Instant Prezi for Education How-to [Instant]

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Instant Prezi for Education How-to [Instant]
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Learn in an Instant - Short, Fast, Focused
Table of Contents
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  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Learn to create engaging presentations for your students and colleagues.
  • Convert existing PowerPoints into Prezi presentations
  • Create interactive presentations from scratch by adding video, images, and PDFs.

Book Details

Language : English
eBook : 60 pages
Release Date : March 2013
ISBN : 1782163549
ISBN 13 : 9781782163541
Author(s) : Domi Sinclair
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Instant, Other, e-Learning, Open Source

Table of Contents

Instant Prezi for Education How-to
  • Instant Prezi for Education How-to
    • Getting started with Prezi (Simple)
    • Turning your PowerPoint presentation into a prezi (Simple)
    • Creating a prezi from a template (Simple)
    • Creating a prezi from scratch (Simple)
    • Adding frames (Simple)
    • Adjusting frames, rotating, resizing, and moving (Simple)
    • Adding a theme (Simple)
    • Creating paths (Simple)
    • Adding shapes (Intermediate)
    • Adding multimedia content (Intermediate)
    • Grouping content (Intermediate)
    • Editing a theme (Advanced)
    • Adding timings (Advanced)
    • Sharing your prezi (Intermediate)
    • Editing as a group (Advanced)

Domi Sinclair

Domi is the author of Prezi for Education How-to also release by Packt Publishing. She has worked for a number of UK universities in the area of e-learning. These roles requires her to advise colleagues and students on the use of a range of technology-enhanced learning solutions including social media and collaboration platforms such as Prezi. Domi has used Prezi for numerous presentations internally, within her institutions, and at external conferences both nationally and internationally. She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a Masters' degree in Media, both of which required her to use innovative platforms and hone her presentation skills. It was through this desire to stand out during presentations that she first discovered the Prezi platform, and she has been utilizing it ever since.
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What you will learn from this book

  • Adding frames
  • Embedding multimedia content
  • Editing a theme
  • Adjusting frames
  • Converting PowerPoint to Prezi presentations
  • Grouping content for easy moving, rotating, and re-sizing
  • Sharing your presentation
  • Setting the path for your prezi

In Detail

Using a digital presentation tool can be a great way of structuring lectures but can lead to "death by slides" for students. Prezi offers great flexibility to smoothly embed digital media such as PDF docs, Videos, and images, which makes your presentations more engaging, organized, and easy to make.

Instant Prezi for Education How-To takes you through the steps to creating more engaging presentations using Prezi. It offers practical guides, hands-on exercises and tips on how to utilize Prezi for educational presentations. You will learn how to enhance your prezis with video, images and embedded documents, as well as how to share your presentations with students and colleagues.

Instant Prezi for Education How-To explores the use of Prezi for educational presentations. It takes you through how to create a presentation and utilize the features of Prezi to add content. After you have built a presentation the guide discusses the various methods of sharing. Finally the book looks ahead to how you might further exploit the benefits of Prezi by using it for collaboration. You will also learn how to build your own presentations from scratch, or by importing existing PowerPoint slides.
This book will equip you with all of the tools necessary to build engaging presentation for your students, which are easily sharable online.


Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks.This is a Packt Instant How-to guide, full of illustrative screenshots, tips, and step-by step recipes. It’s a practical guide to creating impressive presentations for your students and colleagues.

Who this book is for

This book is written for those working in the education field who are looking for a way to create more engaging presentations. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of Prezi as this book starts from scratch.

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