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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Understand the architecture of SAP HANA, effectively transforming your business with the modeler and in-memory computing engine
  • Learn about Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Predictive analytics on top of SAP HANA Models
  • Gain knowledge on the process of transforming your data to insightful information using the Modeler

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 284 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : December 2013
ISBN : 1782177620
ISBN 13 : 9781782177623
Author(s) : Chandrasekhar Mankala, Ganesh Mahadevan V.
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: SAP HANA Studio – Look and Feel
Chapter 2: Data Provisioning
Chapter 3: Modeling
Chapter 4: Reporting
Chapter 5: Advanced Features in SAP HANA
Chapter 6: User Management
Appendix A: Introduction to SAP HANA
Appendix B: Architecture
Appendix C: Applications Powered by SAP HANA
  • Chapter 1: SAP HANA Studio – Look and Feel
    • Introduction
    • Understanding SAP HANA Studio
    • Switching between different views – perspectives
    • Navigating SAP HANA Studio – the Navigator Pane
    • Administering SAP HANA – the Administration Console perspective
    • Modeling SAP HANA Studio – the Modeler perspective
  • Chapter 2: Data Provisioning
    • Introduction
    • Loading data into SAP HANA – data provisioning methods
    • Uploading data from flat files
    • Using SLT to load data into SAP HANA
    • Using SAP Data Services as an ETL tool to load data into SAP HANA
    • Loading data into SAP HANA using DXC
    • Loading data using SAP Sybase Replication Server
  • Chapter 3: Modeling
    • Introduction
    • Approaching SAP HANA modeling
    • Creating attribute views
    • Creating analytic views
    • Creating calculation views
    • Preparing documents – Auto Documentation
    • Modeling with Information Composer
  • Chapter 4: Reporting
    • Introduction
    • The reporting layer on top of SAP HANA
    • Connecting reporting tools to SAP HANA
    • Creating reports using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
    • Creating reports using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
    • Creating reports using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards/Xcelsius
    • Creating reports using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP
    • Creating reports using Microsoft Excel
    • Creating reports in SAP Lumira
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Features in SAP HANA
    • Introduction
    • Converting different currencies
    • Creating hierarchies
    • Creating variables
    • Creating input parameters
    • Creating filters
    • Creating procedures using SQLScript
    • Creating decision tables
  • Chapter 6: User Management
    • Introduction
    • Creating users
    • Creating roles
    • Assigning roles to users
    • Restricting access to data – creating analytic privileges
    • Securing logging in to SAP HANA – authentication methods
    • Securing logging in to SAP HANA – privileges
  • Appendix A: Introduction to SAP HANA
    • Introduction
    • Explaining traditional databases and bottlenecks
    • Introducing technology and hardware innovations
    • Looking into versions and technical requirements
    • Describing why you should use SAP HANA
    • Looking into SAP HANA features
    • Comparing BWA and SAP HANA
  • Appendix B: Architecture
    • Understanding the SAP HANA architecture
    • Explaining IMCE and its components
    • Storing data – row storage
    • Storing data – column storage
    • Understanding the persistence layer
    • Understanding backup and recovery

Chandrasekhar Mankala

Chandrasekhar Mankala is an emerging technical architect in one of the top IT firms in South-east Asia. He has more than four years of IT experience in consulting and solution architecture roles in SAP portfolios. He has been interested in SAP from the beginning of his career, and has been one of the pioneers in utilizing the SAP HANA technology since its inception.

He has worked on implementation, design, and development, and also in go-live and production in various SAP projects in niche technologies such as BW, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects over his career.

He is certified in SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects.

Chandra is passionate about the SAP HANA technology and its evolution and roadmap, and is always learning new tools related to SAP HANA, Big Data, and in-memory technologies.

Apart from work, he enjoys listening to music and playing video games and cricket. He can be reached at

Ganesh Mahadevan V.

Ganesh Mahadevan V. is an adept professional in Information Technology services with nearly eight years of extensive experience in software development, delivery, solution architecting, presales consulting, and business development.

Ganesh has been the Strategic Lead for the SAP HANA technology in the South-est Asian market, and has acquired extensive expertise in collecting business requirements, conducting blueprinting workshops, customer know-how awareness, campaigns, and designing and developing applications using SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA, and the SAP real-time data platform.

He has relentless passion and deep expertise in data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, and in-memory technology, and has been a speaker at various tech forums.

He has held senior positions in Analytics, IMDB, and PreSales; currently, he is a Solution Champion/Campaign Manager for the SEA ASEAN region for innovative technology—SAP HANA, SAP Real-Time Data Platform, and Analytics.

He has been involved in sales campaigns and customer workshops for CXOs with various stake holders in the region (oCXO, Business Transformation Managers, and IT heads) on SAP HANA, including real-time data platforms (Hadoop, Web Crawler, SAP HANA, Sybase IQ, SAP Data Services, and SAP BOBJ Metadata Management). He is a testing partner in various SAP products such as Lumira, Predictive Analytics, and Mobile Apps. He was involved in building solutions to GTM and played a major role in building various IS solutions.

He has maintained and strategized a persistent process in maintaining the demo landscape to discover the right business value pertaining to industries and in an innovative approach. He was the Solutions Captain for SAP HANA, SAP Real-Time Data Platform (Sybase IQ), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions.

He lives in Bangalore with his wife and his hobbies are reading books, swimming, and politics.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Discover simple and powerful techniques to master SAP HANA DB technology, features, tools, and components.
  • Understand the technology and architecture of the SAP HANA database
  • Load data from different types of source systems into SAP HANA
  • Develop models – attribute/analytical/calculation views
  • Get to know the SAP HANA SQL Script language
  • Know about users and role maintenance, Solution Management, Monitoring, High Availability & Failover Management, Disaster Recovery and Management, Cloud Options
  • Create filters, variables, and hierarchies and stored procedures using SQL scripting
  • Make reports from SAP HANA's data
  • Develop user management skills by creating users and roles

In Detail

SAP HANA is a real-time applications platform that provides a multi-purpose, in-memory appliance. Decision makers in the organization can gain instant insight into business operations. Thus all the data available can be analysed and you can react to the changing business conditions rapidly to make decisions. The real-time platform not only empowers business users and top management to make decisions but also provides the capability to make decisions in real-time.

A practical and comprehensive guide that helps you understand the power of SAP HANA’s real-time and in-memory capabilities. It also provides step-by-step instructions to exploit all the possible features of the SAP HANA database, enabling users to harness the full potential of this technology and its features.

You will gain an understanding of real-time replications, effective data loading from various sources, how to load data, and how to create re-usable objects such as models and reports.

Use this practical guide to enable or transform your business landscape by implementing SAP HANA to meet your business requirements. The book shows you how to load data from different types of systems, create models in SAP HANA, and consume data for decision-making. The book covers various tools at different stages creating models using SAP HANA Studio, and consuming data using reporting tools such as SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Lumira, and so on . This book also explains the in-depth architecture of SAP HANA to help you understand SAP HANA as an appliance, that is, a combination of hardware and software.

The book covers the best practices to leverage SAP HANA’s in-memory technology to transform data into insightful information. It also covers technology landscaping, solution architecture, connectivity, data loading, and setting up the environment for modeling purpose (including setup of SAP HANA Studio).

If you have an intention to start your career as SAP HANA Modeler, this book is the perfect start.



An easy-to-understand guide, covering topics using practical scenarios and live examples, and answering all possible questions.

Who this book is for

If you are a solution architect, developer, modeler, sales leader, business transformation managers, directors, COO, or CIO; this book is perfect for you.

If you are interested in other technologies and want to jump-start into SAP, this book gives you the chance to learn SAP HANA. Basic knowledge of RDBMS concepts enough is to get you started.

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