Social Media for Wordpress: Build Communities, Engage Members and Promote Your Site

Social Media for Wordpress: Build Communities, Engage Members and Promote Your Site
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Integrate automated key marketing techniques
  • Examine analytical data to measure social engagement
  • Understand the core principles of establishing meaningful social connections

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 166 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2012
ISBN : 1847199801
ISBN 13 : 9781847199805
Author(s) : Michael Kuhlmann
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Open Source, WordPress

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Share it the Easy Way
Chapter 2: Building the Social Network: BuddyPress and WP Symposium
Chapter 3: Community Forums for the Masses
Chapter 4: VIP Memberships
Chapter 5: Keeping Up with the Stats
Chapter 6: Managing your Site
Chapter 7: Beyond the Plugins Towards True Engagement
Appendix: Further Reading
Pop Quiz Answers
  • Chapter 1: Share it the Easy Way
    • Before you read this book
    • A brief overview of social media
      • Social media is the new Web 2.0
      • Going social does not mean going viral
    • The WordPress advantage
      • Doing more with core functions
    • The karma of pingbacks and comments
    • Food for thought: RSS feed basics
    • Time for action – building an automated newsletter with a keyword-based RSS feed
      • Part 1—creating a subscriber signup form
      • Part 2—creating a keyword-specific RSS feed
      • Part 3—creating an automated newsletter campaign
      • Utilizing MailChimp and Yahoo! Pipes
      • Partnering and building sponsorship opportunities
      • Exploring more applications to this tutorial
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Building the Social Network: BuddyPress and WP Symposium
      • Before you enable the social layer
        • Take a measured approach to your feature rollout
        • Make your passion your niche market
        • Set aside time
        • Top 10 plugins to supplement your BuddyPress site
      • Activating BuddyPress plugins
        • The Default BuddyPress theme
        • The Facebook connection
        • Prepare for a work in progress
      • Easing your users into BuddyPress
      • Time for action – how to convert site visitors to site members
        • Part 1—connecting your WordPress site with Facebook
        • Part 2—greeting your new visitors with a warm welcome
        • Part 3—providing your new site visitor with incentives
        • Use your own voice
        • Don't overwhelm your new site members
        • Profiling your site members
      • Gamification: The art of user-generated content
      • Time for action – how to get your users to create original content for you
        • Part 1—create a post content form with ratings
      • Time for action – how to enable users to share your content
        • Part 2—simplifying the process of sharing user reviews
        • Why post reviews and ratings matter
        • Why we're using tag-based ratings and AddThis
      • BuddyPress versus WP Symposium
        • The issue with privacy
        • Single and multiple developers
        • What can I build with WPS?
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Community Forums for the Masses
        • Comments versus forums
          • When to use comments
          • When to use forums
          • When to use support forums
          • Watching out for common pitfalls
        • Time for action – how to automatically display selective forum posts in Twitter
          • Part 1—setting up groups and forums for BuddyPress
          • Part 2—creating tweets through forum content
          • Part 3—automating and customizing tweets with WordPress
          • (Optional) Part 4—automatically deleting duplicate Twitter content
          • Keep your tweets conversational
          • Benefits of automating processes
        • WP Symposium Forums and Simple:Press
          • WP Symposium forums
          • Simple:Press
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: VIP Memberships
          • Three important facets of membership sites
            • Customer value proposition
            • Timing
            • Sustainability
          • Time for action – how to open limited membership registrations and reward users
            • Part 1—setting up member-accessible content
            • Part 2—adding a countdown to your members options page
            • Part 3—rewarding your site members
            • S2 Member and CubePoints
            • Another foray into gamification
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Keeping Up with the Stats
            • Understanding key terminology
              • Pageviews versus hits
              • Absolute unique visitors versus unique pageviews
              • Bounce rates and conversion rates
            • Creating a Google Analytics account and tracking your site
            • Time for Action – the quick guide to implementing analytics for your site
            • Time for action – tracking a tweet to your site through Google Analytics
              • Reporting data with Google Analytics, bitly and Twitter
              • The gold mine of campaign tracking
            • Reviewing and reporting analytics
              • Comparing traffic from one week to another week
            • Time for action – the quick guide to reading analytics
              • Analysing your site data one week at a time
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Managing your Site
              • Damage control—key aspects of maintenance
                • When to use a dedicated server
                • When to upgrade WordPress and your plugins
                • How to manage your site users
              • Time for action – how to create automated daily backups for your site
                • Advantages of using Dropbox
                • Anticipating downtime
                • The upsell during downtime
              • Getting organized and managing time
                • Top ten free plugins to help you run your site efficiently
              • Lowering the barrier of writing
              • Time for action – how to write and automatically publish posts through e-mail
                • Posting through Posterous
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Beyond the Plugins Towards True Engagement
                • Engaging site visitors
                  • Acknowledge
                  • Reciprocate
                  • Personalize
                  • Promote
                  • Repeat
                • Time for action – how to automatically tweet custom content
                  • Google Alerts and Yahoo! Pipes
                  • Using automated tweets to supplement original tweets
                • Design speaks
                  • The essence of typography
                  • Mobile design—ushering in a new standard
                  • Beyond the Web
                • Time for action – how to create a vector-based QR code for print production
                • QR codes and online promotions
                  • QR Codes and Microsoft tag
                  • The right format for the right job
                • Summary

                Michael Kuhlmann

                Michael Kuhlmann is a writer, entrepreneur and web designer who specializes in WordPress and BuddyPress development. He has worked nearly 10 years in the publishing industry and has written a handful of tutorials spanning topics from print design to web design. To date, his BuddyPress themes have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. He serves as the director of web design for Thompson Media Group, a publishing company, where he oversees seven brands and their respective web properties and marketing collateral. In 2008, he co-founded, a pet site catering to canine lovers and their furry friends, which garnered the attention of The Huffington Post and Perez Hilton. His latest offering comes in the form of a WordPress hosting service, which simplifies the process of running a self-hosted WordPress site. Prior to becoming a web designer, he served as managing and news editor for a San Diego newspaper. His work has been published in The New York Times, The San Diego Business Journal and The San Diego Union-Tribune among other notable publications.
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                What you will learn from this book

                • Discover the fundamentals, misconceptions and basic implementations of social media as well as WordPress features to drive more site engagement
                • Roll out your social media layer with BuddyPress and add game-like capabilities to help you engage your site members
                • Create group forums using bbPress and BuddyPress, while automatically publishing WordPress posts to Twitter using RSS feeds
                • Incorporate memberships and make category-specific content restrictions applicable only to non-members
                • Implement Google Analytics to tracking your social media efforts and learn how to automatically email analytical reports
                • Easily maintain your site by automatically backing up your site and publishing posts via email
                • Automatically post tweets, so you can spend more time on genuine dialogues and less time on producing relevant tweets
                • Produce QR codes for your print collateral so you can improve the accessibility of the relationships you’ve built online

                In Detail

                Social Media can help elect a U.S. President, transform the way we educate ourselves and drum up support for disaster relief. What lies beneath the two ominous buzzwords is not some secret game-changing technology but rather a new approach at forming relationships with your audience in real-time. Discover the power of online influence many already rely on.

                Social Media for WordPress: A Quicker Way to Build Communities, Engage Members and Promote Your Site is a practical how-to guide on implementing social media marketing techniques to improve user retention and initiate engaging conversations. You’ll learn how to leverage third-party services like Twitter, Yahoo! Pipes and Google Analytics as well as popular WordPress extensions like FeedWordPress, bbPress and BuddyPress.

                This book introduces you to the powerful combination of WordPress and social media through a variety of plugins and free third-party services.

                You’ll learn how to create your own social network, utilize forums and rewards to stimulate interest. You’ll also learn how to automate many marketing activities, so you can spend more time connecting with your audience.

                Comprised of easy-to-follow tutorials and supplemental website, you’ll understand how to implement social media strategies.


                Fast paced, quick to read, impossible to put down, this book is a complete plan for social engagement on the web.

                Who this book is for

                You’ve heard plenty of social media success stories. You know your WordPress site inside and out, but you want help. Stop right now and pick up a copy of this book.

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