Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook

Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Provides you with coverage of all the new Visual Studio 2013 features regardless of your programming language preference
  • Recipes describe how to apply Visual Studio to all areas of development: writing, debugging, and application lifecycle maintenance
  • Straightforward examples of building apps for Windows 8.1

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 332 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : March 2014
ISBN : 1782171967
ISBN 13 : 9781782171966
Author(s) : Jeff Martin, Richard Banks
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Cookbooks, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discovering Visual Studio 2013
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Windows Store Applications
Chapter 3: Web Development – ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
Chapter 4: .NET Framework 4.5.1 Development
Chapter 5: Debugging Your .NET Application
Chapter 6: Asynchrony in .NET
Chapter 7: Unwrapping C++ Development
Chapter 8: Working with Team Foundation Server 2013
Chapter 9: Languages
Appendix: Visual Studio Medley
  • Chapter 1: Discovering Visual Studio 2013
    • Introduction
    • Synchronizing settings
    • Touring the VS2013 IDE
    • Project round-tripping
    • Managing the editor windows
    • Finding Visual Studio commands
    • Searching and navigating
    • Navigating in depth
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started with Windows Store Applications
    • Introduction
    • Getting a Windows Store app developer license
    • Creating a Windows Store app
    • Adding a Windows Store item template to your app
    • Using the Windows Store app simulator
    • Defining capabilities and contracts
    • Analyzing your App's performance
    • Packaging your Windows Store app
    • Validating your Windows Store app
  • Chapter 3: Web Development – ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Introduction
    • Getting started with Bootstrap
    • Previewing changes across multiple browsers
    • Creating HTML5 web pages
    • Taking advantage of the CSS editor improvements
    • Understanding the JavaScript editor improvements
    • Adding bundling and minification to JavaScript and CSS files
    • Verifying pages with the Page Inspector tool
  • Chapter 4: .NET Framework 4.5.1 Development
    • Introduction
    • Adding the Ribbon to a WPF application
    • Creating a state machine in Visual Studio
    • Creating a task-based WCF service
    • Managing packages with NuGet
    • Unit testing .NET applications
    • Sharing class libraries across runtimes
    • Detecting duplicate code
  • Chapter 5: Debugging Your .NET Application
    • Introduction
    • Maximizing everyday debugging
    • Debugging on remote machines and tablets
    • Debugging code in production with IntelliTrace
    • Debugging parallel code
    • Visualizing concurrency
  • Chapter 6: Asynchrony in .NET
    • Introduction
    • Making your code asynchronous
    • Understanding asynchrony and the Windows Runtime
    • Using asynchrony with web applications
    • Working with actors and the TPL Dataflow Library
  • Chapter 7: Unwrapping C++ Development
    • Introduction
    • Using XAML with C++
    • Unit testing C++ applications
    • Analyzing your C++ code
    • Using a custom rule set
    • Working with DirectX in Visual Studio 2013
    • Creating a shader using DGSL
    • Creating and displaying a 3D model
    • Using the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics
  • Chapter 9: Languages
    • Introduction
    • Fortifying JavaScript applications with TypeScript
    • Integrating Python into Visual Studio
    • Integrating Python with .NET
  • Appendix: Visual Studio Medley
    • Introduction
    • Creating installer packages
    • Submitting apps to the Windows Store
    • Creating Visual Studio add-ins and extensions
    • Creating your own snippets

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin is a long-time technology enthusiast and has been a contributing writer for InfoQ ( for over two years, focusing on .NET and Microsoft-based platforms. Having experience in writing, testing, and designing software, he enjoys learning about new technologies and explaining them to a broader audience.

Readers are encouraged to follow @VSDevTips on Twitter to receive updates on the book as well as news for getting the most out of Visual Studio.

Richard Banks

Richard Banks has developed software for the last 20 years for a wide range of industries and development platforms. Over the years he has played many roles including that of a developer, team lead, project manager, and CIO/CTO. He is a Professional Scrum Trainer, runs the Sydney ALT.NET user group and the Talking Shop Down Under podcast. He owns and contributes to a few open source projects, and has spoken at Microsoft TechEd and a number of other events and user groups around Australia. For some strange reason, he gets a real kick out of helping development teams to improve and produce great software. If you want to get in touch, he tweets at @rbanks54 and blogs at He currently works as a Principal Consultant for Readify and is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Customize the editor’s new abilities to fit your development style
  • Create apps for Windows 8.1
  • Use Visual Studio to debug parallel and concurrent programs
  • Integrate .NET Framework 4.5.1 effectively
  • Learn about both the Express and premium editions of Visual Studio
  • Maximize Visual Studio's C++ tools to make development easier
  • Put TypeScript to work in your web applications
  • Protect and manage your source code with Team Foundation Server
  • Learn about Visual Studio Online

In Detail

Visual Studio 2013 is the premier tool for developers targeting the Microsoft platform. Learning how to effectively use this technology can enhance your productivity while simplifying your most common tasks, allowing you more time to focus on your project.

Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook will introduce you to all the new areas of Visual Studio and how they can quickly be put to use to improve your everyday development tasks. With this book, you will learn not only what VS2013 offers, but what it takes to put it to work for your projects.

Updated and expanded for VS2013, this book begins by introducing you to the interface changes to Visual Studio and then moves on to demonstrate how VS2013 can be used for developing desktop, mobile, and web applications. This book provides a comprehensive overview of all areas of Visual Studio. This practical approach will benefit you greatly if you are a newcomer but also if you want a tour of what the latest edition of Visual Studio has to offer. The recipes in this book provide useful examples of VS2013 which can help you whether you are targeting the Web, mobile devices, or the traditional Windows desktop.


This book is a practical guide to using Visual Studio 2013 that will help you become familiar with the improvements made over previous versions. Each recipe provides a hands-on approach to the new features with step-by-step instructions on how to increase your productivity.

Who this book is for

If you are a developer excited about the new features introduced in Visual Studio 2013, then no matter what your programming language of choice is, Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook is for you. You should have a good knowledge of working with previous versions of Visual Studio to enjoy the recipes in this book. This book provides practical examples to help you use Visual Studio 2013 more effectively.

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