WordPress 3 Complete

WordPress 3 Complete
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn everything you need for creating your own feature-rich website or blog from scratch
  • Clear and practical explanations of all aspects of WordPress
  • In-depth coverage of installation, themes, plugins, and syndication
  • Explore WordPress as a fully functional content management system
  • Clear, easy-to-follow, concise; rich with examples and screenshots

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 344 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : January 2011
ISBN : 1849514100
ISBN 13 : 9781849514101
Author(s) : April Hodge Silver
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Content Management (CMS), Open Source, PHP, WordPress

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to WordPress
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Creating Blog Content
Chapter 4: Pages, Plugins, Image Galleries Menus, and More
Chapter 5: Choosing and Installing Themes
Chapter 6: Developing Your Own Theme
Chapter 7: Feeds and Podcasting
Chapter 8: Developing Plugins and Widgets
Chapter 9: Community Blogging
Chapter 10: Creating a Non-Blog Website
Chapter 11: Administrator's Reference
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to WordPress
    • What is WordPress?
      • Use it for a blog or a website
      • Blog: Definition and common terms
        • Common terms
    • Why choose WordPress?
      • A long time in refining
      • Active in development
      • Large community of contributors
      • Amazingly extendable
      • Detailed feature list
      • New feature list since 2.7
        • Learning more
    • Online WordPress resources
      • WordPress news
      • The Codex
      • Support from other users
      • Theme and plugin directories
      • WordPress.com
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Getting Started
      • Where to build your WordPress website
        • Using WordPress.com
        • Installing WordPress manually
          • Preparing the environment
          • Downloading WordPress
          • Upgrading from an earlier version of WordPress
          • Uploading the files
          • Installing WordPress
          • Learning more
      • The WP Admin panel
        • Changing general blog information
        • Your first post
        • Your first comment
        • Retrieving a lost password
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Creating Blog Content
        • WP Admin conventions
          • Lists of items
        • Posting on your blog
          • Adding a simple post
          • Common post options
            • Categories and tags
            • Images in your posts
            • Using the Visual editor versus the HTML editor
            • Drafts, timestamps, and managing posts
          • Advanced post options
            • Excerpt and the MORE tag
            • Trackbacks
            • Discussion
            • Custom Fields
            • Protecting content
            • Pretty permalinks
          • Additional writing options
            • Press This
            • Posting via e-mail
        • Discussion on your blog—comments
          • Adding a comment
          • Discussion settings
            • Submission, notification, and moderation settings
            • When to moderate or blacklist a comment
            • Avatar display settings
          • Moderating comments
          • How to eliminate comment spam
            • Getting a WordPress.com API key
            • Activating Akismet
        • Adding and managing categories
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Pages, Plugins, Image Galleries Menus, and More
          • Pages
            • Adding a page
            • Managing pages
          • Menus
            • Adding a Menu
            • Displaying a Menu
          • Widgets
          • Links
            • Adding a new link
            • Displaying links
            • Managing links and categories
          • Media library
          • Adding plugins
            • Finding your plugin
            • Installing and activating the plugin
              • Auto-installation
              • Download, (unzip?), upload
            • Configuring and/or implementing—if necessary
          • Adding an image gallery
            • Choosing a post or page
            • Uploading images
            • Using a lightbox plugin
          • Making your website mobile-friendly
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Choosing and Installing Themes
            • Finding themes
              • WordPress Theme Directory
              • Finding more themes
            • Some theme basics
              • What makes a theme?
              • Factors to consider when choosing a theme
            • Installing and changing themes
              • Adding a theme within the WP Admin
              • Downloading, extracting, uploading
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Developing Your Own Theme
              • Setting up your design
                • Designing your theme to be WordPress-friendly
                • Converting your design to code
                  • Examining the HTML structure
                  • Examining the CSS
              • Converting your build into a theme
                • Creating the theme folder
                • Adding WordPress content
                  • The <head> tag
                  • The header and footer
                  • The sidebar
                • Main column—the loop
              • Creating templates within your theme
                • Understanding the WordPress theme
                • Breaking it up
                  • header.php
                  • footer.php
                  • sidebar.php
                  • Your four template files
                • Archive template
                • Single template
                • Page template
                • Generated classes for body and post
                • Other WordPress templates
                • Creating and using a custom template
              • Making your theme widget-friendly
                • Making sure your sidebar is one big <ul> tag
                • Adding functions.php
                • Adding conditional code to sidebar
                • Adding some widgets
                • Further widgetizing options
                  • Learning more
              • Enabling a menu in your theme
              • Creating a child theme
                • Creating the new theme directory
                • Creating the stylesheet
                • Using your child theme
              • Sharing your theme
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Feeds and Podcasting
                • Feed basics
                  • Feed readers
                    • Learning more
                • Your built-in WordPress feeds
                • Adding feed links
                  • Feeds for the whole website
                  • Feeds for categories
                  • Feeds for post comments
                  • Tracking subscribers with FeedBurner
                    • Burn your feed on FeedBurner
                    • FeedBurner plugin
                • Podcasting
                  • Creating a podcast
                    • Record yourself
                    • Make a post
                  • Dedicated podcasting
                  • Podcasting plugins
                  • Using a service to host audio files for free
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Developing Plugins and Widgets
                  • Plugins
                    • Plugin code requirements
                    • Basic plugin—adding link icons
                      • Naming and organizing the plugin files
                      • Writing the plugin's core functions
                      • Adding hooks to the plugin
                      • Trying out the plugin
                    • Adding an admin page
                      • Adding management page functions
                      • Modifying the regex() function
                      • Adding hooks
                      • Trying out the plugin
                    • Plugin with DB access—capturing searched words
                      • Getting the plugin to talk to the database
                      • Adding management page functions
                      • Adding hooks
                      • Trying out the plugin
                    • Learning more
                  • Widgets
                    • Recent posts from a Category Widget
                      • Naming the widget
                      • Widget structure
                      • Widget initiation function
                      • Widget form function
                      • Widget save function
                      • Widget print function
                      • Initiate and hook up the widget
                      • Final widget code
                      • Trying out the widget
                      • Learning more
                    • Bundling a widget with a plugin
                  • Shortcodes
                    • How do shortcodes work?
                    • Creating a simple shortcode
                    • Adding options to the shortcode
                    • Enabling shortcodes in widgets
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Community Blogging
                    • Concerns for a multiuser blog
                    • Users roles and abilities
                      • Administrator
                      • Editor
                      • Author
                      • Contributor
                      • Subscriber
                    • Managing users
                      • Enabling users to self-register
                      • Learning more
                    • User management plugins
                    • Creating a multi-site website
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Creating a Non-Blog Website
                      • Our client is a bookstore
                      • The Design
                      • New features covered in this chapter
                      • Introducing the initial theme
                        • What we are starting with
                        • Initial theme files and functionality
                          • functions.php
                          • header.php
                          • footer.php
                          • index.php
                        • Setting up the starter content
                        • Checking out the frontend
                      • Adding plugins
                        • Contact Form 7
                        • April's Call Posts
                        • Smooth Slider
                          • Installing the plugin
                          • Adding content to the plugin
                          • Adding the plugin to your theme
                      • Creating a custom post type: book
                        • Registering a new post type
                          • Adding labels
                          • Adding messages
                          • Creating book template files
                        • Registering and using a custom taxonomy
                        • Customizing the admin display
                        • Finalizing the bookstore website
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Administrator's Reference
                        • System requirements
                          • Enabling permalinks
                        • The importance of backing up
                          • Easy, quick, frequent content backups
                          • Backing up everything
                          • Verifying your backups
                        • Upgrading WordPress
                          • What about the built-in upgrader?
                          • Do it gradually for a big jump
                          • Steps for upgrading
                          • Backing up your database
                          • Backing up your WordPress files
                          • Put WordPress in Maintenance Mode
                          • Deactivating all your plugins
                          • Downloading and extracting WordPress
                          • Deleting old files
                          • Uploading the new files
                          • Running the WordPress upgrade program
                          • Updating permalinks and .htaccess
                          • Installing updated plugins and themes
                        • Migrating or restoring a WordPress site
                        • Setting file permissions
                          • What are file permissions?
                          • Permissions for WordPress
                          • How to set permissions
                        • Troubleshooting
                          • Troubleshooting during installation
                            • Headers already sent
                            • Page comes with only PHP code
                            • Cannot connect to MySQL database
                          • Basic troubleshooting
                            • Cannot see posts
                            • Making a site totally private
                            • I don't receive the e-mailed passwords
                        • Tips for theme development
                          • Template tags
                          • Class styles generated by WordPress
                          • Learning more
                        • Summary

                        April Hodge Silver

                        April has been designing and developing new web sites from scratch since 1999, just before her graduation from Columbia University. Early in her career, she worked for several web companies and startups, including DoubleClick and About.com. Since 2004, she has been self-employed through her company Springthistle Design and has worked with a staggering variety of companies, non-profits, and individuals to realize their web site dreams. In her professional work, April's focus is always on usability, efficiency, flexibility, clean design, and client happiness. WordPress is the best solution for many of Springthistle's Clients, though April also develops custom web applications using PHP and MySQL. More about April's professional work at http://springthistle.com

                        In her free time, April enjoys developing recipes in the kitchen, bicycling, and relaxing with her daughter, dog, and darlin wife.

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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Install WordPress in a variety of environments
                        • Upgrade WordPress from older installations
                        • Add images, videos, tags, and categories to blog posts
                        • Personalize and control the content of your website
                        • Manage the look and feel of your site with customized themes
                        • Allow users to have a variety of control over content
                        • Link your website to the outside world through feeds, syndication, and podcasting
                        • Create custom post types to manage books, movies, people, or anything else you can imagine
                        • Design and create your own themes and plugins from scratch

                        In Detail

                        Using the WordPress Content Management System, you can create a beautiful, dynamic, and amazing website. WordPress is a flexible and powerful tool that's ideal for creating both blog and non-blog websites. You can customize the features, incorporate your own design, and even write your own plugins with ease. Its versatility and ease of use have attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users.

                        Wordpress 3 Complete will teach you everything you need to know both to get started with WordPress and also to unlock its massive hidden powers. This book will give you a rapid and straightforward introduction to the rich and powerful features of WordPress and will also get you up and running with WordPress quickly and painlessly. It will help you learn everything WordPress has to offer, from the ground up, so that you can build your own complete website.

                        WordPress 3 Complete begins from scratch, starting with how to install WordPress, all the way to the most advanced topics such as creating your own themes, writing plugins, and including custom post types in your website.

                        Starting with downloading and installing the core WordPress software, you will take a detailed look at WordPress settings and also choose the settings that will work best for your website or blog. After that, the book will teach you all about content management functionality for your site – from posts and pages to categories and tags, all the way to links, media, menus, images, galleries, and more. Finally, you'll learn how to create your own themes and plugins to enhance the overall functionality of your website.

                        Once you're done with WordPress 3 Complete, you'll be an expert in everything WordPress, from content management through technical steps such as backing up your site.

                        This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to set up, customize, and enhance your blog or website using WordPress.


                        This a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial packed with screenshots and examples for easy and quick pickup.

                        Who this book is for

                        This book is a guide to WordPress for both beginners and those who have slightly more advanced knowledge of WordPress. If you are new to blogging and want to create your own blog or website in a simple and straightforward manner, then this book is for you. It is also for people who want to learn to customize and expand the capabilities of a WordPress website.

                        You do not require any detailed knowledge of programming or web development, and any IT-confident user will be able to use the book to produce an impressive website.

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