VMware View Security Essentials

VMware View Security Essentials
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Discover how to correctly implement View connection, security, and transfer servers
  • Understand all the firewall rules and the basics of multi-layered security
  • Secure all your connections between client and desktop

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 130 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2013
ISBN : 1782170081
ISBN 13 : 9781782170082
Author(s) : Daniel Langenhan
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Instant, Virtualization and Cloud

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to View
Chapter 2: Securing Your Base
Chapter 3: Securing the Connection
Chapter 4: Securing the Client
Chapter 5: Backup and Recovery
    • Chapter 2: Securing Your Base
      • vSphere considerations
        • VMware High Availability (HA)
        • Fault Tolerance (FT)
        • DRS and resource pools
      • Capacity planning
      • Basic View hardening
        • vSphere hardening
        • Operating system (OS) hardening
        • User accounts
        • A View Administrator Console user
        • Services
      • Logging
        • The Event Database
        • Logfiles
        • VMware support logs
      • SSL certificates
        • Creating a Certificate Authority (CA) and obtaining a certificate
          • Creating a CA on AD
          • Creating a certificate
          • Importing a certificate
          • Retrofit vSphere
          • The View Composer
          • The View Connection Server
      • Creating a redundant View Connection Server
        • Usage of a replica server
        • Installation of a replica server
        • Creating a load balanced View Connection Server
        • A configuration example with vCloud Network and Security (vCNS or vShield)
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Securing the Connection
        • View connections
        • A View DMZ
        • View Security Server
          • Setup
          • Load balancing
          • General connection settings
        • Desktop connection
          • A quick look at TCP and UDP
          • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
          • PCoverIP (PCoIP)
          • RDP and PCoIP – direct comparison
          • Setting up PCoIP Secure Gateway
          • HTTP(s) secure tunnel
          • USB redirection
          • Multimedia redirect (MMR)
        • View Transfer Server
          • Setup
        • Server connection
          • View connect and security firewall rules
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Securing the Client
          • Client software
            • View Client
            • View Agent
          • Local Mode
          • Global settings
          • View desktop pools
            • The Settings tab
            • The Inventory tab
            • The Sessions tab
            • The Entitlements tab
            • The Events tab
            • The Policies tab
          • Working with ADM templates
            • Importing View ADM templates
            • View Agent settings
            • View Client settings
            • Working with USB devices
            • View Persona management
          • Example setup
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Backup and Recovery
            • Backup and recovery
            • The vSphere environment
              • VMware View Servers
              • Basic infrastructure
                • Desktop pools and linked cloning
                • Documenting – the ultimate backup
                • Backup timing
            • Patching the View environment
              • View server
              • View desktops
            • Summary

            Daniel Langenhan

            Daniel Langenhan is a client-focused Virtualization Expert with more than 18 years of international industry experience. His skills span the breadth of virtualization, ranging from architecture, design, and implementation for large multitier enterprise client systems to delivering captivating education and training sessions in security technologies and practices to diverse audiences. In addition to this, he possesses an extensive knowledge and experience in process management, enterprise-level storage, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Utilizing his extensive knowledge, experience, and skills, he has a proven track record of successful integration of virtualization into different business areas, while minimizing cost and maximizing reliability and effectiveness of the solutions for his clients. He has gained his experience with major Australian and international vendors and clients. Daniel's consulting company is well established with strong industry ties in many verticals, for example, finance, telecommunications, and print. His consulting business also provided services to VMware International. Daniel is the author of Instant VMware vCloud Starter, Packt Publishing and VMware View Security Essentials, Packt Publishing.
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            What you will learn from this book

            • Create, use, and install SSL certificates
            • Acquire a new skill set in troubleshooting security issues
            • Learn about secure tunnelling your desktop connection with RDP and PCoIP
            • Understand the concepts of pairing View security and transfer severs with View connection servers
            • Understand the key aspects of blocking undesirable USB devices

            In Detail

            Most people associate security with network security and focus on firewalls and network monitoring. However, there is more to security than that. Security starts with the establishment of a stable environment, protecting this environment not only from intrusion, but also from malicious intent. It is about tracking the issue and recovering from it. These elements of security are what this book aims to address.

            VMware View Security Essentials addresses the topic of security in the corporate environment in a new way. It starts with the underlying virtual infrastructure and then delves into securing your base, your connection, and your client. This is not only a “how-to” book, but is also a book that explains the background and the insights of View security for the experienced professional's desktop virtualization.

            This book takes you through the four major View security areas. Each area deals with all the aspects of security and explains the background as well as laying out simple-to-follow recipes to implement a higher security standard.

            We start at the Virtualization base and work our way through the various View server types. We will then dive into the problems and issues of securing a connection before we address the security of the desktop itself. We conclude with a look into the backing up of our View installation and preparing for disaster recovery.


            A practical and fast-paced guide that gives you all the information you need to secure your virtual environment.

            Who this book is for

            This book is a “how-to” for the novice, a “reference guide” for the advanced user, and a “go to" for the experienced user in all the aspects of VMware View desktop virtualization security.

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