Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications

Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Understand Location Based Services.
  • Work with Windows Phone Location Service.
  • Understand how Maps work.
  • Create a simple Map application and learn to use Geocoding, Pushpins.
  • Discover Directions with Bing Maps Directions.
  • Build two real-world windows phone applications – using and AOL API

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 148 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2012
ISBN : 1849687242
ISBN 13 : 9781849687249
Author(s) : Zeeshan Chawdhary
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Location-based World
Chapter 2: Using Location in Windows Phone 7.5
Chapter 3: Using Maps in your Windows Phone App
Chapter 4: Events App - PacktEvents
Chapter 5: Location-aware News App – PacktNews
  • Chapter 1: The Location-based World
    • Understanding location-based services
    • Buzzwords in the location-based industry
    • Applications of LBS and common use cases
    • How Microsoft uses LBS in Windows Phone 7.5
      • Microsoft Location Service
    • Behind location-based services – GPS
      • User segment
      • Space segment
      • Control segment
    • Push and pull methods of location services
      • Push service
      • Pull service
    • Life without GPS: Wi-Fi based location detection
    • Life without GPS: Cell-ID positioning and cell tower triangulation
    • Life without GPS: Bing Maps API
    • Understanding indoor and outdoor navigation
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Using Location in Windows Phone 7.5
      • Introduction to Windows Phone 7.5
        • Live Tiles
        • Panorama control
        • Pivot control
        • App Connect
        • Tools for Windows Phone 7.5 developers
          • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
          • Microsoft Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone
          • XAML
      • Windows Phone Location Service
        • Starting and using the Location Service
        • Continuous monitoring of the Location Service
        • Working with the Windows Phone location simulator
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Using Maps in your Windows Phone App
        • Understanding map geometry
        • Overview of the Windows Phone Bing Maps Silverlight Control
        • Using maps in your Windows Phone 7.5 app – Hello Maps
        • Using pushpins with maps
        • Custom map pushpins
          • Using an image as the pushpin
          • Using your own pushpin style
        • Handling pushpin events
        • Working with Bing Maps geocoding and reverse geocoding services
        • Launchers and Choosers – An Overview
        • Using directions with Bing Maps directions task
        • Performing local searches with BingMapsTask
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Events App - PacktEvents
          • Exploring the API
          • Extending the Hello Location example for showing nearby events
          • Filtering events by categories
          • Plotting events on Bing Maps
          • Building the PacktEvents app using Panorama control
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Location-aware News App – PacktNews
            • Understanding the Patch News API
              • Authentication
              • Taxonomy
              • Finding stories by location
              • Finding locations by name
            • Consuming the Patch News API – HelloNews
            • Building the PacktNews app using the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.5 Pivot control
            • Summary

            Zeeshan Chawdhary

            Zeeshan Chawdhary has over 8 years of experience in the web, mobile, and location-based services space. With a career spanning from developing 3D mobile game development at IndiaGames to leading a location-based travel startup at iCityConcierge Ltd - as the chief technology officer, Zeeshan has been able to work on a lot of exciting technologies – with the focus on cutting edge travel technology. Among the key achievements Zeeshan has pioneered is the right mix of using Open Source and Proprietary software to create a technology stack based on the client’s need. He has developed location-based solutions for Nokia (for millions of hits per year) on a scalable cloud platform using Rackspace Cloud. He enjoys working with PHP, PostGIS, and PhoneGap. He has immense experience in making startups use location data effectively for their growth, from startups like Foursquare to hotel industry big-wigs like Marriott; from mobile giant Nokia to Airline king American Airlines, he has worked with them all. Zeeshan Chawdhary currently serves as the CTO of iCityConcierge Ltd., where he is currently working on creating the best personalized travel experience for travellers. He can be reached on Google at
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            What you will learn from this book

            • Understand all about Location Based Services and know how they are used in the Windows Phone ecosystem.
            • Work with Location Services and location simulation for Windows Phone.
            • Get to grips with Maps - Behind the scenes: How maps work.
            • Understand and work with Bing Maps and the Bing Maps Silverlight control.
            • Work with Launchers & Choosers for Windows Phone.
            • Explore BingMapsTask for Local Search and BingMapsDirections for Directions.
            • Understand API and build an Events App for Windows Phone.
            • Work with AOL API and build an App using the same.

            In Detail

            Windows Phone 7.5 has met with some great initial reviews from all mobile critics. It is poised to be the ‘3rd’ eco-system for mobile, joining Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform. With Microsoft and Nokia working on multiple devices based on Windows Phone, the platform is a no-brainer enterprise success. Microsoft Office, Email, Skype and a fresh new mobile operating system has been a great champion of a cause for both Microsoft and Nokia.

            "Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications" will teach you to divein to the new Windows Phone Experience. No more 600 page bibles - just the right mix of text and lots of code to get you started!

            "Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications" covers location based services and maps, and focuses on methods of location detection and maps. Powered with this information, two real-world applications are covered. In short, this is a concise book on building location aware apps for Windows Phone.


            This is a practical, hands-on tutorial based on real-world applications, using real-world 3rd Party APIs, teaching the essential tricks to get started in building location aware apps for Windows Phone. With plenty of images and code wherever necessary, this book will take you just a few days to get up to speed, no long weekend classes, no bible to read, a few chapters and you are off.

            Who this book is for

            If you are a developer who wants to develop apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, but do not know where to begin, then this book is for you. Developers working on the Android and iPhone platform wishing to port their apps on the Windows Phone ecosystem will also find this book useful. The bundled code and apps can also help a non-developer; a smart business or sales person to quickly analyze and build new applications.

            This book is also aimed at Managers and Architects in the News and Entertainment industry; since two giants of this industry ( and are mentioned extensively within the book.

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