SOA Application Design

by Matt Brasier Nicholas Wright | September 2013 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles SOA Oracle

In this article by Matt Brasier and Nicholas Wright, the authors of this book Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook, we will look at the ways in which you can design your application for high performance.The topics that will be covered are:

  • Using BPEL process parallelization
  • Using non-blocking service invocations in BPEL flows
  • Turning off payload validation and composite state monitoring
  • Designing BPEL processes to reduce persistence
  • Using parallel routing rules
  • Setting HTTP timeouts for external HTTP services
  • Tuning BPEL adapter properties
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Performance Tuning – Systems Running BPEL Processes

by Jaswant Singh Ravi Saraswathi | July 2013 | Enterprise Articles SOA Oracle

This article is written by Ravi Saraswathi and Jaswant Singh, the authors of Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial. This article covers performance tuning of SOA composite applications for optimal performance and scalability. The industry leading practices for the Oracle SOA Suite platform components, WebLogic server platform, JVM, operating systems, and load balancers are also included.

Performance tuning is an important step for any IT system implementation to optimize the systems and software resources needed for serving business functions. In other words, performance tuning enables us to optimize the system cost and performance to stay competitive in the market place. The process of performance tuning is iterative and in this article we will look into various systems and software components tuning options to optimize BPEL processes response time, scalability and availability, and underlying systems utilization.

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Life Cycle Management

by Lonneke Dikmans Ronald van Luttikhuizen | March 2013 | Enterprise Articles SOA

Let's take a look at the life cycle of services in an SOA. Controlling and communicating the life cycle is important in your organization. Consumers need to know the stage of a service, to decide whether they can use it. Providers need to keep track of versions and support changes that are requested by consumers, without creating chaos or a big financial burden caused by supporting too many versions at the same time. Tooling can help keep track of the services in your organization, including their stage and version.

In this article by Lonneke Dikmans and Ronald van Luttikhuizen, authors of SOA Made Simple , you will learn how to control the service life cycle and versions in your SOA and understand the role tooling plays in this process.

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Troubleshooting your BAM Applications

by Pete Wang | November 2012 | SOA Oracle

In a typical business flow in BAM, business data moves from various upstream data sources to Oracle BAM, which internally processes and pushes the data to IE browsers for report rendering. As different technologies and BAM Server components are involved, it could be time-consuming and challenging to identify and solve the problem if anything goes wrong in this flow.

In this article by Pete Wang , author of Oracle BAM 11gR1 Handbook, we will cover:

  • Methodologies for troubleshooting Oracle BAM
  • Troubleshooting Active Data processing
  • Troubleshooting BAM HA issues
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Web Services Testing and soapUI

by Charitha Kankanamge | November 2012 | SOA Web Services Open Source

Quality is a key to success of service-oriented projects. Utilization of proper tools is important to the outcome of web service testing methodology. Being the leading open source web services testing tool, soapUI helps to build robust and flexible automated tests in a productive manner.

In this article by Charitha Kankanamge, author of Web Services Testing with soapUI, we will cover:

  • Overview of some of the key characteristics of web services
  • The role of web services in SOA
  • Approaches of testing web services
  • Web services testing challenges
  • Introduction to soapUI
  • Installing soapUI

Web services are one of the key building blocks of service-oriented solutions. Because of their usage and importance in the enterprise applications, the project teams are expected to be knowledgeable and familiar with the technologies which are associated with web services and service-oriented architecture(SOA).

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Management of SOA Composite Applications

by Ahmed Aboulnaga Arun Pareek | September 2012 | Enterprise Articles SOA Web Services Oracle

Developers typically create composite applications or simply composites that are packaged into single, deployable JAR files. These applications can contain any number of service components that include BPEL or BPMN processes, Mediator services, human tasks and workflows, and business rules. Composites include logic and code that form the foundation of SOA-based integrations. Though the design and development of composites are not the ultimate responsibility of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g administrator, the deployment, monitoring, and management of them are.

In this article, the authors Ahmed Aboulnaga and Arun Pareek of the book Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook will discuss the concepts that enable you to manage these composites, and cover the following areas in more detail:

  • Managing composite lifecycles
  • Structuring composite deployments with partitions
  • Setting up ant for automated composite build management
  • Promoting code, using configuration plans
  • Understanding and configuring composite audit levels
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1Z0-451: Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner Exam Reference

by Kathiravan Udayakumar | May 2012 | SOA

Certification is the first big step towards getting yourself recognized in the extremely large developer community. It demonstrates that you have a working knowledge, and gives you an edge in the market space and employment space. It helps you to get a better salary through promotions or increments in a few cases. Completing the Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification develops your conceptual and real-world understanding of the primary components of Oracle SOA Suite, including BPEL process engine and Oracle Service Bus, and will allow you to become familiar with the Service Oriented Architecture concepts.

This article by Kathiravan Udayakumar, author of Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification Handbook (1Z0-451) will provide key points to be remembered for the 1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner exam and other additional details that are required to understand Oracle SOA Suite in detail.

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SOA Books from Packt

by | December 2010 | SOA Open Source

This Holiday season, Packt is pleased to announce that it is offering any 5 Open Source eBooks of your choice for only $40/ £25 / €30.

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Advanced Activities in BPEL

by Matjaz B. Juric | November 2010 | BPEL Enterprise Articles IBM SOA

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL, aka WS-BPEL) has become the de facto standard for orchestrating services in SOA composite applications. BPEL reduces the gap between business requirements and applications and allows better alignment between business processes and underlying IT architecture.

In this article by Matjaz B. Juric, author of the book WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with IBM WebSphere 7, we will familiarize ourselves with some important activities offered by BPEL, particularly activity names, loops, delays, empty activities, and process termination. We will not discuss concrete use cases where these activities can be used, because they are well known to developers. Let us first look at loops.

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IBM's BPM BlueWorks

by Matjaz B. Juric | November 2010 | BPEL Enterprise Articles IBM SOA

IBM's BPM BlueWorks is a cloud-based BPM entry point offering that allows business users (including leaders and analysts) to create, share, and collaborate on strategy maps, capability models, and process models. They can also leverage a vast collection of pre-built BPM content and contributions from other BPM experts and users around the world to move quickly from strategy mapping to process execution.

In this article by Matjaz B. Juric, author of the book WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with IBM WebSphere 7, we will take a look at building strategy maps, capability maps, and process models using IBM BPM BlueWorks.

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