Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter [Instant]

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Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter [Instant]
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Learn in an Instant - Short, Fast, Focused
Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Learn to create web tests using Selenium Tools
  • Learn to use Page Object Pattern
  • Run and analyse test results on an easy-to-use platform

Book Details

Language : English
eBook : 52 pages
Release Date : April 2013
ISBN : 1782165142
ISBN 13 : 9781782165149
Author(s) : Unmesh Gundecha
Topics and Technologies : All Books, App Testing, Instant, Web Development, Open Source

Table of Contents

Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter
  • Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter
    • So, what is Selenium?
      • The basic features of Selenium
      • What kind of things can you do with it?
      • How can you use this technology within your existing project?
    • Installation
      • Step 1 – What do I need?
      • Step 2 – Downloading Selenium IDE
      • Step 3 – Installing Selenium IDE
      • And that's it!
    • Quick start
      • Step 1 – Recording and adding commands in a test
      • Step 2 – Saving the recorded test
      • Step 3 – Saving the test suite
      • Step 4 – Running the recorded test
      • Step 5 – Exporting a recorded test to Selenium WebDriver
    • Top 5 features you'll want to know about
      • 1 – Running tests on various browsers
      • 2 – Locating elements
      • 3 – Working with HTML elements
      • 4 – Synchronizing steps
        • Selenium IDE
        • Selenium WebDriver
      • 5 – The Page Object pattern
    • People and places you should get to know
      • Official sites
      • Articles and tutorials
      • Community
      • Blogs
      • Twitter

Unmesh Gundecha

Unmesh Gundecha has a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and around 10 years of experience in Software Development and Testing. Unmesh has architected functional test automation projects using industry standard, in-house and custom test automation frameworks along with leading commercial and open source test automation tools. Presently he is working as Test Architect with a multinational company in Pune, India.

He is also author of Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook published by Packt in November 2012.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Install Selenium IDE
  • Create and run tests with Selenium IDE
  • Export tests from Selenium IDE to Selenium WebDriver
  • Configure Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse
  • Run tests on various Browsers
  • Use Locators
  • Work with various types of HTML UI elements
  • Syncronize tests
  • Use Page Object Pattern

In Detail

Selenium is a software testing framework for automating web applications for testing purposes. It uses components such as Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, and Selenium Webdriver to test web applications, which provides an easy-to-use platform and lets you test your applications more effectively and efficiently.

"Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter" was born out of the need for a short, yet all-encompassing book that would give you a solid foundation in creating and running tests with Selenium testing tools. This book will enable you to harness the power of Selenium and put it to good use throughout the testing process, quickly and efficiently.

The "Instant Selenium Testing Tools Starter" can be used as an end-to-end guide or as a desk reference, with sections that deal with all the key aspects of automating tests for web applications. A step-by-step description of key features is provided with the help of simple and concise examples. Each chapter will help you understand the key features of Selenium with tips and tricks that will become the foundation of your knowledge in the future.


Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.A quick starter for testing web applications easily and efficiently

Who this book is for

This book is intended for software quality assurance/testing professionals, and software developers who want to start using Selenium for testing web-based applications.

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