RapidWeaver 5 Beginner's Guide

RapidWeaver 5 Beginner's Guide
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Jump into developing websites on your Mac with RapidWeaver.
  • Step-by-step tutorials for novice users to get your websites built and published online. 
  • Advanced tips and exercises for existing RapidWeaver users. 
  • A great A-Z guide for building websites irrespective of your level of expertise.

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 362 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2012
ISBN : 184969205X
ISBN 13 : 9781849692052
Author(s) : Joe Workman
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Beginner's Guides, Web Development

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Touring RapidWeaver
Chapter 3: Theming Your Site
Chapter 4: Styled Text Page
Chapter 5: Stacks
Chapter 6: Basic Page Types
Chapter 7: Multimedia Pages
Chapter 8: Blogs, Podcasts, and Going Social
Chapter 9: E-Commerce
Chapter 10: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 11: Advanced Weaving
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
    • What is RapidWeaver?
      • iWeb versus RapidWeaver versus Dreamweaver
      • It's more than an app
    • Installing RapidWeaver
      • The Mac App store
      • RealmacSoftware.com
    • Creating our first website
    • Time for action – starting a new RapidWeaver project
    • Publishing our website
      • Selecting a web host
    • Time for action – publishing our website
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Touring RapidWeaver
      • Webpage list
        • Adding a new page
        • Page order and site navigation
      • Time for action – adding some pages to our navigation
      • Preview mode versus Edit mode
        • View Source
      • Page Inspector
        • General settings
      • Time for action – setting up proper folder and filenames
        • Sidebar
      • Time for action – creating a sidebar
        • Header
        • Styles
        • Page
      • Resources
        • Resources UI
      • Time for action – adding a resource
        • The resource macro
        • Snippets
      • Time for action – creating a snippet
      • Theme browser
      • Site Setup
        • General settings
        • Advanced
        • Templates
      • Publishing your website
        • What's going to be published?
        • Overriding change indicators
        • Publishing your entire site
        • Publishing a single web page
        • Publishing via FTP
        • Advanced settings and SFTP
        • Bookmarks
      • Time for action – publishing
      • Preferences
        • General
        • Publishing
      • Customizing the toolbar
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Theming Your Site
        • Choosing your theme
          • Third-party theme developers
        • Theme Browser
          • Duplicating themes
          • Deleting themes
        • Time for action – using the Theme Browser
        • Theme styles
          • Master style versus page style
        • Time for action – setting the Master Style for our theme
          • Saving page styles
        • Time for action – saving page styles
        • ExtraContent
        • Customizing themes
          • Customizing with CSS
        • Time for action – adding a custom CSS file
          • RWmultiTool
          • RapidThemer
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Styled Text Page
          • Formatting text
            • Pasting text
            • Format toolbar
              • Links
              • Text styles
              • Font selection
              • Alignment
              • Lists
              • HTML formats
              • Color
            • Format menu
              • Smart quotes
              • Bigger/smaller text
              • Clear formatting
              • Ignore formatting
          • Time for action - styling text
          • Images
            • Media Inspector
            • Filename
            • Alt tag
            • Scale
            • Rotation
            • Shadow
            • Border
            • Fill color
            • Image normalization
          • Time for action - styling an image
          • Links
            • Linking to a URL or e-mail
            • Linking to an internal page or resource
            • Opening in a new window
            • Custom attributes
            • Removing links
          • Time for action - adding links
          • Audio and video
          • iMedia browser
          • File downloads
            • Drag-and-drop into Styled Text
            • Linking to a resource
            • Forcing files to download
          • Time for action - linking to a file download
          • Inserting code
          • Time for action - adding custom code
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Stacks
            • What is Stacks?
              • Third-party stacks
            • Installing Stacks
            • Time for action – creating our first Stacks page
            • Working with stacks
            • The Stacks toolbars
              • The navigation bar
                • The Stacks Elements library
                • The Stack Templates library
                • The Stack Media library
                • View modes
                • The Info button
              • The Format bar
                • The Edit button
                • The Add/Remove link
                • The Delete button
            • The Stack settings pane
              • The Stack settings controls
                • The Color picker
                • Number controls
                • Enable/Disable controls
              • Default stack settings
                • Background
                • What is a tiled image?
                • Border
                • Layout
            • Time for action – getting to know the settings
              • Text editor options
              • Image editor options
                • Image Publishing
                • Layout
                • Border
                • Shadow
            • Time for action – editing text and image
            • Default stacks
              • Text
              • Image
              • HTML
              • 1 Column
              • 2 to 5 Columns
              • Grid
              • Float
              • Floating Image
              • Quote
              • Button
              • Header
            • Templates
              • Global content
            • One last thing
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Basic Page Types
              • HTML page
              • Time for action - creating an HTML page
              • iFrame
              • Time for action - creating an iFrame page
                • Offsite Stack
              • Offsite page
              • Time for action - creating an Offsite page
              • Contact Form
              • The Contact Form fields
                • Popup Menu and Radio Button
              • Time for action - creating a Contact Form page
                • Contact Form setup
              • Time for action - setting up our form
              • Formloom
                • Form builder
                • E-mail template
                • MySQL link
                • Formloom settings
                • FormSnap stacks
              • Common page elements with stacks
                • FreeStack theme
                • Banner slideshows
                  • Cycler
                  • Superflex
                  • Slidorion
                • Lightboxes
                  • Expose
                  • SimpleBox
                • Tables
                  • Power Grid
                  • Power Grid CSV
                • Buttons
                  • Sweet Button
                  • Lynx
                • Fonts
                  • Font Stylr
                  • Google web fonts
                • Content and layout
                  • Styled Stack
                  • ZipList
                  • Lines
                  • Houdini
                  • Daily
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Multimedia Pages
                • Photos and images
                  • Photo Album
                  • Using iPhoto albums
                  • Creating custom photo albums
                  • Photo Album setup options
                    • General
                    • Flash Slideshow
                    • EXIF
                    • Advanced
                • Time for action - creating a custom photo album
                  • RapidAlbum
                  • Adding photos
                  • Gallery themes
                  • RapidAlbum settings
                • Time for action – creating a RapidAlbum page
                  • Collage
                    • Building a collage
                    • Styling Collage
                • Time for action - creating a Collage page
                  • Image Stacks
                    • Image Safe
                    • Expose Image Pro
                    • Flickr Pro
                    • Fancy Image Stacks
                    • ImageMapper
                • Video
                  • Video formats
                  • QuickTime and Movie Album
                  • QuickTime
                    • Movie Album
                • Time For action – creating a Movie Album page
                  • Embedding videos from online services
                    • Video stacks
                • Time for action - embedding a video into a Stacks page
                  • HTML5 video and audio
                    • Background story
                    • Using HTML5 Video and Audio
                • File sharing
                  • File Sharing page
                    • Sharing local files
                    • Sharing file via URLs
                • Time for action - creating a File Sharing page
                  • WeaverFM
                  • RapidViewer
                  • File Sharing Stacks
                    • Dispatch
                    • X-Ray
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Blogs, Podcasts, and Going Social
                  • Creating a blog with RapidWeaver's Blog page
                    • Adding blog posts
                      • Smiley
                      • Permalinks
                  • Time for action - creating a Blog page
                  • Creating a podcast with RapidWeaver
                    • iTunes Tags
                    • Custom RSS Tags
                  • Blog settings
                    • General
                    • Categories
                    • Tags
                    • RSS
                    • Advanced settings
                • Creating a blog using RapidBlog
                  • Adding blog posts
                  • Header and footer
                  • Importing from a Blog page
                  • Blogger support
                • Time for action – creating a RapidBlog page
                • Integrating a Wordpress blog using WP-Blog
                  • Wordpress integration
                  • WP-Blog settings
                • Integrating a Tumblr blog using the Tumblr Stack
                  • Setting up Tumblr Stack
                • Creating a blog using Armadillo
                  • Setting up Armadillo
                  • Editing posts
                  • Managing users
                • Integrating Twitter and Facebook into your website
                  • Tweet stacks
                  • TweetSnap
                  • Facebook
                  • Like It social buttons
                • Time for action – adding Twitter to your web page
                • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: E-Commerce
                    • PayPal
                      • PayPal payment button
                    • Time for action - creating a PayPal button
                    • PayLoom
                    • Time for action - creating a Payloom page
                    • PaySnap stacks
                    • RapidCart
                      • Store layout
                      • Payment services
                      • Shopping cart
                      • Coupon codes
                    • Time for action – creating a RapidCart page
                    • Cartloom
                      • Product management
                      • Payment processing and invoicing
                      • Discount codes
                      • Integrating with RapidWeaver
                    • Time for action - creating a Cartloom page
                    • Contacting customers
                      • The Post Office stack
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Search Engine Optimization
                      • Become popular
                      • Technical basics
                        • Simple URLs
                        • Sitemap
                        • Page titles
                        • Page description
                        • Anchor text
                        • Headings
                          • Headings in Styled Text
                          • Headings in Stacks
                          • Getting geeky with HTML headings
                        • Indexing images
                          • Images in Styled Text
                          • Images in Stacks
                          • Getting geeky with HTML images
                      • Quality content
                        • Controlling crawlers
                          • RapidBot
                      • Sitemap
                      • Time for action - creating a sitemap page
                      • Sitemap Plus
                      • Time for action - using Sitemap Plus
                      • Meta Mate
                      • Analytics
                      • Time for action - adding analytics
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Advanced Weaving
                        • Page automation
                        • Time for action – Page automation
                        • Source view
                        • ExtraContent
                          • HTML snippet
                          • Adding EC via stacks
                        • Time for action - adding ExtraContent
                        • Editing content online
                          • PageLime
                          • WebYep
                          • Armadillo
                        • Mobile compatibility
                          • Responsive web design
                          • Goodbye Flash
                        • Custom 404 page
                        • Time for action – creating a 404 page
                        • Tricks with .htaccess
                          • Defining the file types
                          • Disabling directory access
                          • Redirects
                          • More than one .htaccess file
                        • Dev Inspector
                          • Elements
                            • The resource browser
                            • The DOM browser
                          • Style and Attribute browser
                            • Computed styles
                            • Styles
                            • Metrics
                            • Console
                        • Learning HTML and CSS
                          • HTML basics
                            • Document structure
                            • Headings
                            • Paragraphs
                            • Lists
                            • Links
                            • Images
                            • Grouping elements
                          • CSS basics
                            • ID and class attributes
                            • CSS rules
                          • HTML and CSS resources
                        • Troubleshooting tips
                          • Remove the clutter
                          • Isolate the problem
                          • Watch the spaces
                          • PHP code displayed
                          • Mixed up extensions
                          • Blurry images
                          • Ignore formatting
                          • Paste as plain text
                          • Console errors
                          • Check your path
                          • Republish all files
                          • Disable CSS Consolidation and Compression
                          • Update
                          • Read the manual
                          • How to submit a good support ticket
                        • Summary

                        Joe Workman

                        Joe Workman is an indie software developer who develops popular applications for Mac OS X and add-ons for RapidWeaver. Joe released his first RapidWeaver Stacks add-on to the Mac community back in 2008. He has grown since then to become the largest RapidWeaver add-on developer with over 125+ add-ons available. Joe has developed many popular Mac utilities, but his flagship application is DomainBrain. DomainBrain helps users get all their domain-related data out of their brains into a centrally managed location. Joe was born, raised, and still currently lives in the SF Bay Area with his beautiful wife and three kids, although he had some wonderful years living in Goiania, Brazil, and London, England. He loves photography and coaching his son’s soccer team. For more about Joe and his products, head over to his website at http://joeworkman.net.

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                        Frequently bought together

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                        the second eBook
                        Price for both: $39.00

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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Getting RapidWeaver set up and your first webpage created quickly
                        • Customize the look and feel of your websites with themes
                        • Building webpages with basic content, contact forms, photo galleries, videos and more
                        • Use the Stacks Plugin for fluid drag and drop building of your webpages
                        • Creating a blog that can be managed from anywhere
                        • Turn your website into an e-commerce business and sell your products
                        • Build websites for clients that allow them to edit content online
                        • Getting your website indexed by the major search engines
                        • Adding your own custom code to your RapidWeaver projects
                        • Advanced topics like custom 404 pages, responsive web design, safari dev inspector and more

                        In Detail

                        RapidWeaver allows users with any level of expertise to build beautiful and professional looking websites. The novice user will love the drag and drop, what you see is what you get interface. The advanced users will love that they can get down and dirty with some code when they need to.

                        This book covers all aspects of developing a website with RapidWeaver. Whether you want a family website to display photos from your latest vacation or a small business that is looking to increase your web presence, this book has got you covered. If you have a Mac and want a website, you need this book.

                        This book dives into all the components required to build a website with RapidWeaver. The first half of this book builds upon itself and shows you all of the basic building blocks that you will need to develop great websites. It starts off with a basic tour of RapidWeaver and gets you building your first webpage in the first chapter. The book progresses onto how to customize the look and feel of your website with themes and adding simple webpages with text and images all the way to blogs and photo galleries.

                        The second half of the book dives into more advanced topics that can really help you take your websites to the next level. This includes e-commerce, blogs, managing web content outside of RapidWeaver, Search Engine Optimization and even a little programming. By the end of this book, you will have a solid foundation that will allow you to build powerful websites. 


                        This book is a step-by-step tutorial that includes all the project files and complete source code for all of the webpages created. Each tutorial has concise steps that will allow you to walk through them easily. Most tutorials will have an optional exercise for the more advanced users to take things to the next level.

                        Who this book is for

                        If you are a novice wanting to build your first website or an experienced user looking for a better way to develop your existing websites, then this book is for you. This book is perfect for iWeb users that are looking for something better. It's also great for advanced users who use applications like Dreamweaver and are looking for a simpler way to develop websites without sacrificing the ability to get into the code. Using this book, you can build entire websites without writing a single line of code. But if you know a little web programming then you will be able to take your websites to the next level.

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