    • What is BuddyPress
    • What is bbPress
    • Making and hosting my site
      • Choosing between VPS, dedicated, and grid hosting
        • VPS
      • Server requirements for WordPress MU
      • Recommended WordPress MU hosts
    • Building our example site: The SlayerCafe
    • Planning your site
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Installing WordPress MU
    • Tools you will need
      • Text editors
      • FTP clients and other tools
    • Setting up a local web server
    • Time for action – getting your server set up
      • Databases with MySQL
      • Preparing for WordPress MU—creating a database
    • Time for action – creating a database for WordPress MU
    • Time for action – subdomains for WordPress MU
    • Preparing your live server
    • Time for action – working with cPanel
      • User blogs with subdomains
    • Time for action – subdomains under WHM
      • One last thing—wildcards and Apache
    • Installing WordPress MU
    • Time for action – getting WordPress MU up and running
      • Changing the admin password
    • Time for action – changing the admin password
      • Letting people register
    • Time for action – enabling registrations
      • Testing your site
    • Time for action – creating a new user
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Customizing the Appearance of Your Site
    • Picking out a theme
    • Installing your new theme
    • Time for action – installing a new theme
      • Styling the sign-up page
    • Time for action – editing your theme
      • Setting the theme for your users' blogs
    • Time for action – changing the default blog theme
    • Customizing your home page
    • Time for action – making a sign-up button
      • Featured posts
    • Time for action – featured posts
      • Showing off your statistics
    • Time for action – simple stats
    • Displaying recent posts and comments
    • Time for action – displaying the most active blogs
      • Customizing AHP Sitewide Recent Posts plugin
    • Time for action – tweaking the recent post display options
      • Displaying Sitewide recent comments plugin
    • Time for action – Sitewide recent comments
      • The plugin display code
  • Time for action – our improved home page
  • Other important points
  • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Letting Users Manage Their Blogs
    • User management basics
      • Preparing the site for our users
        • Banned Names
    • Customization options for your users
    • Time for action – offering a selection of themes
      • User editable themes
    • Time for action – userthemes revisited
      • User roles and admin panels
    • Time for action – setting user levels and changing the user's
    • admin panel
      • Hiding the dashboard
    • Time for action – hiding the dashboard
      • More user options – privacy and using their own domain
    • Time for action – domain mapping
    • A few things to consider
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Protecting Your Site
    • Signing up for reCAPTCHA
    • Stopping spam with reCAPTCHA and Bad Behavior
    • Time for action – setting up reCAPTCHA
      • Bad Behavior
    • Time for action – setting up Bad Behavior
      • Making sure the plugins run for your users
    • Time for action – managing your users' plugins
    • Blocking bad guys with .htaccess
    • Time for action – .htaccess settings to stop bad guys
    • Other useful plugins
      • Moderating registrations
      • Taming your default categories
    • Regular backups without lifting a finger
  • Time for action – automatic backups
  • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Increasing Traffic to Your Blog
    • Improved tagging
    • Time for action – tagging blog posts
      • Sitewide tags
    • Time for action – sitewide tag clouds
    • Using pings
    • Time for action – pings
    • Trackbacks
    • Offering RSS feeds
    • Time for action – offering RSS subscription options
      • FeedBurner
  • Time for action – let's burn some feeds
  • Twitter and social bookmarking
    • Getting your readers to share posts
  • Time for action – social bookmarking links
  • More about traffic building
  • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Sticky Features for your Blog Network
    • What do people mean by "sticky"?
    • Letting readers and authors communicate
      • Contact forms
    • Time for action – setting up contact forms
      • Improved comments
    • Time for action – IntenseDebate Comments
      • Activating IntenseDebate on your users' blogs
    • Community features—gravatars
  • Time for action – gravatars in WordPress MU
    • Encouraging sign-ups with downloads for members only
    • Welcoming new visitors
  • Time for action – creating a welcome message
    • Related posts for visitors from search engines
    • Other ways to engage the community
      • Polls
      • Sitewide searching
  • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Adding Forums with bbPress
    • Installing bbPress
    • Time for action – installing bbPress
    • One login for both the forum and the blog
    • Time for action – user DB integration with WordPress MU
      • Handling new users
    • Time for action – blog and forum registrations
      • Seamless theme integration
    • Time for action – styling your forum
    • Managing your forum
    • Time for action – managing your forum
      • Managing your users
  • Time for action – setting user permissions
    • Useful plugins for bbPress
  • Time for action – installing plugins
    • Displaying recent posts in your blog
    • Creating forum topics using blog posts
  • Summary
  • Chapter 9: Social Networking with BuddyPress
    • BuddyPress
    • Setting up BuddyPress
    • Time for action – installing the BuddyPress suite
      • BuddyPress plugins explained
        • Working with Extended Profiles
        • Private Messaging
        • Friends list
        • Groups
        • The Wire
        • Activity streams
        • Blog tracking
        • Forums
      • Themes for your BuddyPress network
    • Time for action – installing new themes
      • Putting BuddyPress content on your front page
      • Hooking up BuddyPress to other social networks
    • Time for action – Facebook Connect
      • Integrating with Twitter
    • Improving your site's performance
  • Time for action – speeding up BuddyPress
  • The future of BuddyPress
  • Summary
  • Chapter 10: Monetizing Your Site
    • Ways to monetize your site
      • Advertising networks as a revenue source
      • Selling ads directly
      • Ads in RSS feeds
      • Donate links
      • Revenue sharing
      • Premium memberships
      • Selling products via your site
  • Managing ads on WordPress MU
  • Time for action – ad management with Advertising Manager
    • Revenue sharing
  • Time for action – revenue sharing
    • Premium memberships
      • MemberWing
      • EasyPaypal
  • Time for action – premium memberships
    • Other ways to monetize your site—stores
  • Things to remember when monetizing your site
  • Summary
  • Chapter 11: Site Optimization
    • Choosing to optimize your site
    • Speed up your site with caching
    • Time for action – setting up object cache
    • More ways to speed up your site—optimizing themes
      • Spreading the load
    • Time for action – spreading the load
      • More theme optimization
      • Optimizing your database
    • Time for action – optimizing your site through phpMyAdmin
    • Troubleshooting slow loading sites
    • Server side optimizations
    • Summary
  • Time for action – performing the upgrade
    • Troubleshooting—when upgrades go wrong
    • Troubleshooting—common problems
  • Time for action – restoring a backup
    • Protecting your site from hackers
  • Getting help online
  • Summary

Lesley Harrison

Lesley Harrison is an avid gamer who has enjoyed playing a range of online games at a competitive level, from the first MUDs to today's spectacular AAA experiences with 3D graphics. Today, Lesley runs her own video gaming company, Myth Games, and works as a freelance web developer. Lesley has written several books for Packt Publishing, including the WordPress_MU Beginner's Guide and the TortoiseSVN Beginner's Guide. In her spare time Lesley volunteers within several Open Source projects. Away from the computer she recently found a love for Seiken Ryu Karate, and has reached the rank of 2nd Kyu.
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What you will learn from this book

  • Set up and run your own blog network using the multi-user version of the most popular open source blogging platform
  • Monetize your blog network and earn revenue from using simple banner advertisements to paid upgrades and revenue sharing models
  • Give users a chance to interact with each other and build community spirit by integrating a forum with your site
  • Hook your blog network up to other social networking sites such as Twitter
  • Increase traffic to your site with tagging, trackbacks, pings, and RSS
  • Add popular features such as gravatars, polls, photo galleries, friends lists, and more
  • Secure your blog network, and protect it from spam with reCAPTCHA and Bad Behaviour
  • Implement backup and performance optimization techniques that will ensure that your blog network will be capable of handling large numbers of visitors

In Detail

WordPress MU enables you to build a complete, professional blog network. Each user gets their own blog, and can choose their favorite templates and plug-ins, and develop their own content. WordPress MU powers some of the largest blog networks in the world, including the mighty WordPress.com – home to thousands of bloggers.

This book will take you through the setup of a WordPress MU-powered blogging network, using a real, working blog network as an example, so that you can follow the creation process step-by-step. Your blogging network will be complete with professional features such as friends lists, status feeds, groups, forums, photo galleries, and more, to build your own WordPress.com – a place where users can quickly come and create a blog for themselves.

The book starts with a clean install of WordPress MU, and as you work through the book, you will build the blog network, and add on more and more features, all seamlessly integrated to achieve a professional, custom-built look.

You will find new themes and plug-ins added to the site, as well as customization of the WordPress multi-user code. The book will also look at ways you can manage your community, and keep your site safe and secure, ensuring that it is a spam-free, enjoyable community for your users. In the later chapters, you will add a forum using the bbPress script, and add BuddyPress social networking components to your site.

Imagine how good you'll feel when your first WordPress multi-user blog network launches.

A comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to creating, optimizing, and maintaining a blog network


Packed with easy-to-follow examples and screenshots, this book is designed to be followed from beginning to end, although those with existing WordPress MU sites will be able to jump in at the later chapters and pick out the things that are important to them. The author's expertise with creating a wide variety of WordPress sites enables her to share insights on using WordPress effectively, in a clear and friendly way. Those interested in digging further will be given the chance to customize their site further. Throughout the book, you will build up a blog network for Vampire Slayers – SlayerCafe.com, as an example.

Who this book is for

If you wish to manage multiple blogs and build a blog network, then this book is for you. You are not expected to be experienced with PHP coding. Some knowledge of HTML, and some experience with the blogging and social networking world will be helpful, but not essential.

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