Building Websites with Plone

Building Websites with Plone
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  • A comprehensive guide for Plone website administrators and developers
  • Design, build, and manage content rich websites using Plone
  • Extend Plone's skins and content types
  • Customize, secure, and optimize Plone websites

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 416 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2004
ISBN : 1904811027
ISBN 13 : 9781904811022
Author(s) : Cameron Cooper
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Content Management (CMS), Free eBooks, Open Source, Plone
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Cameron Cooper

J. Cameron Cooper has been playing around on the web since there wasn't much of a web with which to play around. He was introduced to Zope right around the time it came out and quickly saw the light, but only after graduating from Rice University in 2002 (a few years too late for the dot-com boom) did he begin to make any money from it. He has followed the CMF and Plone for most of their lives, too, and built most of the groups interface for Plone, under the sponsorship of the Connexions Project [], among other contributions. He lives in Houston, Texas and wears many hats.

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What you will learn from this book

Requiring only a working knowledge of Python and Zope, this book will help you gain a deep understanding of Plone.

The book covers all aspects of understanding, implementing, and extending Plone:

  • Installing, running and managing Plone
  • The design and architecture of Plone
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Managing and publishing content
  • Using, extending, and writing Plone tools
  • Customizing the layout of Plone websites
  • Writing Plone products
  • Using relational databases with Plone
  • Integrating Plone websites with other websites and systems
  • Optimizing, securing, and improving the performance of Plone websites
  • Plone internationalization features
  • Plone real world case studies.

This book gives you all the skills you need to become an accomplished Plone developer.

In Detail

Built on the powerful and popular Zope application server, Plone is widely believed to be the best and most powerful open source content management system. Many regard it as the equal of, or superior to, commercially available CMS.

Plone is an open source content management system built on the powerful object-oriented Zope application server. Easy to use, powerful, extensible, and well-supported by an extensive team of developers and contributors, Plone has quickly become one of the most popular open source content management servers.

Plone has support for internationalization, complies with accessibility and usability standards, can run on various platforms, and is highly extensible. Plone is ideal as an intranet and extranet server, document publishing system, portal server, and a groupware tool for collaboration between separately located entities.

Like any feature-rich, complex system, Plone can have a steep initial learning curve. This makes good documentation essential for both the beginner and expert alike. For users new to Plone, this book provides a structured pathway through set up and initial customization. Experienced Plone developers will learn how to leverage the full capability of this powerful application.

Built on the powerful and popular Zope application server, Plone is regarded as one of the best and most powerful open source content management systems. Many compare it favorably to high-end commercial content management systems. Written by Plone expert Cameron Cooper, this book explains how Plone works, shows how to use its many out-of-the-box features, and explains how this highly flexible system can be extended and customized. Camerons deep understanding and fluid writing style make even the most complex aspects of administrating and developing Plone websites easy to understand. Beginners and experienced Plone users alike will find this book invaluable.


Visit the Free Online Edition for Building Websites with Plone and learn more about the book, you can read through 2 full chapters, "Developing on the File System", and "Securing Plone" and discover what each chapter from this book has in store.


This book is a practical guide to Plone. It is written in a tutorial style, using examples and case studies to take you from the basics thorough to advanced Plone implementations.

Who this book is for

Requiring only a basic knowledge of Zope and Python, this book is valuable for both beginners and experienced Plone developers.

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