phpBB: A User Guide

phpBB: A User Guide
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Simple, practical steps to create and manage your own phpBB-powered online community
  • Learn from experienced phpBB administrators and enthusiasts to get the most from phpBB

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 176 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : February 2006
ISBN : 1904811914
ISBN 13 : 9781904811916
Author(s) : Jeremy Rogers, Stoyan Stefanov
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, Open Source, PHP

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to phpBB
Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring phpBB
Chapter 3: User Experience: Visitors
Chapter 4: User Experience: Moderators and Administrators
Chapter 5: Customizing Your Forum
Chapter 6: Forum Administration
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to phpBB
    • Online Communities
    • Building the Community—The Tools
    • The Name
    • The Environment
    • Why phpBB?
    • History
    • Development
    • Example phpBB Sites
      • A Standard phpBB Layout
      • Standard Sites with Different Templates
      • Sites with Standard Style and Modified Features
      • GaiaOnline
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring phpBB
    • Pre-Installation
      • Requirements
      • The Attack Plan
      • Finishing Pre-Install Touch—The Database
      • phpBB Pre-Installation Checklist
    • Installation
      • Troubleshooting the Installation
        • Symptom
        • Symptom
        • Symptom
        • Symptom
        • Symptom
    • Post-Installation Tasks
    • Security Tips
    • Finding Help
    • Summary
  • Logging In
    • Editing Your Profile
  • Posting
    • Anatomy of a Posting
    • Replying
    • Starting a New Topic
    • Formatting a Posting
    • Editing a Posting
    • Deleting a Posting
  • Searching
  • Sending and Receiving Private Messages (PM)
  • Voting in Polls
  • Staying Current with the Topics
  • Viewing Information about Other Users
    • Memberlist
    • Usergroups
    • Who Is Online
  • Chapter 4: User Experience: Moderators and Administrators
    • Moderator Experience
      • Managing Postings
        • Editing and Deleting
        • Editing the First Posting in a Topic
        • Viewing Poster's IP Address
      • Managing Topics
        • Deleting, Locking, and Unlocking Topics
        • Moving Topics
        • Splitting Topics
        • Doing It All Together—The Moderator Control Panel
    • Administrator Experience
      • Administration Panel Overview
      • Forum Admin
        • Forum Management
        • Who Can Do What—Setting Up Forum Permissions
        • Pruning
      • Systems Administration Using General Admin Options
        • Configuration
        • Database Backup and Restore
        • Mass Email
        • Smilies
        • Filtering Words Using Word Censors
      • Introduction to User Management
        • Editing User Profiles
        • Deleting Users
        • Permissions
        • Banning Users
        • Disallowing Users
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Customizing Your Forum
    • phpBB Styles
    • Structure of a Style
      • Style Elements
      • Style Storage
    • Editing phpBB Files
    • Installing a New Style
      • Creating a Copy Style
      • Installing One Element at a Time
      • Troubleshooting
        • Style Does Not Appear in Administration
        • Configuration File Cannot Be Opened
      • Removing an Installed Style
    • Create or Customize
    • Customizing through the Stylesheet
      • Editing the Stylesheet in the Admin Panel
        • Editing Other Theme Components
        • Allowed Values
        • Commonly Used and Altered Elements
      • Changing CSS Styles to Change the Look of Your Site
        • Using External Stylesheets
    • Customizing through Images
      • Installing New Images to Change the Look of Your Site
    • Hacking phpBB
      • MODs and Hacks
      • phpBB Modification
      • Installing a Modification
        • Installing a Downloaded Modification
        • The Copy Action
        • The SQL Action and Editing the Database
        • The Open Action
        • The Find Action
        • The Addition Actions
        • The In-Line Actions
        • The Last Action
        • The Trouble with Templates
        • Uninstalling Modifications
      • Example Modifications
      • Moving Elements
      • Adding New Elements to Your Forum
        • Adding New Languages
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Forum Administration
    • Making Your Board Multi-Lingual
    • Avatars: Enabling and Configuring
    • Managing Smilies
      • Smilies' Properties
      • Smilies Administration Panel
      • Editing or Deleting a Smilie
      • Adding New Smilies
      • Adding Smilies with a .pak File
      • Creating a .pak File
      • Assigning Ranks
    • Understanding Forum Permissions
      • Permission Types and Permission Levels
      • Simple and Advanced Mode of Setting Permissions
  • Understanding User Permissions
  • Usergroups and Group Permissions
    • Group Permissions
  • Second Look into Database Backups and Restore
    • Using phpMyAdmin
    • Using MySQL Command-Line Tools
  • The Board's Human Side: Flamewars and Banning

Jeremy Rogers

Jeremy Rogers has been developing web-based applications in PHP and other languages for a little more than six years. Shortly after discovering phpBB in early 2002 and deploying it on a video-game website, he began tinkering with and learning about the internal workings of the software. Since then, he has authored dozens of expansions and tutorials related to phpBB.

Jeremy currently serves the phpBB community as a Support Team member, a capacity in which he has answered thousands of questions regarding the software, its applications, and related topics.

Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov is a Facebook engineer, author, and speaker. He talks regularly about web development topics at conferences and his blog, and also runs a number of other sites, including—a site dedicated to exploring JavaScript patterns. Previously at Yahoo!, Stoyan was the architect of YSlow 2.0 and creator of the image optimization tool

A "citizen of the world", Stoyan was born and raised in Bulgaria, but is also a Canadian citizen, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. In his offline moments, he enjoys playing the guitar, taking flying lessons, and spending time at the Santa Monica beaches with his family.

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What you will learn from this book

This book will give you the skills to set up your own phpBB-powered discussion forum and online community:

  • Install and configure phpBB
  • Manage topics, postings, smilies, and users
  • Understand phpBB themes and styles
  • Customize the look of your phpBB site
  • Master forum permissions

In Detail

phpBB is a free, open source Internet community application, with outstanding discussion forums and membership management. Written in the PHP scripting language, and making use of the popular MySQL database, phpBB is a standard among web hosting companies throughout the world, and is one of the most widely-used bulletin board packages in the world.

This book is an abridged version of "Building Online Forums with phpBB 2", (ISBN 1904811132), focusing on a complete set of topics to help you set up and run your own phpBB-powered online community.
This book gives you the power to use phpBB to set up and run your own online discussion forums with ease. It takes you through the whole process of setting up your phpBB site, and helps you create, customize, and manage your own online community with phpBB.

Written by experienced phpBB administrators and enthusiasts, the emphasis is on simple and practical guidance for you to get the most from phpBB. Packed with step-by-step examples, this book is your ideal guide to learning phpBB.

This book gives you the power to use phpBB to set up and run your own online discussion forums with ease. The emphasis is on simple, and practical guidance for you to get the most from phpBB.


This book takes a practical, hands-on approach to phpBB. Packed with sections stepping you through tasks, this book is the ideal guide to learning phpBB.

Who this book is for

This book is ideal if you are just starting with online communities and want a powerful and free tool. No experience of web programming is required.

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