Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner’s Guide: LITE

Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner’s Guide: LITE
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Fast paced crash course in game design, programming, and Unity
  • Build your first complete game in Unity
  • Humorous writing style, serious content

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 104 pages [ mm x mm ]
Release Date : May 2011
ISBN : 1849691606
ISBN 13 : 9781849691604
Author(s) : Ryan Henson Creighton
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Game Development, Unity, Lite Editions

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: That's One Fancy Hammer!
Chapter 2: Game #1: Ticker Taker
Chapter 3: Code Comfort
  • Chapter 1: That's One Fancy Hammer!
    • Introducing Unity 3D
    • Unity takes over the world
    • Browser-based 3D? Welcome to the future
    • Time for action – install the Unity Web Player
    • The Scene window
      • The Game window
      • The Hierarchy
      • The Project panel
      • The Inspector
      • Invade Island Demo as a paratrooper
      • Layers and layout dropdowns
      • Playback controls
      • Scene controls
    • Don't stop there—live a little!
    • Summary
      • Big ambition, tiny games
    • Chapter 2: Game #1: Ticker Taker
      • Kick up a new Unity project
        • Where did everything go?
      • 'Tis volley
      • Keep the dream alive
      • Slash and burn!
      • The many faces of keep-up
      • Creating the ball and the hitter
      • Time for action – create the ball
      • A ball by any other name
      • Time for action – rename the ball
      • Origin story
        • XYZ/RGB
      • Time for action – move the ball into the "sky"
      • Time for action – shrink the ball
      • Time for action – save your Scene
      • Time for action – add the Paddle
        • What's a Mesh?
        • Poly wanna crack your game performance?
      • Keeping yourself in the dark
      • Time for action – add a light
      • Time for action – move and rotate the light
        • Extra credit
      • Are you a luminary?
        • Who turned out the lights?
        • Darkness reigns
      • Time for action – test your game
      • Let's get physical
      • Time for action – add physics to your game
      • Understanding the gravity of the situation
      • More bounce to the ounce
      • Time for action – make the ball bouncy
      • Summary
        • Following the script
      • Chapter 3: Code Comfort
        • What is code?
        • Time for action – write your first Unity Script
        • A leap of faith
        • Lick it and stick it
          • Disappear Me!
        • It's all Greek to me
        • You'll never go hungry again
        • With great sandwich comes great responsibility
        • Examining the code
        • Time for action – find the Mesh Renderer component
        • Time for action – make the ball reappear
        • Ding!
        • Time for action – journey to the Unity Script Reference
        • The Renderer class
        • What's another word for "huh"?
        • It's been fun
        • Time for action – unstick the Script
        • Gone, but not forgotten
        • Why code?
        • Equip your baby bird
        • Time for action – create a new MouseFollow Script
        • A capital idea
        • Animating with code
        • Time for action – animate the Paddle
        • Pick a word—(almost) any word
        • Screen Coordinates versus World Coordinates
        • Move the Paddle
        • Worst. Game. Ever.
        • See the matrix
        • Time for action – animate the Paddle
        • A tiny bit o' math
        • Tracking the numbers
        • Futzing with the numbers
        • Time for action – log the new number
        • She's A-Work!
        • Somebody get me a bucket
        • Time for action – declare a variable to store the screen midpoint
        • Using all three dees
        • Time for action – follow the Y position of the mouse
        • A keep-up game for robots
        • Once more into the breach
        • Time for action – revisit the Unity Language Reference
        • Our work here is done
        • Time for action – add the sample code to your Script
        • One final tweak
          • What's a quaternion?
          • Wait, what's a quaternion?
        • Educated guesses
          • More on Slerp
        • Right on target
        • Keep it up
          • Beyond the game mechanic

        Ryan Henson Creighton

        Ryan is the founder of Untold Entertainment Inc., a boutique game development studio in the heart of downtown Toronto. Ryan got his start at a Canadian television broadcaster creating small, simple games for kids and preschoolers. By the time he was through, he had built over fifty games for a wide range of clients including McDonalds, Hasbro, Lego, Proctor and Gamble, Nickelodeon, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. These games ran the gamut from simple slider puzzles, memory games, and contest entry mechanics to tile-based graphic adventure games and massively multiplayer virtual worlds. Ryan often leveraged his theatre background to perform on-camera in promotional spots for Microsoft and Nintendo. He spent a number of years moonlighting as a video game journalist under the cartoonish moniker "MrSock".

        Ryan founded Untold Entertainment Inc. in 2007 and has continued to develop great kids' content with broadcasters and independent television producers to help extend their on-air brands online. He packs the company's popular blog with tutorials, designer diaries, and insights into the world of independent game development, employing his signature biting wit and ludicrous photo captions.

        Through Untold Entertainment, Ryan is developing a number of original properties, which include: Interrupting Cow Trivia, an online multiplayer trivia game; Spellirium, a word puzzle/adventure game hybrid; UGAGS, the Untold Graphic Adventure Game System; and Kahoots, a fun crime-themed puzzle game modeled entirely in clay.

        Ryan lives and bikes around downtown Toronto with his wife Cheryl, and his two tiny daughters Cassandra and Isabel.

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        Fast paced crash course in game design, programming, and Unity
        Build your first complete game in Unity
        Humorous writing style, serious content
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        What you will learn from this book

        • A full tour of the Unity game development environment
        • A crash course in programming with the JavaScript language, used in Unity
        • Build a complete Memory Match game
        • Full explanations of everything – you aren’t just copying out code; you’ll understand it too.

        In Detail

        Unity 3D is a powerful game development tool that has taken game developers by storm. It’s a hit for developing games for the web, iOS, PCs, Macs, and even Android, and even the Nintendo Wii. Unity combines serious power with a friendly, easy-to-use interface. Best of all you can download it for free.

        This LITE book will give you a fast, quick overview of Unity and how to work with it to create fun, playable casual games. You will get a tour of Unity, learn the basics of programming, and be taken step-by-step through building your first game. The skills you learn from this LITE book will set you on the path to your own game design and development.

        To find out more about upgrading to the full edition, visit www.packtpub.com/lite-editions and log into your account for offers and help. If you don’t have an account on PacktPub.com, visit today and set one up!


        A practical, hands on tutorial written in a fun, informal way. Step-by-step instructions tell you exactly what to do to get results in Unity. Clear explanations mean you will understand how it works and be able to work on your own games too.

        Who this book is for

        The book is suitable for anybody who wants to create games in Unity. You don’t need a programming background. If you love playing games and want to try your hand at creating them, this book is the place to start.

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