Building Websites with PHP-Nuke

Building Websites with PHP-Nuke
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Step through creating your own web portal with PHP-Nuke
  • Simple and practical guidance to mastering PHP-Nuke
  • For people with basic knowledge of web development

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 320 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2005
ISBN : 1904811051
ISBN 13 : 9781904811053
Author(s) : Douglas Paterson
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, Content Management (CMS), Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to PHP-Nuke
Chapter 2: Installing PHP-Nuke
Chapter 4: Managing the Site
Chapter 5: Managing Users
Chapter 6: Story Management with PHP-Nuke
Chapter 7: Content Management Modules
Chapter 8: Managing the Discussion Forums
Chapter 9: Customizing Layout with Themes
Chapter 10: Programming PHP-Nuke
Appendix A: Installing XAMPP
  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to PHP-Nuke
    • What PHP-Nuke Can Do for You
      • The Visitor Experience
      • The Management Experience
    • What Exactly is PHP-Nuke?
      • Modular Structure
      • Themed Interface
      • Multi-Lingual Interface
    • PHP-Nuke as an Open-Source Content Management System
      • Open Source
      • Content Management System
    • Getting Help in the PHP-Nuke Community
    • The Dinosaur Portal
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Installing PHP-Nuke
      • Downloading PHP-Nuke
        • Extracting PHP-Nuke
      • Downloading the Patches
        • Applying the Patches
      • Preparing the PHP-Nuke Database
        • Creating the Database
        • Creating a Database User
        • Populating the Database
      • Configuring PHP-Nuke
      • Putting PHP-Nuke Files into the Web Server Root
      • Testing the Installation
        • Database Connection Problem
        • No Data in the Database
        • Still Having Problems?
      • Summary
      • Your New Homepage
      • Blocks
      • Modules
        • A Fistful of Default Modules
      • Creating the Super User
      • Becoming the Administrator
        • A New Welcome
        • Editing Text in PHP-Nuke
          • HTML Rules
          • Forbidden Tags
          • Adding Links
          • Adding Images
          • HTML Editor in PHP-Nuke 7.7
      • Restricting User Access
      • Summary
      • Chapter 4: Managing the Site
        • Your Site, Your Database
        • Visiting the Administration Area
        • Site Preferences
          • Turning off the Graphical Icons
        • The Cookie Crumbles
        • Backing Up the Site Database
        • Managing Blocks
          • Types of Blocks
            • Block Positioning
            • Block Visibility
          • The Blocks Administration Area
          • Adding Blocks
            • Options for All Blocks
            • Adding Other People's News with RSS/RDF Blocks
            • Adding a File Block
        • Managing Modules
          • Editing Module Properties
          • Adding New Modules
        • Summary
        • Chapter 5: Managing Users
          • Ingredients of a User
          • Setting Up a New User
            • Subscribing a User
          • 75
          • Graphical Code for User Registration
          • Seeing Who's Who
        • The Your Account Module
          • Editing the User Profile
          • Your Account Configuration
            • Talking to the World with Public Messages
            • It's My Block and I'll Cry if I Want to...
          • Private Messages
          • User Journal
            • Your Journal Entries
            • Adding a Journal Entry
            • Peeking into the Journals of Others
        • Rewarding the User
          • Points on Offer
            • Restricting Module Access to User Groups
        • Managing Other Administrators
          • Authors versus the Super User
          • Creating an Author
        • Summary
          • Chapter 6: Story Management with PHP-Nuke
            • The Story Story
              • The Story Publication Process
              • Finding and Interacting with Stories
            • Organizing Stories
              • Topics
              • Categories
              • Planning the Dinosaur Portal Topics and Categories
            • Topic Management
              • Deleting a Topic
            • Adding Stories
              • Category Management
            • The Visitor View of a Story
              • Related Links, Scoring, and Friends
            • Seeing Your Comments
            • Controlling Comment Posting
              • Allowing Comments
              • Restricting Comment Posting to Registered Visitors
              • Administrator Removal of Comments
              • Filth Filter
              • Karma and Comment Moderation
            • Comments in Moderation
            • Customizing the User View of Comments
          • Story Management
            • Editing Stories
            • Deleting Stories
            • User-Submitted Stories
              • Setting Up the Mail Notification
              • Visitor Story Submission
              • Approving Stories
          • Finding Stories
            • From the Homepage
            • From the Topics module
            • From the Search module
            • From the Story Archive
            • From the Categories Menu Block
          • Special Administrator
          • Points and Prizes
          • Sharing Your News
          • Polls and the Surveys Module
            • Attaching a Poll to a Story
            • The Surveys Module
            • Survey Management
          • Summary
            • Chapter 7: Content Management Modules
              • Content
                • The Content Block
                • Managing Categories
                • Special Administrator
                • Restricting Access
                • Points and Prizes
              • FAQ
                • Managing FAQs
                  • Editing a FAQ
                • The FAQ Block
                • Special Administrator
                • Restricting Access
                • Points and Prizes
              • Encyclopedia
                • Managing the Encyclopedia
                • Viewing the Encyclopedia
                • The Encyclopedia Block
                • Special Administrator
                • Restricting Access
                • Points and Prizes
              • Web Links and Downloads
                • Interacting with Web Links
                • Checking the Web Link
                  • Modifying Web Link Details
                  • Reporting Broken Links
                  • 171
                • Submitting Web Links
                • Managing Web Links
                  • Modifying Web Links
                  • Managing User-Submitted Web Links
                  • Managing User-Submitted Modification Requests
                  • Managing User-Submitted Broken Link Notifications
                  • Validating Links
                  • Changing Category Structure
                • Web Links Block
                • Special Administrator
                • Restricting Access
                • Points and Prizes
              • Reviews
                • Submitting Reviews
                • Interacting with Reviews
                • Managing Reviews
                  • Customizing the Reviews Welcome Page
                • The Reviews Block
                • Special Administrator
                • Restricting Access
                • Points and Prizes
              • Module Feature Comparison
              • Summary
              • Chapter 8: Managing the Discussion Forums
                • Forum Structure
                • The Forums Administration Area
                  • Forum Configuration
                    • Creating a Category
                    • Creating a Forum
                • The Visitor Experience
                  • Posting a Topic
                • Forum Permissions
                  • Creating Groups
                  • Setting Forum Permissions
                  • Setting Group Permissions
                  • Joining Groups
                    • Approving the Membership Application
                • Moderating the Forum
                  • Setting a Forum Moderator
                • Summary
                • Chapter 9: Customizing Layout with Themes
                  • What Does a Theme Control?
                    • Appearance
                    • Page Layout
                  • Theme Management
                    • Theme File Structure
                    • Installing a New Theme
                    • Removing an Existing Theme
                    • From an Existing Theme to a New Theme
                    • Starting Off
                      • Replacing Traces of the Old Theme
                    • Templates and PHP Files
                      • PHP Files
                      • Templates
                    • Changing the Page Header
                    • Working with the Stylesheet
                    • Changing Blocks
                    • Changing Story Layout
                      • Creating a Rounded Box
                      • Changing the Layout of the Story Extended View
                    • Changing the Footer
                  • Adding a Favicon
                    • Including Custom Files
                  • Page Output from Start to Finish
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 10: Programming PHP-Nuke
                    • What Happens When a Page is Requested?
                      • Where Does PHP-Nuke Get Information From?
                      • Requesting a Page
                    • Creating a Block
                    • Data Access in PHP-Nuke
                    • Module File and Folder Structure
                    • Creating a User Submissions Module
                      • Module Development Steps
                      • Creating the Module Folder
                      • Creating the Database Tables
                      • The Visitor Code—the index.php File
                        • Overall Structure of the Module index.php File
                        • Inviting the User to Submit an Item
                        • Displaying the Form for User Input
                        • Preparing to Add the Encyclopedia Entry
                        • Storing the Submission
                      • The User Submission Administration Area
                        • Creating the Modules Administration Menu Entry
                        • Selecting the Correct Administration Area
                      • Creating the Administration Code
                        • Displaying the List of Submitted Items
                        • Editing and Approving the Submitted Item
                        • Displaying the Submitted Item
                        • Accepting the Submitted Item
                        • Removing a Submitted Item
                        • Deleting a Submitted Item
                      • Extending the Module
                      • Extending at the Front End
                      • Extending at the Administration End
                    • Summary

                    Douglas Paterson

                    Douglas Paterson is a full-time acquisition editor and part-time author for Packt Publishing. He is a doctor of Mathematics and has over five years experience of working on programming books across a number of different subjects. He lives in Birmingham, England, with his wife, and his unusually hairy dog, Zak.

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                    What you will learn from this book

                    • Installing and configuring PHP-Nuke
                    • Managing blocks and modules
                    • Working with news stories
                    • Managing users
                    • Working with other modules for handling content in PHP-Nuke
                    • Creating and managing discussion forums
                    • Understand how themes control the page layout
                    • Creating a new look for your site by customizing themes
                    • Extending your site with block and module development

                    In Detail

                    PHP-Nuke is a free tool for managing the content of a dynamic website. As one of the most popular applications on the Internet, PHP-Nuke has grown into a complex, powerful tool with an extraordinary range of features, and a loyal community of supporters. Through a web-based interface, users can edit and manage their site without the need for knowledge of web programming. PHP-Nuke is ideal for running a community-driven website, where visitors create accounts, comment and interact with the site, and contribute material in an easily managed fashion. PHP-Nuke has many of the features you would want from a website such as news stories, ratings, comments, discussion forums, and its look can be easily controlled with the use of themes.

                    If you want to create a powerful, fully-featured website in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore PHP-Nuke, putting you in the picture of what it offers, and how to go about realizing this.

                    Throughout the book we develop an example site, as you are taken on a detailed tour of the features of PHP-Nuke. You will be introduced to the main components of PHP-Nuke, and learn how to manage them. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content on the site, and also understand how users work and interact with the site.

                    To make sure that you create a site that looks the way you want it to, the book covers customizing themes to help define your look for your pages.

                    Although PHP-Nuke allows you to accomplish much without doing any web programming, to extend your site you will need to get your hands dirty with some coding. The book leads you through adding custom code to PHP-Nuke, and shows you how PHP-Nuke puts pages together, and the functions it uses for the fundamental operations of the site.

                    A practical guide to creating and maintaining your own community website with PHP-Nuke, the legendary, free, open source website content management system

                    Read Chapter 4: "Managing the Site" (PDF - 648KB).


                    Written in a clear, easy to read style, the book provides a tutorial on setting up a website with PHP-Nuke. Each topic is tackled in a clear, practical way with many examples to consolidate your learning.

                    Who this book is for

                    This book is written to help you create a fully-featured website as quickly as possible. Basic knowledge of HTML will help if you intend to explore customizing your own theme, and a basic knowledge of PHP will help if you want to get the most from the chapters on extending PHP-Nuke.

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