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Packt is pleased to be able to support User Groups around the world. We do all we can as a publisher to help support User Groups.

  • We are happy to send copies of our books to groups to review and publish on their site
  • We can also offer User Groups discounts on all of our books when ordered through
  • We are happy to donate books as prizes for competitions at User Group meetings


If you are a member of a User Group and would like to learn more about what Packt can offer you, please use the submission form.
Meet other local Joomla! Users and share ideas on how to set up, build and manage Web sites using Joomla! Software. Together we will improve our Joomla! knowledge and showcase our Joomla! Web sites. Visit for more info.
Joomla! User Group New England meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7 PM at the Marlboro College Graduate Center in Brattleboro, VT. All interested Joomla! developers are welcome to attend.  There is no fee to join our group. Please register for our Google Group at:
Joomla!Dallas is a North Texas Joomla! mentoring user group where members help each other learn how to leverage the Joomla! content management system to make sophisticated web-sites for little investment. Our meetings for Joomla! User Group - Dallas / Fort Worth feature workshop sessions and discussion sessions addressing a few aspects of the system where we learn from each other how to build, improve, and maintain full-featured sites. All experience levels are welcomed equally from experienced developers to those setting up their first website.

We can be found on Meetup.Com at or at our own website
Knoxville ColdFusion User Group focuses primarily on Adobe ColdFusion programming and any technologies that enhance that focus like Flex, Flash, Javascript, java, CSS, Dreamweaver, CFEclipse etc... They get together and share knowledge, experience, lend service to solving issues between its members and in general grow their personal network of tech friends and contacts.

For more information, please visit:
Miami PHP User Group is a business community of Miami Web Designers and Programmers who come together to learn about AMP technology.

Our Focus on open source solutions and open source consulting is designed to help share and educate the community on new technologies.
The NEVB Pro Users Group meets on the 1st Thursday evening of every month in Waltham, Massachusetts to discuss Visual Basic and related technologies such as SQL Server, .Net, and XML.  The meeting usually includes one or more outside speakers or several member presentations.

Each meeting has an open announcement segment where you can ask questions about a problem with Visual Basic or other bring up another technical or job issue.
All of our meetings are free for everyone and open to all.  Our newsletter provides meeting notices and timely information about local events and the occasional job opening.
Founded several years ago by current and former core team members of Joomla, NYCJUG meets monthly at KickApps in lovely Midtown Manhattan to discuss all things Joomla. Covering a range of topics from 1.5 framework application development to starting your own business, NYCJUG is active and growing.

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