PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner's Guide

PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner's Guide
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Table of Contents
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  • Covers every topic required to start and run a real, trading e-commerce business with PrestaShop
  • Deploy PrestaShop quickly and easily, and make your PrestaShop search-engine friendly
  • Learn how to turn a single new PrestaShop into a thriving e-commerce empire
  • Step-by-step fully illustrated explanation and discussions aimed at helping beginners like you towards the realization of your own PrestaShop store and beyond

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 308 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : June 2010
ISBN : 1849511144
ISBN 13 : 9781849511148
Author(s) : John Horton
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Beginner's Guides, e-Commerce, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building Your PrestaShop
Chapter 2: Shop Fitting and Layout
Chapter 3: Merchandising for Success
Chapter 4: Giving Customers More and Getting More Customers
Chapter 5: Tools, Newsletters, Extra Income, and Statistics
Chapter 6: Security and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 7: Checkouts and Shipping
Chapter 8: Get Set…
Chapter 9: Go… To the Future
Appendix A: Control Panel Quick Reference
Appendix B: Web Resources
Appendix C: Pop Quiz Answers
  • Chapter 1: Building Your PrestaShop
    • Case studies
    • Downloading PrestaShop
    • Time for action – transferring files to your web host
    • Making a database
    • Time for action – creating a database
    • How to install PrestaShop
    • Time for action – the PrestaShop auto-installer
    • Post-install security
      • Deleting the install folder
    • Time for action – how to delete the install folder
      • Renaming the admin folder
    • Time for action – renaming the admin folder
    • Your shop-front explained
      • Header
      • Column (left & right)
      • Main content
      • Footer
    • Your admin control panel
    • Time for action – logging in to your PrestaShop control panel
      • Control panel guided tour
    • Before we continue
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Shop Fitting and Layout
    • Arranging key modules
      • Cart block
    • Time for action – installing the shopping cart module
      • Categories block
      • User info block
      • My account block
    • Time for action – making a customer account
      • Permanent links block
      • Suppliers and manufacturers blocks
      • Quick search block
      • Footer links block
    • Creating your home page
    • What goes on your home page?
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • Most important facts or navigation
        • Products
    • Time for action – how to add your content to your home page
    • Creating the 'must-have' pages
      • Delivery
      • Legal notice
      • Terms and conditions
      • About us
      • Secure payment
    • Time for action – using the content management system
    • Suppliers and manufacturers
      • What about suppliers?
    • Time for action – defining manufacturers and suppliers
    • Contacting your store
      • Contacts
    • Time for action – creating departments to contact
    • PrestaShop themes
      • Finding themes
      • Choosing a great theme
      • Installing the themes
    • Time for action – installing a PrestaShop theme
    • Customizing your template
      • Important preliminary point
      • Moving modules around
    • Time for action – moving modules
      • Customizing the default image sizes
    • Time for action – changing the default image size
      • PrestaShop templates
    • Time for action – creating a new template
      • Editing your CSS file
        • Background-color
        • Font-size
        • Want more?
    • Time for action – editing and updating your CSS file
      • Changing graphics
        • Buttons and icons
      • Themes summary
    • The cherry on top
    • Time for action – uploading your company/store logo
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Merchandising for Success
    • Shop categories
      • Planning your category structure
      • Creating your categories
    • Time for action – how to create product categories
      • Creating content for your categories and subcategories
    • Time for action – adding category descriptions
    • Adding products
      • Product descriptions that sell
        • Actually selling the product
        • Ask for the sale
      • Create some images with GIMP
    • Time for action – how to add a product to your PrestaShop
    • Highlighting products
      • New products
    • Time for action – how to highlight your newest products
      • Specials
    • Time for action – creating a special offer
      • Recently viewed
      • Best sellers
    • Accessories
    • Time for action – creating an accessory
    • Features
    • Time for action – using PrestaShop's 'Features'
    • Attributes
    • Time for action – an attributes example
    • Customizing
    • Time for action – allowing your customers to customize
    • Product mania!
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Giving Customers More and Getting More Customers
    • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
      • Which keywords should we use?
        • Discovering the value of keywords
        • A keyword success story
        • Keyword clarification
    • Meta tags
      • Types of meta tag
    • Time for action – PrestaShop meta tags
    • Search aliases
      • Choosing aliases
    • Time for action – creating the article
    • Tag clouds
    • Time for action – creating a tag cloud
    • Search-friendly and canonical URLs
      • Search-friendly
    • Time for action – how to get search-friendly URLs
      • Canonical
    • Time for action – choosing your canonical URL
    • Writing and displaying articles
      • Good ideas when writing articles
        • Make your articles easy reading
        • Think about your audience
        • Sell, but sell subtly
        • I before e except after c
        • Now what?
      • Page formatting and keyword density
        • How many times should the keywords/phrases be used?
      • Quick tips
      • Writing Summary
    • Using the CMS
    • Time for action – creating the article
    • Time for action – displaying the article
    • I am a robots.txt
    • Time for action – creating robots.txt
    • Helping Google with site maps
    • Time for action – Google site maps tutorial
    • PrestaShop search weightings
    • Speaking to new audiences
      • Switching languages
    • Time for action – enabling a second language
      • Creating translations
    • Time for action – translating product descriptions
      • A quick alternative to all of the above
    • Time for action – translating your whole website
      • Languages conclusion
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Tools, Newsletters, Extra Income, and Statistics
    • Exploring the Preferences and Tools tabs
      • Useful Preferences
        • PS directory
        • Terms of service
        • Cart re-display at login
        • Timezone
        • Contact
        • Meta-Tags
        • Products
        • Email
        • Image
        • Localization
        • Database
      • Top tools
        • Tabs
    • Time for action – customizing your tabs
      • Quick accesses
  • Time for action – creating a Quick Access
  • E-mail marketing with newsletters
    • Most people don't buy!
      • Why?
      • The stages of e-mail marketing
    • Setting up the newsletter module
  • Time for action – the newsletter module
    • Switching on product notifications
  • Time for action – product notifications
    • Building a big list of subscribers
      • Advertising your newsletter
      • Compelling content
      • Incentives
      • Offering more via e-mail
    • Creating newsletters
      • Product Information
      • Genuine news
      • Company announcements
      • Designing your newsletters
    • Sending newsletters
      • A quick word about spam
      • Using a PrestaShop module to send newsletters
      • Using your web host to send newsletters
      • A dedicated e-mail service provider to send newsletters
      • A free e-mail system to send newsletters
      • Getting your subscriber list
  • Time for action – accessing your e-mail list
  • Extra revenue with Google AdSense
    • Creating the Google AdSense code
  • Time for action – creating the Google code
    • Setting up Google AdSense in PrestaShop
  • Time for action – installing Google AdSense
  • Setting up PrestaShop statistics
    • Graph and grid engines
    • Statistics modules
  • Time for action – setting up statistics engines and modules
    • Exploring the statistics options
      • Visitors online
      • Pages not found
      • Search engine keywords
      • Best categories
      • Best customers
      • Best products
      • Best suppliers
      • Best vouchers
      • Carrier distribution
      • Catalog statistics
      • Software
      • Geolocation
      • Newsletter
      • Visitors origin
      • Registered customer info
      • Product details
      • Customer accounts
      • Sales and orders
      • Shop search
      • Visits and visitors
  • Installing Google Analytics
    • Getting a Google Analytics account
  • Time for action – installing Google Analytics
    • Using Google Analytics
  • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Security and Disaster Recovery
    • Types of attack
    • Employees and user security
    • Time for action – creating users
      • Profiles
    • Time for action – creating profiles
      • Permissions
        • Permissions and their levels
    • Time for action – configuring permissions to profiles
    • SSL—Secure Sockets Layer
      • Shared SSL, dedicated SSL, or no SSL
      • Setting up SSL in PrestaShop
    • Time for action – setting up SSL in PrestaShop
    • Making a copy of your store
      • Introducing the backup process
        • Frequency
      • Backing up your database
    • Time for action – backing up your database
      • Backing up your files
    • Time for action – backing up your files
    • Using your copy
      • Restoring the database
    • Time for action – how to restore the database
      • Restoring the files
    • Time for action – how to restore your files
      • Assessing what went wrong
    • Upgrading PrestaShop
    • Time for action – how to upgrade PrestaShop
    • This chapter in a nutshell
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Checkouts and Shipping
    • Introduction
      • Which payment provider should I use?
        • Merchant accounts
      • PayPal or Google Checkout
    • Using PayPal
      • PayPal account
      • Setting up your PayPal checkout
    • Time for action – installing the PayPal module
      • What just happened?
    • Using Google Checkout
      • Google Checkout account
      • Installing the checkout
    • Time for action – how to set up Google Checkout payments
    • Other payment methods
      • Cheque
      • Cash on delivery
      • Bank wire
    • Sales taxes
    • Time for action – setting up PrestaShop to handle sales tax
    • Currencies
      • Adding a currency
    • Time for action – adding a currency
      • Setting currency rates
    • Time for action – setting a currency rate
      • Auto exchange rate updates
    • Vouchers
      • Creating a voucher
    • Time for action – creating a voucher
      • Giving the vouchers to your customer
    • Shipping options
      • Super-simple shipping configuration options
      • Common shipping scenarios
        • Shipping calculated by sale value
    • Time for action – configuring shipping by sale value
      • Configuring shipping by weight
  • Time for action – how to configure shipping by weight
    • Shipping configuration in depth
  • Gift wrapping and recycled packaging
  • Time for action – setting up gift wrapping and recycled packaging options
  • Your PrestaShop so far
  • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Get Set…
    • Creating an account and placing an order
    • Time for action – creating an account and placing an order
    • Repeat business with customer loyalty scheme
    • Time for action – setting up your loyalty scheme
    • Getting some product comments
      • All about comments
      • How to get some product comments
    • Time for action – getting some feedback for your products
    • Putting a discount voucher on the front page
      • Creating the voucher (reminder)
      • Showcasing the voucher
    • Time for action – putting your voucher on the home page
    • Registering with the search engines
      • Registering
    • Time for action – registering with the search engines
    • Marketing your site
    • Posting in forums
      • Finding the forums
      • How to write good posts
        • Write at your skill level
        • Criticism
        • Don't shamelessly promote yourself
      • Creating forum signatures and profiles
      • Forum marketing conclusion
    • Promoting your store using social media
      • Twitter
        • Branding your profile
        • Following others
        • A lightning guide to tweeting
        • Twitter summary
      • Facebook
        • Avoid spamming
        • Start a group
        • Start an event
        • Start a page
      • Social media conclusion
    • Google AdWords
      • Setting up a campaign
    • Time for action – Google AdWords made quick and simple
    • Handling orders and checking payments
      • Creating order messages
    • Time for action – creating messages
      • Statuses
    • Time for action – Statuses
      • Checking Payments
      • Processing an order
    • Time for action – how to process an order
    • More about the Customers and Orders tabs
      • Groups
    • Time for action – creating and using groups
      • Customers
      • Carts
      • Invoices
    • Time for action – Invoices
      • Merchandise return
    • Summary
  • Chapter 9: Go… To the Future
    • "Why are we here?"
    • The power of e-commerce and a passive income
      • The busy billionaire
    • Perpetual analyzing, improvement, and marketing
      • Analyzing statistics
        • PrestaShop statistics
        • Google Analytics
      • Improvement
        • Optimizing your articles, product descriptions, and category descriptions
        • Optimizing your AdWords campaign
    • Time for action – optimizing Google AdWords
      • Adding new articles
    • Marketing
    • Devising a routine and sticking to it
  • Time for action – making a plan
  • The big secret
    • High street retail
    • Duplication
    • Look at it like this
      • An analogy to explain
      • What about all these corner shops?
    • Technical duplication tips
      • Varying your payment provider
      • Varying your web host
      • Varying your content
      • Vary your cart software
      • Try something totally new
  • The future of e-commerce and PrestaShop
  • Picture this
  • Summary
  • Appendix A: Control Panel Quick Reference
    • Catalog
      • Tracking
      • Manufacturers
      • Suppliers
      • Attributes and groups
      • Features
      • Image mapping
      • Tags
      • Attachments
    • Customers
      • Addresses
      • Groups
      • Carts
    • Orders
      • Invoices
      • Delivery slips
      • Merchandise return
      • Credit slips
      • Customer messages
      • Statuses
      • Order messages
    • Payment
      • Currencies
      • Taxes
      • Vouchers
    • Shipping
      • Carriers
      • States
      • Countries
      • Zones
      • Price ranges
      • Weight ranges
    • Stats
      • Modules
      • Settings
      • Search engines
      • Referrers
    • Modules
      • Positions
    • Employees
      • Profiles
      • Permissions
      • Contacts
    • Preferences
      • Contact
      • Appearance
      • Meta-Tags
      • Products
      • Email
      • Image
      • Database
      • PDF
      • Localization
      • Search
    • Tools
      • Languages
      • Translations
      • Tabs
      • Quick Accesses
      • Aliases
      • Import
      • Subdomains
      • DB backup
      • CMS
      • Generators
  • Appendix B: Web Resources
    • PrestaShop related
    • Sales and marketing
    • Technical
    • Resources
    • Other shopping carts and content management systems
    • Other
  • Appendix C: Pop Quiz Answers
    • Chapter 1
      • A few questions about Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
      • Themes and things
    • Chapter 3
      • A few product marketing questions
    • Chapter 4
      • PrestaShop search
    • Chapter 5
      • Tools and Preferences challenge
    • Chapter 6
      • Security
    • Chapter 7
      • A few product marketing questions
    • Chapter 8
      • Refresher questions
    • Chapter 9
      • Questions about Chapter 9

John Horton

John Horton spends his working hours helping people make their websites/apps/e-commerce enterprises successful through his business, He also encourages the pursuit of mathematics through the free Android app, MathLegends which is available on In his spare time he likes shooting zombies with his two sons.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Install PrestaShop on a web server
  • Use PrestaShop catalog features to present your products in an enticing and professional manner
  • Write great sales copy and articles and make them available through the PrestaShop content management system
  • Customize and configure the look and feel of your PrestaShop to make it unique and professional
  • Connect PrestaShop to a choice of payment handlers to take online payments
  • The ins and outs of handling shipping, taxes, and currencies in PrestaShop
  • Secure PrestaShop using a wide range of built-in features and other tactics
  • Back up your business offline and learn how to completely re-deploy your business in under 30 minutes in case of disaster
  • Implement and use PrestaShop and Google Analytics statistics features to discover ways to improve your store
  • Market your new business using e-mail, social media, SEO, articles, blogs, forums, and more
  • Turn a new PrestaShop store into a thriving online business and then into an e-commerce empire of the future

In Detail

PrestaShop is a hidden gem. There are many much more widely known online shopping cart solutions that have nothing like the features, potential, and ease of use that this open source, completely free-to-use, system has. But until now there has been no information available on how to make the most of it. This book takes a step-by-step approach to help you set up your own e-commerce store and maximize its potential. Even if you are totally new to e-commerce and PrestaShop, you can have your own functioning e-commerce store quickly and with tiny expenditure. Imagine the feeling when you get that glorious e-mail saying that you have your first paying customer.

This practical guide follows the order of developing an active business. Packed with easy-to-follow steps with loads of screenshots and clear explanations, it follows a step-by-step approach to set up a PrestaShop e-commerce store from the very beginning through finding a web host, setting up your PrestaShop store, accepting money from customers, and planning for the future of your business.

The first few chapters are a lightening, but thorough, illustration of how to get your shop online, stocked up, and looking smart and unique, including some really cool and really simple product features to show off your wares in style – very quickly. The later chapters are quite diverse and cover some exciting stuff such as newsletters, loyalty schemes, alternative revenue streams, statistics and analytics. You will also learn about security, disaster recovery, payment handling, currencies, taxes, shipping, and more. Towards the end, the chapters cover final preparations before going live, handling orders in PrestaShop, and how to promote your store and get more customers. Once the money starts to flow, the book looks at the future of e-commerce and your PrestaShop business. Then it discusses how to get to the top of your niche and stay there. And then the big secret: to use the knowledge you have gained to turn a single PrestaShop into a thriving e-commerce empire.

The Appendix covers a number of worthwhile topics such as a handy PrestaShop control panel reference and various web resources for PrestaShop.

Start and run your own e-commerce business using PrestaShop


The book is structured so that following the chapters in order leads to building a fully functioning and live trading PrestaShop. Guidance is also given should you wish to learn or practice your skills in an offline, non-trading environment.

Every chapter contains clearly structured and illustrated step-by-step explanation to achieve the goals discussed. Nothing is left for readers to work out themselves, but it would be very simple for them to use the information to go beyond the specific tutorials, should they wish to do so.

There is optional additional reading, including more than a dozen specifically written downloadable e-books made available on the book's support website just for readers of PrestaShop 1.3 Beginners Guide.

Who this book is for

This book is for anybody who wants a fully functioning e-commerce store using PrestaShop. You do not have to have any previous knowledge of PrestaShop or any aspect of e-commerce or business in general. If you do, then you will probably find this guide really valuable as well. The book covers all you need to know about starting your own e-commerce business.

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