Tableau Dashboard Cookbook

Tableau Dashboard Cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Utilize the features of Tableau to create, design, and develop effective, beautiful dashboards
  • Use data visualization principles to help you to design dashboards that enlighten and support business decisions
  • Explore Tableau’s functionality with practical lessons that help you to build your own solution as you progress through the book

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 336 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : May 2014
ISBN : 1782177906
ISBN 13 : 9781782177906
Author(s) : Jen Stirrup
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Cookbooks, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Short Dash to Dashboarding!
Chapter 2: Summarizing Your Data for Dashboards
Chapter 3: Interacting with Data for Dashboards
Chapter 4: Using Dashboards to Get Results
Chapter 5: Putting the Dash into Dashboards
Chapter 6: Making Dashboards Relevant
Chapter 7: Visual Best Practices
Chapter 8: Tell the World! Share Your Dashboards
  • Chapter 1: A Short Dash to Dashboarding!
    • Introduction
    • Preparing for your first dashboard
    • Showing the power of data visualization
    • Connecting to data sources
    • Introducing the Tableau interface
    • Interacting with your first data visualization
    • Sharing your visualization with the world
  • Chapter 2: Summarizing Your Data for Dashboards
    • Introduction
    • Arithmetic – the queen of mathematics!
    • Dashboards and dates
    • Grouping your data with calculations
    • Correlation with calculations
    • Using cross-tabs flexibly
    • Simplifying your business rules with customer calculations
  • Chapter 3: Interacting with Data for Dashboards
    • Introduction
    • Fun with filters – grouping your data with clarity
    • Hierarchies for revealing the dashboard message
    • Classifying your data for dashboards
    • Actions and interactions
    • Drilling into the details
    • Working with input controls
  • Chapter 4: Using Dashboards to Get Results
    • Introduction
    • Enriching data with mashups
    • Page trails
    • Guided analytics with Tableau
    • Sharing your results in a meeting
    • Notes and annotations
    • Using external data to enrich your dashboard
  • Chapter 5: Putting the Dash into Dashboards
    • Introduction
    • Choosing your visualization
    • Using parameters in dashboards
    • Using custom geocoding in Tableau
    • Profiting from Big Data to rev your visualization
    • Filtering your data for focus
    • Creating choices in dashboards using conditional logic
  • Chapter 6: Making Dashboards Relevant
    • Introduction
    • Adding an infographic to your Tableau dashboard
    • String manipulation in dashboards
    • Correcting data exports from Tableau to Excel
    • Blending data
    • Optimizing tips for efficient, fast visualization
  • Chapter 7: Visual Best Practices
    • Introduction
    • Coloring your numbers
    • Dueling with dual axes
    • Where is the three dimensional data?
    • Eating humble pie – pie charts or not?
    • Sizing to make a data story
  • Chapter 8: Tell the World! Share Your Dashboards
    • Introduction
    • Packaging workbooks with data
    • Publishing dashboards to Tableau Server
    • Publishing dashboards to Tableau Public
    • Mobilizing your dashboards
    • Mixing Tableau with SharePoint 2013 Power BI
    • Wrapping up with R – dashboards as a tool

Jen Stirrup

Jen Stirrup is an award-winning, internationally recognized business intelligence and data visualization expert, author, data strategist, and technical community advocate. She has been repeatedly honored, along with peer recognition, as one of the top 100 most globally influential tweeters on Big Data topics. Jen has over 16 years of experience in delivering Business Intelligence and data visualization projects for companies of various scales across the world.

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The following content gives a specific link between the steps being performed:

To summarize, it is simple and effective to conduct a grouping of dimension members into a binary grouping. This is useful for dashboards in order to provide an ‘at a glance’ metric visualization that shows the organisation has more customers who do not have children, than those who do.

Simple Grouping by Measure Calculation

In this example, we will look at grouping the data by the measure, rather than the dimension. To do this, we can create a new calculated field that will distinguish the values that are below the average Sales Amount, and the values that are above the average.  Results that are classified as above Average are labeled as Above Average, and below average sales are labelled as Below Average.

We can then use this calculation to convey a visual message to the business user; for example, we could color the above average Sales in one color, and below average Sales in another, in order to make the distinction easily identifiable.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Customize your designs to meet the needs of your business using Tableau
  • Use Tableau to prototype, develop, and deploy the final dashboard
  • Communicate and share your dashboards internally within your business, or externally with the rest of the world via Tableau public
  • Integrate your data to provide mashed-up dashboards
  • Be inspired with color, motion, and other design tricks when designing dashboards
  • Formulate your business rules into Tableau formulae that you can reuse
  • Consider your business users and data consumer needs as you learn about color theory and psychology, and put them into action

In Detail

With increasing interest and enthusiasm for data visualization in the media, businesses are looking to create effective dashboards that engage as well as communicate the truth of data. Tableau makes data accessible to everyone, and is a great way of sharing enterprise dashboards across your business. The deceptively simple Tableau interface hides a variety and complexity of features available for dashboarding, and this book will help you to become familiar with these features.

This book will familiarize you with the features of Tableau and enable you to develop and enhance your dashboard skills, starting with an overview of what dashboard is, followed by how you can collect data using various mathematical formulas. It will also walk you through the various features of Tableau including dual axes, scatterplot matrices, heat maps, and sizing. Finally, this book will help you consider what to do next with your dashboard, whether it's on a server or in collaboration with other tools.


This book follows a stepbystep approach to taking a data source and building up a series of dashboard elements, ultimately resulting in a series of dashboards for your business. Each topic is explained sequentially in the process of creating a dashboard from design to delivery. There are also detailed explanations of the basic and advanced features of Tableau that serve the needs of dashboard artists.

Who this book is for

If you are a business user or developer who wants to use Tableau to create dashboards that use data visualization theory and techniques, this is the book for you. Whether you are new to Tableau or an expert, with this book you will be able to master data visualization and put it into practice, creating Tableau dashboards that make a difference in your organization.

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