Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide

Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Dive straight into game development with no previous Unity or iOS experience
  • Work through the entire lifecycle of developing games for iOS
  • Add multiplayer, input controls, debugging, in app and micro payments to your game
  • Implement the different business models that will enable you to make money on iOS games

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Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 314 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : February 2012
ISBN : 1849690405
ISBN 13 : 9781849690409
Author(s) : Gregory Pierce
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Game Development, Unity, iOS, Mobile, Beginner's Guides, Games

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Unity and why should I care?
Chapter 2: Getting Up and Running
Chapter 3: Hello World
Chapter 4: Unity Concepts
Chapter 5: Scripting: Whose line is it anyway?
Chapter 6: Our Game: Battle Cry!
Chapter 7: Input: Let's Get Moving!
Chapter 8: Multimedia
Chapter 9: User Interface
Chapter 10: Gameplay Scripting
Chapter 11: Debugging and Optimization
Chapter 12: Commercialization: Make 'fat loot' from your Creation
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  • Chapter 1: What is Unity and why should I care?
    • Important preliminary points
    • What is Unity?
    • Getting a real application running on a device
    • Time for action – Loading a project
    • Time for action – Select iPhone as a target platform
    • Time for action – Publishing to our device
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Getting Up and Running
      • Welcome home
        • Transform tools
        • Transform Gizmo Toggles
        • VCR Controls
        • Layers drop-down
        • Layout drop-down
        • Project view
        • Hierarchy view
        • Scene view
        • Game view
        • Inspector
        • Console view
        • Profiler view
      • Time for action – Creating a new layout
      • Time for action – Saving a new layout
      • Time for action – Deploying Unity Remote
      • Time for action – Testing our application using Unity Remote
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Hello World
        • Composing our first scene
        • Start with the basics
        • Time for action – Creating a scene
        • Time for action – Creating objects in a scene
        • Time for action – Let there be light
        • Time for action – Hello "World"
        • Time for action – Controling the camera
        • Time for action – Deploying to the iOS device
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Unity Concepts
          • Basic concepts of Unity development
            • Asset
          • Time for action – Exporting asset packages
          • Time for action – Importing asset packages
            • Game Objects
            • Components
          • Time for action – Adding components to Game Objects
            • Transform
          • Time for action – Positioning, Rotating, and Scaling a
          • Game Object
            • Camera
              • Camera properties
              • Camera projection types
            • Lights
              • Directional light
              • Point light
              • Spot light
              • Lightmapping
            • Sound
              • Audio listener
              • Audio sources
              • Audio clips
          • Time for action – Adding audio clips
            • Scripts
              • Editors
            • Prefabs
          • Time for action – Creating prefabs
            • Scene
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Scripting: Whose line is it anyway?
            • Important preliminary points
            • Unity Scripting Primer
              • Oh no! You've got Mono!
              • Common Language Infrastructure
              • Boo- more than a ghost in mario
                • What does a Boo script look like?
                • Should I choose Boo?
              • UnityScript/JavaScript – Relevant beyond the web
                • What does a Javascript script look like?
                • Should I choose JavaScript?
              • C# – The revenge of Microsoft
                • What does a C# script look like?
                • Should I choose C#?
            • Time for action – Creating and organizing scripts
              • Attaching scripts to Game Objects
              • Exposing variables in the Unity editor
              • Key scripting methods
            • iPhoneSettings
              • Screen orientation
              • Sleep mode
              • Device information
            • Time for action – Identifying the type of iOS
              • Location services
            • Time for action – Changing state according to player location
              • Screen manipulation
            • Time for action – Rotating the screen
            • iPhoneUtils
              • Playing movies
              • Is my application genuine?
            • Time for action – Yarr! There be pirates!
            • Accessing the camera
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Our Game: Battle Cry!
              • Game Concept
                • Story
                • Interface
                • Control
                • Audio
              • Time for action – Project setup
              • Time for action – Building a game world
                • Unity Asset Store
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Input: Let's Get Moving!
                • Input Capabilities
                  • The technology of touch
                    • Resistive technology
                    • Capacitive technology
                    • Infrared technology
                  • Accelerometer
                  • Gyroscope
                  • Touch screen
                  • Accelerometer/Gyroscope
                • Implementing Joysticks
                • Time for action – Getting oriented
                • Time for action – Implementing the joysticks
                • Moving around
                • Time for action – Implementing the camera control
                • Time for action – Animating the player character
                  • Importing an animation
                    • Animation splitting
                    • Multiple files
                • Importing an animation
                • Time for action – Importing from Mixamo
                • Driving our character
                • Time for action – Driving our character
                • Time for action – Getting a driver's license with Root
                • Motion Controller
                • Rotation via Accelerometer
                • Time for action – Updating upon device tilt
                • Shaking the device to perform healing action
                • Time for action – Detecting a shake
                  • Physician heal thyself
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Multimedia
                  • Important preliminary points
                  • Audio capabilities
                    • Playing sounds
                  • Time for action – Adding ambient sounds
                  • Time for action – Adding sounds to actions
                    • Playing music
                  • Time for action – The sound of music
                  • Video capabilities
                  • Time for action – Playing embedded video
                  • Time for action – Streaming video
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: User Interface
                    • Important preliminary points
                    • Translating the design
                      • Immediate mode game user interfaces
                    • Time for action – Creating the menu background
                    • What just happened?
                      • Putting the menu on the screen
                    • Time for action – Adding buttons to the GUI
                      • A better way – UIToolkit
                    • Time for action – Prime31 UIToolkit
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Gameplay Scripting
                      • Gunplay as gameplay
                      • Time for action – Readying the weapon
                        • Firing projectiles
                      • Time for action – Adding a particle system
                      • Let the animation drive
                        • Animation Events
                      • Time for action – Adding animation events
                      • You are already dead
                        • World Particle Colliders
                      • Time for action – Detecting collisions
                      • Playing with (rag) dolls
                      • Time for action – Attaching a rag doll
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Debugging and Optimization
                        • Debugging
                        • Time for action – Using breakpoints
                        • Time for action – Debugging the application
                        • Time for action – Stepping through the game
                        • Profiling
                        • Time for action – Fine tuning the application (Pro Versions)
                        • Object pooling – Into the pool
                        • Time for action – Optimizing with the object pool
                        • Unleash the beast
                        • Time for action – Generating Beast lightmaps
                        • Summary
                        • Chapter 12: Commercialization: Make 'fat loot' from your Creation
                          • Business model generation
                            • Pure app sales
                            • Advertising
                            • In-App purchases
                            • Marketplace component
                          • Time for action – Readying your app for sale
                          • Time for action – Adding iAds
                          • In-App purchases
                            • Subscription types
                            • Delivery models
                          • Time for action – Adding In-App purchases
                          • Time for action – Adding content to the Unity Asset Store
                          • Measuring success with iTunes Connect
                          • Time for action – How is our game doing?
                          • Summary

                            Gregory Pierce

                            Gregory Pierce has worked in software development and executive management, across a variety of high-technology industries, for over 18 years. Gregory started his professional computer software career as a software test engineer for the Microsoft Corporation in 2002. Since then he has gained experience across a variety of industries; while working in the defense and space industry for Sytex, Director of Research and Development for Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Media, Software Architect for the Strategic Applications group within CNN, and later Time Warner, Technology Evangelist at JBoss/Red Hat, Vice President of Technology for Blockbuster, and finally Director of Global Software Development for the Intercontinental Hotels Group. A published technical author, Gregory has used his experience to give back to communities by lecturing on a variety of technology subjects, contributing to open source projects, and participating in organizations such as Junior Achievement. Gregory holds an MBA in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Computer Science from Xavier University of Louisiana. In this book, many of the chapters and artwork contained herein are commissioned by Sojourner Mobile, provider of the monetization platform that has made it all possible. He co-authored Direct3D Professional Reference during the early days of DirectX.

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                            What you will learn from this book

                            • Create an AppStore account.
                            • Core Unity from the iOS developer’s perspective.
                            • Scripting using C#.
                            • Handling common iOS sensors including GPS, Camera, Accelerometer and Touch Screen.
                            • Handle movies, music, and other multimedia entities.
                            • Build game AI for the mobile space.
                            • Optimize and debug your game for iOS devices using XCode.
                            • Build a multiplayer game using Apple’s Game Center and Unity Networking.
                            • Build plugins to extend Unity.
                            • Add micro payments, advertisements and in app purchasing.
                            • Target your audience, and make money from your creation!


                            In Detail

                            Would you like to create money making games for iOS? If so,  Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guideis for you. It will guide you through the entire creative process of designing a game through to making money from it.

                            This book will teach you the secrets of building and monetizing games for the iOS platform using the latest version of Unity. The book is linear and progressive so every chapter builds upon the knowledge of the last. You will learn Unity and the iOS basics necessary to get started. You will design a game for the iOS. You will build that game feature by feature. Finally you will publish your game and add the features that will enable your game to generate revenue.

                            You have never built anything using Unity or iOS so we will begin with the basics. We will then move onto the basic features of a game: scenes, AI, characters, accelerometer, and input methods. Once you have mastered this we will begin the creation of our game – a 3rd person perspective dungeon crawler game inspired by the arcade game called Gauntlet. You will bring AAA quality to the game by adding co-op multiplayer so that your friends can join in and participate in the game. You will also add occlusion culling and beastmap lighting. Next you will integrate the game with some 3rd party services for advertisements, micro transactions, and in app purchasing. You will also integrate with Game Center. Finally you will publish your game for the entire world to see.


                            This step-by-step book guides you through the process of using Unity to create monetized iOS games. It will get you through all the major learning points in a smooth, logical order. Youwill also learn how to avoid some common pitfalls.

                            Who this book is for

                            This book is for developers and designers who want to learn the process of building commercial game applications using Unity. It is intended for novices through to intermediate developers of all types regardless of their skill level with Unity.

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